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2009 Mid Year round-up - winning products Part 1.

Well, the year to date has been fairly tumultuous and the scooter market has been very tightly squeezed with overall sales in the first six months down 30% on the same period last year.  What has been most interesting is that for the most part the brands suffering the least have been the best known ones, which reinforces the point that when times are tight, people put their money into what they know that they can rely on.

So what better than to look at some of our key products that we think have bucked the trends over the last few months because they display those important characteristics - value for money and quality.  Today's post we will look at 50cc scooters and protective jackets.

50cc scooters:

Zip 50 2T

Piaggio Zip 50 2T.

Since arriving in January, the Zip 50 2T has been our top selling scooter.  Why?  Because not only is the build quality is good as its four-stroke predecessor, but it features Piaggio's HiPer engine, which is the motor that powers the Vespa 50s - a very powerful and robust machine indeed.  And the most wonderful thing is that the Zip 50 comes in at around half the price of a Vespa 50 - so the same bang for half the buck.  Brilliant!

In terms of sales, the two most popular colours have been the black and the white.  The adjustable seat height is also a nice feature, and means that it can be ridden comfortably by taller riders - a feature that many budget 50cc scooters simply cannot match.

We are making every effort to keep these priced under $2500 rideaway with 12 months rego.


S50 and MoMo

Vespa S 50.

The other 50 that is enjoying a lot of attention has been the Vespa S50.  Reminiscent of the Vespa's of the 70s, the squared off features and colours are very redolent of that era.  The most recent colour addition even more so!  There is probably no colour that was as over-exposed in that decade as tangerine orange, and on the S50 we think it looks really trick.  Typically nice touches are the orange stitching on the seat.

The S50 like all other Vespa's has a steel monocoque chassis which gives tons of rigidity, but a nice bit of weight too - particularly useful in Perth's windy conditions.  Its a full size scooter too, so taller riders won't feel in any way cramped.  Moreover its reassuringly expensive at $4,970 rideaway.


Protective jackets:

One of the most common comments that we hear from scooter riders regards the lack of protective clothing that doesn't make you look like a street racer.  So last year we were extremely pleased to start stocking Corazzo scooterware from the US, and this year we've been even more pleased with the arrival of Armadillo gear from the UK.  The great thing about these brands is that they haven't compromised on safety, but not on style either. 

The two jackets that have been punching well above their weight in the last few weeks (well, ever since we got them into stock lets be totally fair) have been two from Armadillo.  Firstly the Hoody, a unisex jacket which looks just like, well, a black hoody.  You'd be forgiven for thinking that it wasn't a protective jacket at all, and there is absolutely no value in sticking up a picture because its just another hoody.  But whilst the look might be the same, the Hoody has some key features.  Firstly its windproof, secondly its fully waterproof, thirdly it has the lightweight, low bulk but extremely effective N30 armour in it, fourthly, you can wear it anywhere without looking like a chapter member or a kickback from the eighties with your massive shoulder pads, and finally, it costs just $300!  That's cheaper than most quality bike jackets!  The only downside (if there is one), is that they don't have any in stock in my size Sad

Camovision jacketBut for every cloud, there is a silver lining, because I've had to take a Camovision jacket to satisfy my need for stylish safety.  Almost a camoflaged parka, the Camovision jacket features a fleeced inner liner so warm that you just don't want to take it off - it simply envelopes you in warmth.  Wonderful!  Other safety features are the adjustable arm bands that hold the armour in position (very important), which are actually internal to the jacket so not visible to the outside, maintaining that non-bikey look, and the cunning reflective patches and zippers built into the fabric.  Invisible during the day, but at night they stand out like the Lighthouse of Alexandria.  At $520 you may think that this is expensive, but when you consider that it works as protection as well as functioning as a regular jacket, then as a two-in-one, its bloody good value.  Now I'm just waiting till 5pm so that I can slip it on and get on the scooter home again...

Camo flash

Next week - 125cc scooters and gloves!




Keeper75 said:

"Moreover its reassuringly expensive at $4,970 rideaway." A refreshing way to express the price of the Vespa S50.

July 11, 2009 9:22 AM

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