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2009 Mid Year round-up - winning products Part 2.

Ok.  Part 1 of our product review raised a few interesting points on the concepts of value and price, and I suspect that today's post won't be too different.  In the words of the Fast Show, today we will be mainly looking at 125cc scooters.  And gloves.

Whilst the 125cc scooter is easily the most popular scooter size in those states without the enlightened 50cc rules, licensing in WA often results in customers moving straight up to a 250cc when they have their license.  Interestingly we sell a lot of 125cc scooters to motorcyclists who are looking for a day-to-day local ride without all the inconvenience of a bike, and without the performance shortfalls of a 50cc.  The 125cc is ideally sized for use on most roads up to and including 90kmh speedlimits, although we are now starting to see freeway capable 125cc machines hitting the market.  So what's been selling at Ace?

Piaggio Fly 125Well easily our best-selling 125cc pretty much since it arrived has been the Piaggio Fly 125.  Built around Piaggio's ubiquitous Leader engine which also features in the Vepsa LX 125 and S 125, the Fly provides the same punch for about half the price.  It's very well put together, and highly reliable, so it just goes on and on and on. And with a 6,000km interval between services the biggest problem is we don't get to see our Fly riding customers often enough. 

It seems a very popular model in the country too - we've sent them to Derby, Exmouth, Esperance, and even as far away as Christmas Island.   With the current special promotion that is on allowing us to retail them for $3,590, its currently July's top selling vehicle at Ace, even beating our 50cc sales which is highly unusual.  They are simply flying out the door, if you'll excuse the pun...






Vespa S 125At the other end of the price scale, the Vespa 125cc's continue to sell well, particularly with the $300 saving being offered by Vespa Australia till the end of September.  Whether its in the classic LX or the S, at $6,470 we expect strong sales to continue.

The question is LX or S?  Do you prefer the rounded features of the LX, or the squared off look of the S 125?  Are you more a sixities or a seventies kind of person?  But one thing is for sure, its definitely nice to have a choice!  The more Vespa's the better I say!






Daelim S1 125But technologically, one of our recent additions to the 125cc fleet has been getting a lot of attention.  The S1 125 from South Korean company Daelim is for the rider whose done their research and knows that this is a scooter that punchese well above its weight. 

The fuel injected engine really gives these scooters a performance edge and lets you use them at freeway speeds without pushing the engine beyond its comfortable capabilities. 

It's physically quite a large scooter too, with a quality of finish that you'd expect from the European or Japanese built machines.  Moreover they retail for a couple hundred dollars under $5k, so you get plenty of bang for your buck.



Corazzo Urbano glovesNow gloves.  Well without doubt there has been one outstanding winner ever since we've started stocking them, and they continue to outsell ALL the other gloves we retail IN TOTAL!!   We are talking about the Urbano from Corazzo.  Simple and lightweight they retain all the feel that you want to keep whilst riding, without compromising on safety.   Available in sizes from XS, they are one of the few gloves that women with smaller than usual mitts are happy wearing.  Which reminds me, I need to get in another order for more...

We've also just got the Armadillo summer and winter gloves in which look really nice, however I suspect that the price tag might put a few people off.  You can get two pairs of the Urbano's for the cost of one of the Armadillo's - so they had better prove to be good.  We shall see.


Next week we are going to look at the flagship models - the 250cc machines and helmets.  And what a selection!  Even better with the fact that the Vespa GTS 250 is currently on special, so you can pick one up from Ace at just $8,850 rideaway!!!  What are you waiting for??  Till next week.  Ciao!



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