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Ace Scooters Mid-year Review

Well its been another hell of a year. Q1 started very nicely, and at the end of the quarter we were either no2 or no3 top selling Vespa/Piaggio dealer in Australia.  Sales were not on the same level as 2008, but certainly better than 2009, so things were looking good and then...well, Perth had a once in a lifetime hail storm, and those 20 minutes have probably hit the WA retail economy harder than anything else in years.  Car and house damage was widespread, and what with people replacing vehicles and spending money on insurance excess fees, all the spare cash in the WA economy just got sucked up.  Add in an interest rates rise, a brouhaha over Mining Taxes, and now an election looming, and its been one of the worst three months in years.  And WA is supposed to be the state with the booming economy!  Well perhaps, but not quite yet.

But enough whining - the market will pick up, and when it does it will do so very quickly.  And that will start to force petrol prices up too. And then its a big jump in scooter sales again!  And about time.

So, which scooters have been performing over the first half of the year?  Well the outright champion has been the Piaggio Fly.  The FCAI top 10 figures for the first 6 months are a bit distorted because they only show the sales of the Fly 125 (which despite being unavailable since early April is by itself the 5th top).  But add the sales of the Fly 125 and 150 together, and the Fly is currently the top selling scooter in Australia in 2010.  Any surprise? Not to us.  Its a great machine at a remarkable price, and with the extra torque of the 150cc engine its got even better.  A star performer!

In the 250cc class, the Vespa GTS 250ie still reigns supreme. And until we get LAMS in WA I suspect that will remain.  And then it will be overtaken by the GTS 300 Super!   We can't wait to get the two limited run big Vespa's in.  Not long now!!!!

The big surprise package of 2010 so far is the Derbi Boulevard 50.  Its the Fly body with the Zip engine, with a bit of Spanish spice added on, and its been a great little mover for us since we got it into stock and a demo model set up. It is a full sized 50cc with impeccable handling, and we are selling a good number of them even though they are about $750 more than the Zip!   

The main change in the Ace Scooters world has been the introduction of the new website.  Its still an awful long way from being complete yet, but we are really pleased with its look/feel.  A bit of work is still required to make the flow better, but its a work in progress. We need to get a lot of the customer reviews posted, and if anyone wants to provide one, or a testimonial, we'd be delighted to get them up there!  Our best sales people have always been our customers, and we value their input.

Anyway, I'm going to keep this update brief as I've got to do some prep for my University teaching which starts again on Monday, so its back to the textbooks!  Ciao!




pyrah said:

Always good to read your insights into  scooter sales   Steve

July 21, 2010 8:40 PM

Speedfight2 said:

Just need Labor to promise scooters for everyone instead of flat screen TVs

July 24, 2010 9:33 PM

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