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The Scooter Community Blog Spot is available for the community at large to experience and learn everything that is the "Scooter"

The Scooter Community Blog Spot (SCBS) is available for the public at large to experience differing "Scooter" Lifestyles.

We have formed this community so people can experience a positive educated area where they too have the opportunity to contribute but also take on board the lives we all lead with our scooters.

The SCBS will be kept informal yet positive and those that are contributing are asked to be mindful of those they can offend within the community at large.

If anything is written that is offensive to others the SC will inform the Blogger and ask that their post is edited accordingly.

The SCBS can not be held responsible for the views of others and it should be remembered that it does control the content posted yet a lead time may exist from the time posted to the time deleted of an offensive post.

Those taking on the role of a Blogger have the right to their own opinion yet slander will not be tolerated.  

Warnings will be issued to repeat offenders and Blogs deleted if needed.

Content on the SCBS is that of the Scooter Community and can be retained at any time for the Scooter Community to use.


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