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September 2007 - Posts

  • Inserting a picture in a blog

    The Scooter Community can embed pictures(jpg,gif etc) from three sources.

    1. Photobucket (or another file sharing website that performs the same function) 

    If Using Photobucket or another you will need to create an account of your own

    2. Scooter Community Photo Albums

    These are albums already loaded into Scooter Community

    3. If you own a blog you have the manage file section ( see other post Bloggers Manage File System ) 

    These are from your own computer.

    1. Using Photobucket or another media sharing website that provides direct links. 

    Load your photo into photo bucket (or other) - Note notice the size of the photo does it need resizing?


    Then get the picture from your computer



    Then load your photo




    Go to your photobucket photo and copy the direct link - Note this is the DIRECT LINK


    Once you have the link use the Insert/Edit image button on the editor (one that looks like a tree)



    Insert your link into the top text area called IMAGE URL and click on insert



    Post your item and then image complete - Note where ever your curser is within the text area this is where your image gets pasted




    2. You can also use the content manager button for photos already existing in the Scooter Community Galleries


    Go to the "Content Selector" button (beside the insert/edit image) 



    Once open you can choose from files or photos to attach by browsing through the tree listings   



    Click on the image and press ok this will insert the image into the post or blog




    Once posted your image will be within the post


  • Getting Started

    If you have been approved for a blog the way to start editing and posting is via your blog page.

    Enter the blog and on the right hand side you will see links to post a blog and my blog dashboard

     If you dont have this alert the administrator as your permissions have not been set. Contact


  • Blog Tips

    We have tried to keep your blog as simple as possible for a number of reasons.

    Most blogs will look the same yet you can insert pictures and words in the About my Blog section to individualise its look and feel.

    Your blog will most of all be looked at for its content and wording. People see blogs as a great information source and if kept lively, fum and informative you will build up a group of followers that will visit your Blog to see the latest.

    So the Blog contains many other features that you can control in the menu bar but for a start up blog just keep it simple and concentrate on the things that create interest. Content will rule in terms of visitation.

    So get to know how to "Write a Post" and add a picture as this will be 99% of what makes up your blog.

    Good luck with your Blog and I hope you get many joys from looking back over your contribution.


    The Scooter Community Team

  • Placing a border around an image once inserted

    Once you have inserted a photo within a post you then have the ability to place a border around it

    You click once on the picture and click on the button with the tree on it(insert/edit image)

    The end result below is when I place a 1 in the box. If i put a 2 the border will be thicker



  • Bloggers Image file system

    Bloggers also have a seperate section to store commonly used files and images.

    In the manage content section the bottom selection allows me to upload files into an area for my blog use.



    Once you have uploaded your file from your computer you can then use the content selector to
    insert the file into your blog posts

    You can find the content selector button beside the insert/edit image button.


  • Writing a Blog Post

    You must be issued a blog first and as such have permission to post a blog.

    Blogging is simply wording a text piece using the link from your blog itelf or by using the menu in the
    blog dashboard

    Once in the blog dashboard under common tasks you simply click on the "write a blog post" and fill in
    the text areas

    You then in the bottom right hand corner have the ability to either publish it immediately or just save for another time

  • Inserting Images into Blog Header(About My Blog)

    The header which is located in the About My Blog section is able to individualised with a unique picture.

    If you own a blog you can use 2 ways to insert a picture.

    By using a file share webite 

    By using the manage blog files from the left hand menu (see bloggers image file system)


    The following is the instructions for using a file share website  


    1. Insert your image or header into the Media file sharing website like photbucket or


    2. Once you have loaded your file being jpg or even an animated gif copy the direct link from the file share website


     3. Once you have copied the link press on the insert/edit image button above the text area ( it is the button with a tree on it)


     4. Paste the direct link into the first text box called Image URL



    Then press insert and your picture will appear in the text box. The tool will allow you to resize, place a border and also position your picture wherever on the page.



  • Once you own a Blog

    Once you own a blog you can set about creating your own individual feel.

    First of all tell the readers about your Blog in the "About My Blog" section

  • Blog Application

    Welcome to the new Scooter Community Blog Site

    You can be a contributor to the Scooter Community Blog by creating your own piece of scooter life.

    Firstly you need a "Blog"and as such you need to apply in a simple Email.

    Blogs need to be fun and topical and most of all readworthy. So if you think you can manage a blog on a consistant basis and would like to give it a shot email with the following.

    1. Name of the Blog

    2. Why you think you should get a blog. Whats it going to be about. 

    3. Your ability to contribute. Will you have time.