Blogger Instructions

Inserting Images into Blog Header(About My Blog)

The header which is located in the About My Blog section is able to individualised with a unique picture.

If you own a blog you can use 2 ways to insert a picture.

By using a file share webite 

By using the manage blog files from the left hand menu (see bloggers image file system)


The following is the instructions for using a file share website  


1. Insert your image or header into the Media file sharing website like photbucket or


2. Once you have loaded your file being jpg or even an animated gif copy the direct link from the file share website


 3. Once you have copied the link press on the insert/edit image button above the text area ( it is the button with a tree on it)


 4. Paste the direct link into the first text box called Image URL



Then press insert and your picture will appear in the text box. The tool will allow you to resize, place a border and also position your picture wherever on the page.




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