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We have tried to keep your blog as simple as possible for a number of reasons.

Most blogs will look the same yet you can insert pictures and words in the About my Blog section to individualise its look and feel.

Your blog will most of all be looked at for its content and wording. People see blogs as a great information source and if kept lively, fum and informative you will build up a group of followers that will visit your Blog to see the latest.

So the Blog contains many other features that you can control in the menu bar but for a start up blog just keep it simple and concentrate on the things that create interest. Content will rule in terms of visitation.

So get to know how to "Write a Post" and add a picture as this will be 99% of what makes up your blog.

Good luck with your Blog and I hope you get many joys from looking back over your contribution.


The Scooter Community Team


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