Blogger Instructions

Inserting a picture in a blog

The Scooter Community can embed pictures(jpg,gif etc) from three sources.

1. Photobucket (or another file sharing website that performs the same function) 

If Using Photobucket or another you will need to create an account of your own

2. Scooter Community Photo Albums

These are albums already loaded into Scooter Community

3. If you own a blog you have the manage file section ( see other post Bloggers Manage File System ) 

These are from your own computer.

1. Using Photobucket or another media sharing website that provides direct links. 

Load your photo into photo bucket (or other) - Note notice the size of the photo does it need resizing?


Then get the picture from your computer



Then load your photo




Go to your photobucket photo and copy the direct link - Note this is the DIRECT LINK


Once you have the link use the Insert/Edit image button on the editor (one that looks like a tree)



Insert your link into the top text area called IMAGE URL and click on insert



Post your item and then image complete - Note where ever your curser is within the text area this is where your image gets pasted




2. You can also use the content manager button for photos already existing in the Scooter Community Galleries


Go to the "Content Selector" button (beside the insert/edit image) 



Once open you can choose from files or photos to attach by browsing through the tree listings   



Click on the image and press ok this will insert the image into the post or blog




Once posted your image will be within the post



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