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October 2007 - Posts

  • Get used to having a File Storage account.

    The scooter community is fairly advanced and uses principles that are up to date for todays technology.

    This includes the way it manages its media like photos.

    Scootersales suggests that if you are working with the forum on a regular basis set up an account at or

    Whereever you can be given a direct link to where that picture is stored then you have the ability to load up photos into blogs or forum posts.

    So we suggest having photobucket open at the same time that way you see a picture you wish to add and you can quickly upload it and get a direct link


    1. Run both sites in conjuction, have them opened in different tabs. Once you have a file store account you wont believe how much space you will save on your own PC.

    These accounts are free.


    2. Once uploaded simply click on the direct link box


    3. Use the editor tool, button with the tree on it and paste the direct link into the image url box
















    4. The end result is a picture that fits into your story , blog or forum post