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My Blog Relives

I don't know what happened to my previous Blog "Armani's Perv lap" I believe the internet gremlins ate it, and is yet to be digested.  So here we are with a new blog.  This one will be related to myself, my scooters, and life in general.

I believe Armani and I have some exciting times ahead.  I am on a new fitness regime (apparently it's working, as someone has made a bum comment), myself, and Armani, and learning some new tricks in regards to riding, and fine tuning our skills.  Although I hope he didn't notice that yesterday I left him out the front of Scooter HQ, while Brendon and I went for a ride in the Hinterland.  Brendon was on the GP1, and I was on the Derbi Rambla 250.  We scrubbed in the tyres, and then did some trail braking exercises, and just some general fine tuning of my riding skills.  I believe it has helped me a lot, and I actually feel like there has been a progression in my riding.  I am doing some advanced rider training in the next month.  Loook out track, here comes Dak!

I hope to update this blog at least once a week.  I hope you all enjoy.


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