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Interesting Week

Last weekend started with a ride to HQ on Armani during the morning.  Nothing unusual there. Decided Friday night to head back there for a night ride, this time on the GP1.  Got a few blocks from home, slowing down as I approached some traffic lights, in the centre lane.  A car coming out of a servo on the left hand side between 2 cars, decided to keep coming at me.  Luckily I saw him, was able to move to the right of my lane a bit, and to have his bumper come to rest on my leg!  He only kissed it luckily!  I had a car in front of me, behind me, and to the right of me, and him to the left.  I honestly believe that if I was not able to move over that little bit (I also grabbed the brakes like there was no tomorrow), I would have ended up in the passenger seat of the car to the right of me.  It could have been a very tragic outcome.  The dude in the car on the right, asked me if I was okay when we were stopped at the lights.  The guy who almost killed me, just gave me a evil glare when he overtook me.  I wish I had gotten his number plate, but I was too shaken up.  It really rattled me. I continued on though, and when I got to the Gold Coast, filled up the bike, and then met up with everyone at HQ. 

We had a great ride, and once again the rain found us.  Usually we blame Daniel and his shorts, but now we have a new 'Rain Maker' amongst us.  I think we should ban shorts from our rides :)  It rains without fail when someone turns up in no legs!

From this ride I got home a smidge after 1am, was a nice ride, the highway was clear, and the rain was no longer dripping in my eyes.

Due to the GP1 having a small problem that night, it was left at the shop overnight, and I had to go pick it up on Saturday.  So back on the motorway I go again.  It was actually one of those very rare days where I just wanted to stay home, and not get on the scoot at all.  But I had to get the GP1 back, and give the scoot back to HQ, which they lent me :).  I couldn't leave Tim without his baby for too long.

I think all up in 2 days, and 3 scoots I did around 350kms.

Then there was the guy who came up to me in the carpark at a shopping centre on Monday, to check out my scoot.  Firstly he asked me "Is that a Vespa" so he had me offside from the start!  Then when he asked about fuel economy etc, and advised me "It will get better when you have 40,000kms on it"  Like WTF!!!!  220kms out of a 9L tank is pretty good! (None EFI scooter too).  he had no idea, so I let him go on his merry way.

And the week isn't over yet!!!  I will be taking Armani on the Scooter HQ run on Sunday, and maybe a ride there again before that as well.... we'll see


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