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  • The New Era Has Begun

    The decision has been made, and now Armani is up for sale, time to move on.

    He is currently at his original home of Scooter HQ, looking all flashy and sexy on their floor.  If anyone is interested in a look, test ride, or purchase, please contact Brendon on 07 5532 1928 or flick him a email at all enquiries etc are now being done via the shop.  I would love to see him go to a great home, and someone who will love him as much as I did.  He is one amazing scooter, and will be missed, but the time has come to move on.  I would love to keep him in my garage as part of my Aprilia/Derbi stable, but it is just not practical for me to do so, and he has to be set free :)

    What will be his replacement????  Well it is no surprise it is going to be a Scarabeo.  The debate is out as to what size, and I think you are all going to be a little surprised by my decision.  The reason I have not announced what I am getting yet, as nothing is 100% sure until the day Armani gets sold, and I lay the money down towards the new scoot.  As a woman, I have the right to change my mind, and this has been done many times in the past few weeks. 

    Stay Tuned ..............