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My week as a HQette

 As D'Arcy went on his annual pilgrimage to the MotoGP, and took Lynn with him.  Scooter HQ were going to be short some staff, so in their (maybe not so much) wisdom, asked me to help out for the week.  I accepted, and was now the new HQ 'Apprentice'.  The boys had me all psyched up to be on the search for chequered paint, left hand screw drivers, and long weights.  Luckily for me, they didn't have me searching for these non existant items, but I kept expecting something to crop up sooner or later that would have me hanging my head in shame, and them laughing that they got me.  But no, they were great.

I have to say a huge thanks to Brendon for allowing me to sit on the other side of the scooter (or fence as it may be), and experience the fine art of scooter selling in more detail.  Also to Tim and Wayne for being so helpful and forth coming with any information I required.

I had a great week, it was a great experience with lots of learning, and fun.  I never felt under pressure, or that I could not ask any question no matter how silly it may have seemed to me. 

Thanks Brendon, D'Arcy, Lynn for allowing me the experience, and to have the trust to allow me into your business.

Marty is now having a well deserved rest, as the week clocked up a smidge over 800kms, and tomorrow he will have a well deserved bath and polish.



Scooternut said:

Job well done Daks. It's good fun being a scooter salesperson, especially when you're dealing with quality products & happy customers.

Just be sure to leave the credit & keycards at home. That's the trap, not the left-handed screwdrivers. ;)

I wouldn't mind being let loose in the workshop next. It would be good to see & experience the inner-workings of our beasties.

October 21, 2009 6:31 PM

Dakoda said:

The Scarabeo Servicing Day was fantastic for seeing how our bikes worked.  You should get onto Steve, and get him onto it.  HQ plan on running the days for all varities of scooters.  Great Stuff.

I own one of the best scooters money can buy, so all my money was spent on coffee.  Oh but there is plans for a new addition to Marty in the very near future :)

October 21, 2009 9:51 PM