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Life! According to Dak

Take One Scarabeo, Ride it for 6 months and what do you get?

 The answer is very simple:  One Very happy Scarabeo Owner, and 10,000kms on the clock.

There is nothing more I can say about this scooter that I haven't said from Day 1.  Each day is a fun, fantastic ride, with nothing but smiles on my face.  The Beo has proven itself to be very reliable (no problems at all in this time), continually gives amazing performance, and keep giving others something sexy to look at as I overtake them :)

Since I have been on the Beo, there is nothing that I have ridden that will come close to it.  Even the GP1 doesn't get a look in these days.  And I can safely say I am not even looking at upgrading for at least another 6 months (but I will have a good look at the Beo 300, but it will need to be extra special for me to give up the 200).

Luckily for me it has long servicing periods or I would be getting it serviced every 6 weeks :P



miketl said:

And I can thoroughly recommend the Empress of the Line, the 500ie I still have not had the throttle fully open, so am unaware of its full capabilities, but I do know I rarely travel with the throttle more than half cracked.  It's a glorious armchair ride  :o)

December 7, 2009 9:32 PM