Life! According to Dak

  • Where has the time gone?

     Woe time flies when you are a scooterist.  It's been ages since I have wriiten on this blog, so it's time to get back into it.

    Well what has been happening?  Not a great deal.  I still have the Beo, it is going better than ever, and the k's are clocking up fast, we had our 24,000km service today.  Seems like only yesterday it was getting its first service.  No major problems, just a small one with a new panel I am TRYING to get from Aprilia, but what's the rush, it's only been 7 months Wink  Looking like we have it sorted though (I hope), and the drama of it all will be over soon (you have to stay positive with these things).

    We have done some nice rides including Redcliffe, Byron Bay, Ballina, North Stradbroke Island, Gold Coast Hinterland area, and Toowoomba.  And I have some more nice ones planned for the near future including back to Toowoomba, Caloundra (and some more areas of the Sunshine Coast), and back down South and into New South Wales.

    I will try and not be so slack in the future with my blog.



  • Take One Scarabeo, Ride it for 6 months and what do you get?

     The answer is very simple:  One Very happy Scarabeo Owner, and 10,000kms on the clock.

    There is nothing more I can say about this scooter that I haven't said from Day 1.  Each day is a fun, fantastic ride, with nothing but smiles on my face.  The Beo has proven itself to be very reliable (no problems at all in this time), continually gives amazing performance, and keep giving others something sexy to look at as I overtake them :)

    Since I have been on the Beo, there is nothing that I have ridden that will come close to it.  Even the GP1 doesn't get a look in these days.  And I can safely say I am not even looking at upgrading for at least another 6 months (but I will have a good look at the Beo 300, but it will need to be extra special for me to give up the 200).

    Luckily for me it has long servicing periods or I would be getting it serviced every 6 weeks :P

  • My week as a HQette

     As D'Arcy went on his annual pilgrimage to the MotoGP, and took Lynn with him.  Scooter HQ were going to be short some staff, so in their (maybe not so much) wisdom, asked me to help out for the week.  I accepted, and was now the new HQ 'Apprentice'.  The boys had me all psyched up to be on the search for chequered paint, left hand screw drivers, and long weights.  Luckily for me, they didn't have me searching for these non existant items, but I kept expecting something to crop up sooner or later that would have me hanging my head in shame, and them laughing that they got me.  But no, they were great.

    I have to say a huge thanks to Brendon for allowing me to sit on the other side of the scooter (or fence as it may be), and experience the fine art of scooter selling in more detail.  Also to Tim and Wayne for being so helpful and forth coming with any information I required.

    I had a great week, it was a great experience with lots of learning, and fun.  I never felt under pressure, or that I could not ask any question no matter how silly it may have seemed to me. 

    Thanks Brendon, D'Arcy, Lynn for allowing me the experience, and to have the trust to allow me into your business.

    Marty is now having a well deserved rest, as the week clocked up a smidge over 800kms, and tomorrow he will have a well deserved bath and polish.

  • Marty's New Addition

     Well here we are again.  Marty now has 7,000kms on the clock, and he is still perfect.  I FINALLY got his new addition today.  Pretty happy with it too... just have to have it attached, which I will do tomorrow.



  • Marty and his first 5000kms

     Well it's only been just over 3 months and Marty the Venice White Scarabeo now has 5000kms on him.  Wow they have gone so fast.

    I have no complaints about this scooter, I absolutely love it, and I have no intention of upgrading. (At least until the Beo 300 comes out.... maybe).  It is giving me everything I have ever wanted in a scooter.  (A little more underseat storage would be great, but the top box fixes that problem), and then some.

    Everything as I have previously stated is still continuing to amaze me, including things like fuel economy, and the general power and performance of this scooter

    I had new tyres put on yesterday, and so far am very happy with them.  I have always been a fan of the Contential tyres though,and so far I am continuing that trend.

    I have one new addition which will be added to Marty in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled.  There is also some plans for a few small alterations in the next coming months.

  • Scarabeo 200 First 1400kms

    The first 1400kms have crept up quite fast on my new Beo 200, but it's been a fun time.  I could not ask for anymore out of this scooter.  As I said before, it's a 180cc, but gets to a top speed of 140!  A lot of 250's dont do that :)  Fuel economy is amazing.  I get well over 200kms out of a 8L tank.  If I have to nail the Beo down to one word, Impressive it is.

    Last week at 1200kms Marty had his first service.  Very quick, easy, not a lot involved.  Now that he is loosening up, performance just gets better and better.  I have a sneaky feeling that I will have this scooter longer then the 7 months I had my previous one.  It does everything I need/want, and more.  And with the Advanced Rider Training I had last week, I am having a blast. 

    I have found that everywhere I go, I get at least an approving look, or someone wants to ask me about the 'Zebra looking scooter'  My local bakery owners have both asked me if I am working for a scooter shop, as the last few times they have seen me, I have been on 4 different scooters (Sportcity, GP1, Rambla, and Beo).  I just smile and tell them "one day"

  • Who needs a 250cc Scooter? Not me!

    When I first hopped on my Aprilia Scarabeo 200 (180cc), I was a little bit apprehensive as to wether this scooter will give me everything I need.  It already had style, and quality, but would I really be gaining much in the extra 55cc.  The short answer to this is HELL YEAH!  First ride on the motorway my top speed was 120, I knew it would get a  little better as the scoot was only a few days old, then 125, 130, and yesterday I hit the magical 140!  140kmph on a 180cc scooter!  I know a lot of 250's that wont even get to that!  So now I am glad I didn't have to splurge out all that extra cash just for the same top speed.

    Onto the fuel economy of this beast.  Well once again, I was a little apprehensive as to how this will benefit me, as the tank is only a 8L including reserve, and my previous Sportcity was 9L.  I filled up when I arrived at Scooter HQ on Sunday for our ride.  240kms later I was on the same tank of fuel, had aprox 1/4 left in the tank. This ride including very tight hills and corners, as well as nice straight sections where I gave him a good fang. That is pretty good I must agree!  This is another benefit that has been getting better and better.

    And now that we have the top box fitted, I have great storage as well.  (pics to follow)....

    Am I happy with my new Scooter YES YES YES!!!!!! 

  • The New Era Has Begun

    The decision has been made, and now Armani is up for sale, time to move on.

    He is currently at his original home of Scooter HQ, looking all flashy and sexy on their floor.  If anyone is interested in a look, test ride, or purchase, please contact Brendon on 07 5532 1928 or flick him a email at all enquiries etc are now being done via the shop.  I would love to see him go to a great home, and someone who will love him as much as I did.  He is one amazing scooter, and will be missed, but the time has come to move on.  I would love to keep him in my garage as part of my Aprilia/Derbi stable, but it is just not practical for me to do so, and he has to be set free :)

    What will be his replacement????  Well it is no surprise it is going to be a Scarabeo.  The debate is out as to what size, and I think you are all going to be a little surprised by my decision.  The reason I have not announced what I am getting yet, as nothing is 100% sure until the day Armani gets sold, and I lay the money down towards the new scoot.  As a woman, I have the right to change my mind, and this has been done many times in the past few weeks. 

    Stay Tuned ..............

  • Where to from here?

    Well it is now official that my beloved Armani is up for sale.

    See add on scootersales here

    The time has come for something bigger, but just as stylish.

    So the question has to be asked.... What is his replacement?  Well that is being kept under wraps until it has been finalised.  Just to keep everyone guessing, and to make it more special for me.

    I  have not decided on a new name for the new scooter, but that might take a few more rides and see what comes naturally.

    The only hint I will give about the new scooter is                        no bugger it, no hints.

    Hopefully all will be revealed very soon.

  • 8000kms in 6 months & 3 weeks

    Well I have not had Armani just under 7 months, and I clocked over 8000kms this morning.  Not too shabby considering I only do maybe one 200km trip each week, and a little bit of back and forward to the shops.  Not working, means I dont have to ride him to work, so how have the km's clocked up?  Well I am not too sure, must be those rides up to Springbrook, as I dont feel I am doing that much work on the bike, I probably should be doing a lot more :)

    In the 18 months I had the BeeWee I only clocked just over 8,000kms.  This was because in the 12 months that I had it in Brisbane, I was new to the city, unsure of where I was going etc, and was not keen to get lost.  Just goes to show what a great bike can do to ones confidence and riding skills (which I am told are becoming quite developed, in a very short time), this I also put down to great advice, and great people who I am happy to please, and learn from.

    Well Armani, we have made it this far in such a short time.  Imagine what would have been possible if I was on a larger scooter.  Don't get me wrong, I am so happy with the Sportcity, and love it dearly, and if I do get rid of it, will miss it, as it has been there for the new chapter in my scooting life, and has shown me what is possible, and where I want to be in the next 12 months.  Just where that will be, is a secret, and what I will be on, I dont know yet, but I am looking forward to many more kilometres, and watching my wheels go round and round.

    So who would have thought that in such a short time, I would have come so far?  I think many people have been surprised, and I hope we have done them proud.  Just goes to show, you give a determined chick, a purpose and the right equipment, and there is no stopping her, even is she is blonde... I have ocasionally been blue, red, purple, and naturally brown as well :)

    Look out Scooter World, Dak has arrived.

  • Is it just me?

    Or are blinkers on cars getting harder to see (the cars that use them that is).

    I have just noticed recently that new cars seem to have blinkers that are almost invisible.  They sit more to the side rather than the back of the vehicle. What use is that to me, when I cannot predict what the stupid car in front of me is intending to do?  I do not trust blinkers to start with, but at least if you can see one being used, you have a fair idea of what the car is about to do, better than them not using the blinkers.

    Just as a side note to today's rambling's.

    Gotta love that Stebel.  I was turning into a corner yesterday, 2 kids, about 15 years old, were walking along the street, paying no attention to anyone at all, and as I turned into the corner, I could have easily have hit one of them if I was a car.  So onto the horn I go, they jumped, and promptly moved.  I also yelled "get off the road" at them, but the Stebel said more than my yelling :)  Ahhh gotta love it.

  • Interesting Week

    Last weekend started with a ride to HQ on Armani during the morning.  Nothing unusual there. Decided Friday night to head back there for a night ride, this time on the GP1.  Got a few blocks from home, slowing down as I approached some traffic lights, in the centre lane.  A car coming out of a servo on the left hand side between 2 cars, decided to keep coming at me.  Luckily I saw him, was able to move to the right of my lane a bit, and to have his bumper come to rest on my leg!  He only kissed it luckily!  I had a car in front of me, behind me, and to the right of me, and him to the left.  I honestly believe that if I was not able to move over that little bit (I also grabbed the brakes like there was no tomorrow), I would have ended up in the passenger seat of the car to the right of me.  It could have been a very tragic outcome.  The dude in the car on the right, asked me if I was okay when we were stopped at the lights.  The guy who almost killed me, just gave me a evil glare when he overtook me.  I wish I had gotten his number plate, but I was too shaken up.  It really rattled me. I continued on though, and when I got to the Gold Coast, filled up the bike, and then met up with everyone at HQ. 

    We had a great ride, and once again the rain found us.  Usually we blame Daniel and his shorts, but now we have a new 'Rain Maker' amongst us.  I think we should ban shorts from our rides :)  It rains without fail when someone turns up in no legs!

    From this ride I got home a smidge after 1am, was a nice ride, the highway was clear, and the rain was no longer dripping in my eyes.

    Due to the GP1 having a small problem that night, it was left at the shop overnight, and I had to go pick it up on Saturday.  So back on the motorway I go again.  It was actually one of those very rare days where I just wanted to stay home, and not get on the scoot at all.  But I had to get the GP1 back, and give the scoot back to HQ, which they lent me :).  I couldn't leave Tim without his baby for too long.

    I think all up in 2 days, and 3 scoots I did around 350kms.

    Then there was the guy who came up to me in the carpark at a shopping centre on Monday, to check out my scoot.  Firstly he asked me "Is that a Vespa" so he had me offside from the start!  Then when he asked about fuel economy etc, and advised me "It will get better when you have 40,000kms on it"  Like WTF!!!!  220kms out of a 9L tank is pretty good! (None EFI scooter too).  he had no idea, so I let him go on his merry way.

    And the week isn't over yet!!!  I will be taking Armani on the Scooter HQ run on Sunday, and maybe a ride there again before that as well.... we'll see

  • My Blog Relives

    I don't know what happened to my previous Blog "Armani's Perv lap" I believe the internet gremlins ate it, and is yet to be digested.  So here we are with a new blog.  This one will be related to myself, my scooters, and life in general.

    I believe Armani and I have some exciting times ahead.  I am on a new fitness regime (apparently it's working, as someone has made a bum comment), myself, and Armani, and learning some new tricks in regards to riding, and fine tuning our skills.  Although I hope he didn't notice that yesterday I left him out the front of Scooter HQ, while Brendon and I went for a ride in the Hinterland.  Brendon was on the GP1, and I was on the Derbi Rambla 250.  We scrubbed in the tyres, and then did some trail braking exercises, and just some general fine tuning of my riding skills.  I believe it has helped me a lot, and I actually feel like there has been a progression in my riding.  I am doing some advanced rider training in the next month.  Loook out track, here comes Dak!

    I hope to update this blog at least once a week.  I hope you all enjoy.