About My Life As A Scooter

Ramblings from the mind of a scooter.  Yes this is a blog written for scooters, from the point of view of a Scooter.

My Life As A Scooter

Ramblings from the mind of a scooter. Yes this is a blog written for scooters, from the point of view of a Scooter.

October 2007 - Posts

  • In search of something..........

    A Friday afternoon ride has become a tradition….and today was no exception. Soon after Anthony was due to finish work I heard the click of a key in the garage door, and then it opened, and there he was, his polished helmet in his hand (….for some reason he’s laughing at that comment…) anyway…..Friday afternoon rides usually have a basic purpose – that is to unwind after a long week, cruise around the southern Gold Coast beaches, maybe take some sunset photos, then cruise home. And today started in the same way, we headed up the road, rode around past Elephant Rock at beach at Currumbin, but we didn't stop for photos, we didn't stop for anything. We just headed up onto the Gold Coast Highway, and headed north....... Then I began to think....what could we be doing? He didn't say anything, just keep going north, and then suddenly we began to head towards the heart of the coast, the busy nightlife of Surfer's Paradise, made even busier due to the Indy race this weekend.......his constant head turning made me question whether this was just some elaborate girl spotting trip......did this nut-job drag me out just to look at attractive females? (and while I don't quite understand them......there certainly were a lot of them) But still we kept going, I was at a loss to know why, until we turned left onto Johnston Street, towards his second home......yes, we drove through bumper to bumper Indy traffic in seach of something far more elusive than girls.......he was searching for THE DERBI......rumours of its existance had driven him to go on this quest - a trip of close to 60km to see if the rumours were true.....a quest to find something that could cause people to utter things such as "Crikey...She's beautiful" and other such phrases normally reserved for australian native wildlife...... And so we arrived at ScooterHQ, it was closed (because it was friday night....DUH!!) and he casually parked me so that I couldn't see in the windows, he took of his helmet and walked up and down in front of the shop, peering through the dim lights to see if he could see what he was searching for.......and then suddenly he walked over to me, put on his helmet and we drove off.....back home, not stopping, just back down the road....didn't say anything, and when we arrived home he gently put me away in the garage, patted my seat to let me know he cared, and shut the door..........Did he find what he was looking for......he didn't say, until later, Seeya, Monaco.
  • Big Scooter weekend....

    What a weekend it’s’s late on Sunday afternoon, and I have a chance to relax and cool my tyres after a big weekend. Casey Stoner has won the MotoGP race and I’m kicking back in the garage taking a break while Anthony is upstairs in front of the TV. Firstly, yesterday we headed up to Southport to ScooterHQ to get my new topbox.....(Anthony would like to jump in and say thumbs up for the fantastic Gold Coast weather and beautiful “scenery” experienced on the trip up the Gold Coast highway.........Not really sure what he’s talking about.......I saw few scooters and bikes, and lots of cars....nothing else that interested me....maybe its a human thing that I don’t understand......) .......anyway enough of him, this is all about me........ then today, we headed back up there again for a scooter run......a fast-paced scenic view of the Gold Coast hinterland, then down to the café strip at Broadbeach. (also like to say thumbs up to the riders for craming 11 scooters into one car park space) A ride like today is perfect for showing what we scooters are capable of doing, and also gives us scooters a chance to get out and have some fun......and judging by the smiles on the riders, I think they were enjoying it too. The hills and corners of the ride home were great was great to be pushed hard into some of the corners...obviously the track experience is helping Anthony to do a better job..... Anyway, another week has begun, which means more afternoon rides........ Until next time, Seeya, Monaco.