About My Life As A Scooter

Ramblings from the mind of a scooter.  Yes this is a blog written for scooters, from the point of view of a Scooter.

My Life As A Scooter

Ramblings from the mind of a scooter. Yes this is a blog written for scooters, from the point of view of a Scooter.

December 2007 - Posts

  • Merry Christmas everybody....

    As Christmas and holiday’s are approaching, I thought it was appropriate that this weeks post mentioned my Christmas wishlist. (yes, scooters are entitled to presents too!) I’m not going to be greedy….

    I’d like a set of Chrome wheels, (custom made the way they make wheels on American Chopper!!!) So item 1 is custom chrome wheels,…item 2 is LED lights, item 3 is a leather seat, item 4 is some neon lights under my lower panels, item 5…….

    well you get the idea, I’m thinking that an image change is in order – I’d love to go from stock to bling…

    And so speaking of things that are nice to look at, that now brings us to the final instalment of this series of Monaco’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the week. This week’s winner has recently played the role of a Bond girl, (with the appropriate name Vesper), and also the role of Princess Sibylla in The Kingdom Of Heaven. She’s French, she’s beautiful and was ranked number 6 in Empire Magazine’s 100 Sexiest Stars in Film History…..she’s the one and only, Eva Green.

    And so I would like to wish all scooters and their riders a very Merry Christmas, a safe and happy New Year and I’ll Seeya out on the blackstuff……

  • Another week goes by.....

    This weeks riding has been great.  But before I mention anything about the riding,  its time for a chance to laugh at Anthony.

    Recently he was trying to put my side stand back on – it had been removed for the track night that was cancelled, and last weekend he finally got around to trying to put it back on...but it just didn’t happen.

    He couldn’t remember how it was supposed to go, and naturally I couldn’t help laughing at him.....he was mumbling some rubbish about having a university education and surely he was capable of doing this job.......but anyway he couldn't, so he sent a quick email to ScooterHQ to get a photo of what it was supposed to look like.

    You may be asking why I didn’t tell him how to put it on – well what’s the fun in that......I’d rather watch him get frustrated and then finally give up because he couldn’t remember how it was supposed to be done.

    I was expecting to have some stories about Anthony's trip up to the Sportsbike Shootout on the weekend, but it was cancelled due to bad weather (although the searing 30+ degree temperature at the track gave no indication of this.)   

    We went out yesterday afternoon for a late afternoon cruise, stopped off for a bite to eat and then took some photos from Kirra Point.  Here’s one for all you southerners showing that even with a storm rolling in, the Gold Coast looks pretty good!  

    The weather was perfect for riding, the heat had gone and it was great to cruise around the beaches and have some late afternoon fun.

    So that’s about it for this week.....And now for Monaco’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger Of The Week.....She is the star of the hit TV series Alias, the butt-kicking assassin in Elektra and more recently, spent time in Saudi Arabia working for the CIA in "The Kingdom".  She’s tough, she’s sexy, she’s married to Daredevil, and she scares the crap out of me because she could kick my @$$.......she’s the amazing Jennifer Garner.