About My Life As A Scooter

Ramblings from the mind of a scooter.  Yes this is a blog written for scooters, from the point of view of a Scooter.

My Life As A Scooter

Ramblings from the mind of a scooter. Yes this is a blog written for scooters, from the point of view of a Scooter.

January 2008 - Posts

  • Happy Australia Day

    Just a quick message today.........As Australia Day is here upon us once more I felt that it was my duty as an Australian (yes I was made in China, but was sold here, so i'm an aussie!!!) to wish you all a Happy Australia Day.   A day when we celebrate our nation, celebrate our diversity, celebrate all the wonderful freedoms that we enjoy.....and then we eat lamb, drink beer and look forward to the day off on monday.!!!! 

    As a scooter, I'm not able to eat lamb....(so i'll assume that Sam Kekovich knows what he's talking about)

    I also don't drink beer (or any other alcoholic beverage) so i'll take Anthony's word for it that its all good.

    I have had some more great rides this week, sure they were only half an hour long, but it was half an hour of fun. Anthony finds it relaxing after a hard day at work to get out and ride, so I'm not going to stop him. I just sit and wait for the fun to begin.

    And so thats it for today, and as it's Australia Day I've decided to feature two people for Monaco's Celebrity Pillion Passenger

    Firstly we have the face of David Jones; the woman tipped to play the part of Wonder Woman in George Miller's Justice League of America, and secondly we have the 2004 Miss Universe winner, and the face of Myer...please welcome Megan Gale and Jennifer Hawkins.



  • In search of corners.....

    It's your friendly neighbourhood Scooter again......sure I only posted yesterday, but I am loving this blogging I'm back.

    I got my mid-week ride today....and it was a nice sunny morning ride.  Anthony had to go and see someone for work, and I was lucky enough to be transportation choice Number 1.   It was bit windy so we headed down the highway, then turned off onto a back road at the halfway point, and then coming back it was all back-roads, including a trip over the hill where he dropped me......but i'm happy to say that he took the corner with a heap more confidence.  The last time (which was only the first time since the accident) he went so slow around the corner that people on mobility scooters could have overtaken us....

    It was great to get out in the sun and have a run through some really nice corners.  It was also good to see Anthony occasionally hang off the seat (using his track skills....) and take a really good line through the turns.  I had fun, and he certainly seemed to enjoy the ride.  The idiot grin that seems to be plastered across his face lately was visible beneath his helmet and continued as we rode along.   In the end, it was an excuse for a scooter run, and it's always good to get out on a run through the hills on the boss's dollar......

    And so we now have Monaco's Celebrity Pillion Passenger.....(Of The Day!!!)  seems appropriate considering there are has often been more than one post per week.....I'm going slightly against the usual theme, (today's winner is not an actress) and am featuring a star who is a musician.  She's a singer-songwriter, classically trained pianist and founding member of the Grammy Award winning rock band Evanescence.  She is married to a therapist, loves Victorian-era clothing, she's a choir-nerd, she's a Princess in a rock-star age, she used to pretend to be dead to scare her mother.......she is now known as Mrs. Hartzler, but she will always be remembered as the rock goddess....Amy Lee.



  • Yo, Ho, Yo, Ho, it's a Pirates Life for Me....

    You may be wondering what the title of this post has to do with Scootering?   Well nothing much really, Anthony revisited the "Pirates of The Carribean" movies over the weekend and has been telling stories again.   As well as being a fan of scooters (among many other things.....Smile) he's also a big movie fan; and while he was off having fun on the weekend (without me...again!!) he got a chance to watch the exploits of Capt Jack Sparrow.

    It then got me thinking, if Jack Sparrow traded the Black Pearl for a scooter - what would it be?

    Obviously it would be black, it would be simple, practical, a bit flashy, (with flames perhaps?), it would have storage space for rum bottles.....and then just as my ego was doing great, and I was thinking I would be a suitable scooter for a famous pirate, I began to realise that Capt Jack Sparrow wouldn't ride a would have to be something more like this......

    Yes, that's more like it......

    I'm looking forward to some rides this week, (as long as the weather improves...) It will be good to get out of the garage and cruise up the coast. And although I may complain that I don't get out that often, I do love the rides that we have....and I was recently lucky enough to gain some further insight into why Anthony's time has been otherwise occupied lately. No complaints here at all.... 

    So that's it for this week.....I'll have another update on the rides during the week and will no doubt have some stories to tell.   See you on the black stuff, ride safely, scoot often, and have fun......

    As a result of all this pirate stuff, there is only one possible winner of Monaco's Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the Week.  She is 23, is a lifelong supporter of West Ham United FC and goes to her local pub whenever possible to watch their games.  Her favourite book is War and Peace, she has been part of a film franchise that has grossed close to $3 Billion worldwide, she plays the role of "Elizabeth Swan"....the daughter of "Governor Weatherby Swan", the wife of "Will Turner", she was left on an island and lit a big fire, and as a result (and to Jack's horror...) "all the rum is gone!"......

    She is the one and only Keira Knightly.


  • Blog fans...

    Today's post doesn't contain much about riding, as we haven't done any since the Wet Monday afternoon ride.

    But that's ok.  I understand that Anthony has been very busy at work, and as a result hasn't had time for us to go out.  But after work today, we are going for a spin which will be good.   There's nothing better than a quick blast up the coast via the beaches to help Anthony unwind after a long day.  The actual purpose of todays ride is to do some shopping, but i'm sure I can convince him to go out longer (that won't take much arm twisting at all...)

    As stated in todays topic heading, I've been made aware that my blog is reaching a wider audience and there are a couple of non-scooter riders who are checking out my weekly rambling.  So that got me thinking, what is it about random stuff from the mind of a Scooter that intrigues people ?  And I've had a lot of time to think this week.  

    So what could it be?  Is it my charm? Is it my wit? Is it Monaco's Celebrity Pillion Passenger of The Week?......Is it my stories, (to quote Homer Simpson - "I like stories....") or is the fact that scooters are just cool....

    I've been a bit more enthusiastic with the posting this week, (which has been noticed by one reader....Smile) and i'm wondering whether my tales of Vortex-fuelled insanity will ever be described as "....different, interesting, unusual....." by another....

    I guess the downside of the whole thing is that it may not be me at all, perhaps it's something to do with Anthony.......will have to check on that....But whatever it is, my scootering tales are touching the lives and hearts of people around the country (.....I'd just like to thank the Acadamy for this award....) and with that, until next week, I bid you farewell once more.

    And with that heartfelt goodbye, there's nothing left but Monaco's Celebrity Pillion Passenger, and for today she is a TV actress.  For most she would be remembered as "Abbie Charmichael" from Law & Order, and will soon be on our TV screens as "Inspector Lindsay Boxer" in Women's Murder Club.   She has done a few movies, and also appeared in Baywatch....She is a former catwalk model and mother of two, she's 35, her husband proposed to her on the Jay Leno show, he's a former NFL player but.....she is Angie Harmon.

     until later, Ride Safely, Scoot Often......and HAVE FUN!! 


  • Wet Monday Afternoon Ride…..

    Soon after finishing his first day back at work after a 3 week break, Anthony (thankfully) wasn’t too tired to go for a ride.  So after getting his gear he was out the door.


    The first thing he noticed when he opened the garage was that my position in the garage had changed slightly…..Darryl the taxi driver had finally moved the tiles that were in my way, and then moved me over against the wall, so now there is more space for everyone.


    And so we set off…..straight out to the highway, up over the bridge, down the hill and straight to the beach.  (those of you who know Anthony may be wondering why he feels the need to go for a ride to the beach when he has one across the road from his house, but I think its another one of those human things……I don’t ask, just smile and nod.)


    We cruised around Coolangatta for a while, then headed up to Point Danger, then zipped back down the road through the late afternoon traffic, and as we were heading into South Tweed Heads, the spots of rain began.  These spots then grew in size, and volume…until we were soon stuck in a heavy shower of rain with big wind gusts.


    This wasn’t so bad when were heading back up the hill, but when we got to the bridge it was a different story.  I don’t like the wind, but I’m thankful that Anthony managed to catch a bit of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht racing on TV over Christmas as there were times when he had to virtually lean me into the wind like a boat to keep us upright….That wasn’t fun!


    As this has been my third post since last week, I initially felt that a Celebrity Pillion Passenger wasn’t required, but then I changed my mind. It’s my blog, my rules.


    And so this episode’s winner has been around for a long time.  She began her career in 1980, then two years later starred as "Gertie" in ET, she has played the role of "Julia" in the Wedding Singer, played the @$$-kicking  “Dylan” in Charlie’s Angels, and one of my personal favourites is her performance as "Bjergen Kjergen", the swedish receptionist in Wayne’s World 2  (Schmergen!!!).


    She is currently dating the "Hello I'm a Mac" guy, Justin Long.  She is "Heir to a Hollywood dynasty, child star, prepubescent drug and alcohol abuser, teenage sexpot, and resurrected vessel of celluloid purity......" (wikipedia reference) .........She is the one and only Drew Barrymore.




  • Holiday's coming to an end....

    Riding over the last few days has been great. Even the ride in the rain last week was fun, and we even had the opportunity to sit beside a rental scooter at the lights. Lets just say that the singlet, shorts and thongs clad rider and his singlet and skirt clad girlfriend thought they were cool revving their engine next to me, but when the green light hit, they were disappointed…..and also wet and cold when the rain set in.

    We also got to see a car crash. It was only a slow speed impact, but it was my first time to witness a car accident. After discussing it with Anthony I realised that orange traffic lights generally mean drive fast, to avoid the red lights. What the driver forgot about that theory is that you can only drive fast at the orange if there is no one in front of you. And so he decided to accelerate with three cars in front of him, then break hard and smack into the back of another car. I had a bit of a laugh as we zipped past.

    Recently there has been a lot of activity on the forum in the “Beer for Christmas” thread – and in my quest to learn more about human behaviour, I asked Anthony what beverages he was a fan of. While I’m limited to Caltex Vortex 98 octane premium fuel, Anthony is partial to home-brewed and premium quality Beers, Jim Beam Bourbon, Red wine, Vodka and Tequila.

    It’s only been a few days since my last post but Anthony is back at work on Monday, so I’ll have a bit more down-time this week, and he has also informed me that he’s taking the laptop away on Friday, which is when I usually do my blog posting. He’s off somewhere for the weekend, leaving me in the garage …AGAIN…I don’t know what the reason is for him to go away, but he seems very keen to get there......mmmm will have to investigate this more. Maybe i'll get to go along one day.

    And so now it is time for the announcement of the winner of Monaco’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger Of The Week

    A few years ago, Anthony’s brother had the pleasure of meeting her while working in Canada. She and her family were staying at the hotel where he worked and were special guests for a charity skiing event. And so one day he got a room service order for their room. His greatest fear was that she wouldn’t be there and that her husband would answer the door, but typical of Gavin’s ability to land on his feet, the door was opened and standing there was this week’s winner. And not only did he meet her, her husband and her kids, but sat down and chatted for a bit.

    She has been the target of Entrapment, she’s fallen in love with Zorro, and she’s spent time in Chicago, she’s the wife of Michael Douglas….she is the one and only Catherine Zeta Jones.

    So that's all from me today, i'll hopefully be back later in the week, depending on whether or not I get access to the computer, or whether my owner will bugger off somewhere once more and leave me behind.......Enjoy your riding this week and most of all, HAVE FUN!!

  • Monaco’s post-Christmas-2008-year-ahead rambling........

    Yes, Monaco is back from holidays (or should I say, Anthony is back from holidays and is now able to ride me again)

    So what’s been happening. Just before Christmas my garage partner (the white commodore) spent way too much time parked in the wrong place and was way too close to me. Naturally this lead to total frustration when it was time to take me out.....20 minutes to get me out of the garage is NOT acceptable, but these things happen.

    I was lucky enough to go on a few rides during the break, and I think Anthony’s recent relaxed attitude to life has lead him to enjoy riding so much more. This also meant that I had more fun too. He seems to be putting that little bit more effort into his riding, and is enjoying pushing me harder into the corners, and coming out the other side with a big smile on his face.

    But then he went away and left me for a week…….

    He went camping, I sat in the garage. He had dinners and drinks, went for walks and all sorts of other stuff.....and I sat in the garage. He played his guitar, listened to music, took photos, laughed and talked.....and I sat in the garage. Am I getting my point across? Do I seem ungrateful? Do I need to continue?

    I must add that despite my complaints, whatever he did while he was away, I hope it continues.

    For regular readers of my Vortex induced babbling, you would notice that I always try and have a bit of a laugh at my owner, and this week’s post is no exception. Sure he went away and left me, and apparently had lots of fun, but the irony of it all is that on the way home from his trip, he fried his clutch in the car, and the poor bugger spent two and a half hours on the side of the road waiting for the NRMA and then a tow truck, and then had to leave his car to get he still needs to get around, and now he needs he comes running to his poor neglected scooter (I’m not really neglected at all, I’m just trying to make him feel bad.....)

    So until the car is repaired, I’m his transportation source, and for me, life is the way it should be. So the moral of the story is that clutch’s come and go, but Scooters are always there...

    He has said that he’s going to take me on a trip some time. We had planned to do it last year but the day that will always be known as “the day he binned me..” caused a change in plans.

    So what’s ahead for Monaco for 2008? Hopefully not much of a change. There will be regular rides and there will be times in the garage, but in the end, there will be opportunities to get out and enjoy the black-stuff and live the scooter life to the fullest. Even yesterday we went out in the rain – just because we could.

    As mentioned in my pre-Christmas post, Monaco’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger Of The Week was to be taking a break, but after some careful consideration (that’s my excuse for spending a week stuck in the garage with nothing to do) an executive decision has been made and it has returned. There was some discussion (actually there was an argument but as this is my blog, i am king, and therefore I got my way.!!!) Anthony keeps offering another suggestion about someone who he would like to have on the back, but I have overturned his decision.!!

    And so this week’s winner goes against the recent trend in one aspect – she’s still an actress, but she isn’t a brunette. She is currently staring as "Giselle" in the film “Enchanted”, she has also appeared in "Talladega Nights, the Ballad of Ricky Bobby" with the memorable quote "Hi, I'm Susan. I'm his lady, I painted the car, I......we had sex."

    Please say hello to Amy Adams.

    And so until next week, have a good one, ride safely and make the most of each day. And to all of the scooters out there, make sure you tell your owners that you appreciate them, thank them by not breaking down, remind them why you are special above all, HAVE FUN!.