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Ramblings from the mind of a scooter.  Yes this is a blog written for scooters, from the point of view of a Scooter.

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My Life As A Scooter

Ramblings from the mind of a scooter. Yes this is a blog written for scooters, from the point of view of a Scooter.

February 2008 - Posts

  • The Long Way Round.....

    Often my midweek rides with Anthony don’t have a purpose, other than getting out on the road to go for a ride….simple as that!  But today’s ride had a purpose that can be summed up in 4 words……GET CHICKEN AND BEER.

    But at 5:30pm Anthony wasn’t quite ready to eat dinner, so we did what any scooter loving pair would do…..Took the advice of Ewan McGregor & Charlie Boorman and went the long way round….

    KFC is only 10 minutes away from Anthony’s place……so we headed down through Salt, Casurina, Bogangar, Hastings Point and finally Pottsville, then turned around and headed back along the coast road to Kingscliff, out to the highway and then up to South Tweed Heads to get some of the Colonel’s finest and some cold beers.  The 10 minute trip had become a fun 45 minute blast down the coast road and back.

    Anthony tells me that he was almost falling asleep at work today, but showed no signs of that once he strapped on that helmet and off we went.  It was a great mid-week ride, and I'm happy to help out any time Anthony gets hungry or thirsty......

    Todays winner of Monaco’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger Of The Week has often been described as one of the “most beautiful women in the world”… others she’s known by a much simpler and shorter description…..”NUTJOB”. 

    Whatever you think of her, she is one half of the Hollywood couple known as “Branjelina”.  She’s the star of the Tombraider films, her dad is the great Jon Voight, she was once married to Billy Bob Thornton (and used to carry a vial of his blood around her neck)….did I mentioned she is often thought to be a bit strange……

    She has 13 tattoos on her body… the age of 14 she wanted to be a Funeral Director….she claims "I am still at heart—and always will be—just a punk kid with tattoos"…..She and Brad are on a mission to populate the earth with beautiful people and single handedly reduce the number of third-world orphans on the planet by taking them home to their place one at a time……

    she is the one and only (and that’s a good thing)……Angelina Jolie.


    As a special treat today, I’ve decided to feature another Celebrity, and she is a Gold Coast girl…..She began her modeling career at age 13, and after winning the "Miss Indy" title at age 18 she headed off around the world promoting Australian Tourism.

    Since then, she’s appeared in CSI NY, been on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Price is Right, Reno 911 and the US version of Deal of No Deal…..give it up for Surfer's Paradise's own Lisa Gleave.



  • The big bright thing in the sky......

    Just a quick post today, it's Friday and finally life is as it should be......the big bright thing in the sky (commonly called The Sun) has graced us with its presence for a while now and I've been out on the road almost every day.

    Yesterday we had a long cruise around the beaches, zipped in and out of the traffic, stopped off for Anthony to get a haircut, then kept riding around for a while and just had a lot of fun.....which is really what being a scooter is all about! 

    So hopefully this sunshine will continue, and the whinging garage-bound Monaco that normally raves on here each week will be the happy and road-bound Monaco that we all know and love.....the Monaco that doesn't complain about anything, and the Monaco that doesn't mind when Anthony isn't around..........but thankfully he is home this weekend, and although he has a lot on, I'm hoping to get a ride at some time.........(maybe even a late sunday afternoon sunset ride.....)

    And so we move on to Monaco's Celebrity Pillion Passenger of The Week.  She would be unknown to a lot of people (but will be known more when Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles hits Australian TV soon)  She has been a professional dancer since age 12, and would be known mostly for her role as River Tam in the Joss Whedon (creator of Buffy) created tv series "Firefly" and movie based on that series, "Serenity".

    She has also appeared on CSI, Angel, The Unit and The 4400.   In The Sarah Connor Chronicles she plays a Terminator infiltration unit sent to protect John & Sarah Connor from Skynet, (and prior to getting the role she had never watched any of the Terminator films - an admission that horrified her father who rented the 3 movies, came around to her house and forced her to watch all three movies with him....)   She is 26 years old, she is brunette and beautiful, she is Summer Glau.


  • On The Road Again....

    Finally a Monday afternoon ride that actually got to happen.....instead of looking out the garage window staring at the rain, we actually got to go for a ride.  Despite the wind and light rain at the end....we headed out on the highway, zipping between the traffic and it was a good ride.  We cruised up around Tweed and Coolangatta, had a look at the beach and just rode around enjoying the afternoon.

    It had recently come to my attention that some of my readers thought that i was complaining a bit too much because I was stuck in the garage so often, but i'm happy to say that today's ride makes me feel a lot better. 

    Any opportunity to get out is good, and today was no exception.  There was no great purpose in it, other than to have fun, which we did.

    The second thing that was good about todays ride was that it provided some inspiration for this weeks winner of Monaco's Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the Week and that is because we followed her on the road for a while. 

    While heading through Sth Tweed Heads, we zipped up behind a white BMW X5 with "Bruce Lynton BMW" logos on the side, other stickers on the car indicated that the Southport BMW dealer was the sponsor of this weeks winner.   When we stopped at the lights and were right behind the X5, it was then clear that our winner was driving it.  So off we went, driving quicker than we should have to catch her.....(still not sure if she was in a hurry, or trying to get away from us, or maybe she drives her X5 like that all the time....)  So we followed her for a while, then flew past and waved hello, then she followed us until she headed over to Rainbow Bay where the Quicksilver and Roxy Pro events are being held.

    This was the second time that Anthony has seen her, the first was at the Havaiana's Beachley Classic at Manly in October 2006 - and another bit of trivia is that the tournament also had a Celebrity surf-off, featuring a former Pillion Passenger Of The Week Winner (the lovely Megan Gale)

    mmmmm where was I......that's right, this week's winner was born Tania Maris Gardner in 1972, rose through the ranks of the masculine world of professional surfing and in 1998 became the Woman's ASP world surfing champion, she then went on to repeat that effort many times.  She is the partner of Kirk Pengilly (saxophone and guitar player for INXS), she is regarded as the best female professional surfer in history, she is 7-time Woman's World Surfing Champion, Layne Beachley.


  • What does a HD200 have that I don't......

    What does a HD200 have that I don't.....sure a HD200 is more powerful, has bigger wheels, can sit at highway speeds all day long, comes in a sexy red colour, blah blah blah......I don't know what's going through Anthony's head, but it seems that he has been thinking about trading in old Monaco for a Bolwell HD200 (some time in the future....)  

    Not that i'm complaining.....MUCH.  I've grown quite fond of my spot in the garage, I love living at Kingscliff and I've become quite attached to my owner.  But perhaps the dream of spending my twilight years in such a beautiful part of the world, cruising around the beaches, living the scooter lifestyle forever is just that......a dream. 

    Having said all that......I'm still here.  I'm still providing economically and environmentally friendly transport, and despite the ideas that he might have...Anthony still smiles each time we go out for a ride, and I'm sure he will continue to do so for the time that we have together.  As to how long that will be....well thankfully new Scooters cost money, and he doesn't have for now i'm safe!  

    So life is that bad really.......and with that I leave you once more, see you on the black stuff, ride safe and have fun!

    This weeks winner of Monaco's Celebrity Pillion Passenger of The Week isn't as well known as some of the others that have previously been featured, but that doesn't make her any less worthy of winning the title.  She was born in 1971, has previously been a model, has starred in big budget films with Ben Affleck and Will Smith, but is possibly most famous for her role as the tough bar worker "Rachel" in Coyote Ugly.  Her son's father is Tom Brady - (the quarterback for the New England Patriots - beaten last week by the Giants in Superbowl XLII)......she is the delightful Bridget Moynahan.



  • Wet riding to be had!!!

    It’s been a bit of a quiet week so far……we were supposed to go out for a ride this afternoon but a big storm put an end to that idea. Perhaps tomorrow. Anthony has had a busy week and enjoys getting out and shedding some tension brought on by his work, so it’s a shame we couldn’t go, but it’s not fun riding in the wind and rain, and lightning and thunder etc etc….so we’ll stay indoors.

    So instead of riding I’ve had a lot of time to sit around. So what should I tell you about today….Firstly well done to Eli Manning and the NY Giants for their sensational Superbowl win the other day…..(ok, so I’m rambling….I’m stuck in the garage, its wet and miserable outside, give me a break!!!)

    Seriously, I’m bored and want to get out of the garage. Sometimes I wish I could go by myself, but I have this “stay-upright on my own“ problem…….I can’t.

    But if I was an MP3, I could probably do it….but I don’t think I can add another wheel on to the front just for that purpose, not without looking ridiculous, not that the MP3 is ridiculous, but if I had another home-made bodgy wheel stuck to the front of me….well lets just say that people wouldn’t be laughing with me…..

    Maybe I could build a sidecar to attach to myself. That might be a good idea and would help me with my balance issues..…..I could call him Barry, (seems like a nice name for a sidecar) and he and I could be best buddies and travel around while Anthony is at work…….now if only I had the ability to make one, and perhaps some hands, arms, the ability to use tools, etc….

    Oh well….I guess riding on my own is just a dream….I’ll just have to wait until the weather is fine again (hopefully tomorrow) and then we can go out…..

    So that’s about it from me, hope to see you all out on the black stuff, ride safe and have fun……

    And now it’s time for the segment we all love, the announcement of Monaco’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger of The Week.

    This weeks winner has been a star since the age of 4 when she appeared in a Burger King commercial. She is married to her “I Still Know What You Did Last Summer” co-star Freddie Prinze Jr, and as well as being a star of TV and movies, she is a celebrity spokesperson for Maybelline cosmetics.

    She has appeared on numerous magazine covers, and was recently featured on the cover of the December 2007 issue of Maxim magazine, and subsequently their 2008 Woman of The Year. She is now legally known as Sarah Michelle Prinze, but to most of us she will always be the ass-kicking vampire slaying Buffy Summers, please welcome the winner of the 2000 MTV Movie Award for ”Best Kiss”…(for the kiss between herself and Selma Blair in Cruel Intentions) she is the one and only, Sarah Michelle Gellar.


  • Special Drivers

    Today I got myself serviced and also got my fuel gauge and my clock fixed. Anthony returned this morning from an overnight trip to Brisbane, and then we were on the road and heading up the Gold Coast highway towards Scooter HQ. Trips to Southport are always fun. I usually get fixed or serviced while Anthony sits around drinking coffee and telling stories. (so really for him its not a lot different to any normal day…..)

    The trip up and back was normal for a saturday morning..........with the exception of almost being forced off the road by this weeks winner of Monaco’s Award for Special Drivers….Many of us have had a close call with a car, truck, bus etc, and the best way to tell you why this driver was the winner is to tell you what the driver didn’t do.

    She was driving a dark blue, NSW registered Mitsubishi Mirage…..which was perhaps her downfall as she thought that because she was in a mirage, she didn’t actually exist……She obviously didn’t look at her mirrors, or over her shoulder or she would have seen me as I was right beside her. She didn’t indicate, she didn’t look again, and then she didn’t seem to notice that I was forced off to the side of the road, hitting the brakes hard to avoid missing her…… she then sped off into the distance, with me following her, blasting away with the horn while Anthony indicated with his left hand that she was #1 on the list……

    I think what annoyed Anthony the most is that this special driver didn’t even acknowledge that she had done anything wrong…..even some abuse from her would have been something, but no….she just took off like we weren’t even there….And so blue mirage lady, you are our Special Driver of the week.

    What was comforting was the reaction from the other motorists around at the time who seemed to be shaking their heads in amazement. They thought she was tool as well.

    But despite that, it was a good day out. Any day out on the road is a good one….now I just have to get Anthony to stop staring at the HD200 when he’s at Scooter HQ and we’ll be all good……

    And now it’s time to announce this week’s winner of Monaco’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger of The Week, and for this weeks episode we return to the formula that has been the basis for this segment. She’s an actress and she’s a brunette.

    So what is special about this week’s winner……She was born in Panama and rose to fame as “Mia Torretto” in The Fast & The Furious. She has a cat named Delilah and a dog named Ella. In 2005 she was named Maxim magazine’s 54th sexiest woman in the world, and in 2006 she was awarded the #59 spot.

    Despite her driving ability in the Fast & The Furious, she didn’t have a drivers licence before she made the movie.

    In 2009 she is due to return in the 4th Fast & The Furious movie as “Mia”. She once dated Mark Wahlberg, she’s married to the producer of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning” which sse starred in, she is the very lovely Jordana Brewster.


    Have a great week everyone, see you one the black-stuff, ride safe, and have fun….