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Ramblings from the mind of a scooter.  Yes this is a blog written for scooters, from the point of view of a Scooter.

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My Life As A Scooter

Ramblings from the mind of a scooter. Yes this is a blog written for scooters, from the point of view of a Scooter.

March 2008 - Posts


    To say that the riding this weekend was fun would be an understatement.   It was much more than fun, and there was lots of it.  

    It started with a quick ride on friday morning, down to Salt & Casurina (one of Anthony's usual places to go for a quick spin) and then late on Sunday afternoon, Anthony and Vicki decided to go out for a ride.........once again down the coast road to Casurina, back through Salt and then back home......they then decided that a half hour ride wasn't really long enough, so off we all went again (....after Anthony had to get a band-aid to put on his bleeding finger that he got caught in the zip on his Jacket..........just don't ask!!!!)

    So this time we headed out to the highway, up over the bridge and turned onto Terranora Road and then headed up to the top of the hill for a stop to admire the view, then it was back down through Banora Point, out to South Tweed Heads, through Coolangatta to Kirra, followed the beach up to Tugan and finally up over the hill to Currumbin, and then down to the beach to watch the sunset.....(well they got to go and watch the sunset and have a cuddle....while I sat in the carpark, but i'm not complaining......MUCH!!)

    Then we headed back home, got rained on a little, but it was a pleasant evening for riding, and we returned home about 7:20pm.

    Because Anthony had another day off today, he decided to head down to Murwillumbah to visit his Dad, and so off we went once more, this time over Terranora, North Tumbulgum and into Murwillumbah the back way...... For the return trip we were going to head up over the twisties to Tomewin and then down to Currumbin (......for those of you who have ever been that way you'll know why it's perfectly suited to bikes - and despite the rain there were a lot of sports bikes heading that way....) but due to the rain that had been falling for some of the trip down to Murwillumbah, we decided it wouldn't be as fun in the wet and headed back the way we originally came.  

    So now i'm taking a bit of a break from it all, and if i'm lucky, will get more riding this week.......

    And next we have this weeks winner of Monaco’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the week.....and for a change she isn’t a brunette (yes I know that goes against the rules, but as I’ve stated before, its my blog and rule changes are able to be made whenever I wish…….)

    So who is she?  She was born in Cherry Hill, New Jersey in 1976. She was a model from the age of 14 and then began acting classes in 1995.

    In 2000 she played the role of “Clear Rivers” in the first installment of the Final Destination film series, and following that had roles in “Legally Blonde”, “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back” and then “Final Destination 2”.  Her recent work includes “Resident Evil: Extinction” and also portraying "Niki Sanders" in the TV the series “Heroes”

    She missed out on the role of Susan Storm in "The Fantastic Four" (....that went to Jessica Alba),  she hates pretty-looking guys, and as stated earlier, she isn’t a brunette and is in fact a blonde……she’s tough, she’s beautiful, she's the whipped-cream bikini girl from "Varsity Blues"......she is Ali Larter.


  • Where do we go from here?

    At this point in the week, I haven't been out on the road yet.......but after today, there are still 3 days till the weekend...and afternoon rides always take place on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.   And Friday is also a day off from work for Anthony, (as is Monday next week) so I'm sure we'll get out for some rides.)   

    I've spent most of today checking out the Scooter Community website, catching up on the forum posts that I haven't read (which there were lots of) and also checking out other scooter sites across the internet.   Its been a fun day, and I've learnt lots of new stuff. 

    I'm getting excited about this week's rides.  I'm sure there will be the usual cruise up the coast, checking out the beach, watching the sunset etc....but with any luck we'll also get another quick run over the hills like last week. 

    And so for this week, that's all the scooter-related stuff that I have to talk about, which leads me onto the tricky part of this weeks post...... After featuring Anthony's most favourite Pillion Passenger of the Week last time, where do we go from here?   (Vicki would also like to say thanks to those people who have checked out her new web site !!!)

    And its been a tough decision.  Do I stick with the previous formula, (brunette actress) or do I follow a different path?  

    And after thinking about it all for a while (which probably took about 5 minutes...) I've decided that sticking with what I know is an easier option.......a very wise girl once said "Don't mess with the system!!" (thanks Vicki) so I won't mess with anything, and will carry on with things the way they are.....  

    And so today we feature an actress who almost had the pleasure of becoming the wife of Brian Warner (..aka the freak known around the world as Marilyn Manson).....but decided in January 2001 to break off the engagement claiming that  "There is great love, but our lifestyle difference is, unfortunately, even greater," .  (Wouldn't be hard to figure that out!!) 

    She was born on Sept 5th, 1973 in Tuscany, Italy, to a French mother and an Irish Father, and moved out of the commune where she was raised at the age of 10, and headed to the USA to live with her grandparents.  

    She has stared as a witch in "Charmed", she recently played the role of "Cherry Darling" in the horror films "Grindhouse" and "Planet Terror" (....She's the character who's right leg has been replaced with a machine gun....)....she even had the misfortune of starring with Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin in the 1996 film "Bio Dome" (.....Anthony would like to add that if you haven't seen that film, do yourself a favour and NEVER WATCH IT....The only Pauly Shore films worth seeing are "Encino Man" and "Son in Law").......

    ok......she absolutely hates fish, has suffered from agoraphobia and OCD, she has two Boston terriers named Bug and Fester....and she collects shoes. 

    She is 5' 4" tall, and is fond of blood-red lipstick (which is her trademark....) ......please welcome Rose McGowan.



  • More riding........Thursday, Friday, Sunday.....

    After my grocery run last Wednesday, I have been lucky to get out three more times in the past week.   

    Thursday afternoon had perfect weather, and within minutes of Anthony finishing work I was greeted by the warm sunshine coming in through the now open garage door. Standing there was Anthony, all geared up and ready to go.  But I sensed that this wasn't going to be a ride to get stuff (like the day before....) and this feeling was made more obvious when the key was inserted into my top box and it was removed...... (Top box removal usually means that going fast is more important that carrying stuff).......As Ricky Bobby would say..... "I wanna go fast!!"    and so we headed out the driveway and onto the road.   

    There may be many of you that don't know much about Kingscliff and it's surrounding areas, so here's a description of the journey we took (for those who may like to follow using Google Maps....)    After turning onto Pearl Street we headed left onto Turnock Street, through the next round-a-bout and up the hill.  Turned right at the top onto Cudgen road, down the hill and through the lights continuing on Cudgen road..... (enjoying the corners and hills down to the highway), then it was left onto Tweed Valley Way to Tumbulgum, turn off the highway and over the bridge onto Terranora Road, up over the hills to Terranora, down Fraser Drive, onto Drydock Road through to Minjungbal Drive, then back though South Tweed Heads....up and over Sexton's Hill, across the bridge and then take the Fingal turnoff back into Kingscliff.....(with a quick bottle shop stop on the way....)....arriving home with a big smile.

    Some parts of the road aren't totally 12 Inch wheeled scooter friendly and can be a bit bumpy (.....i could hear Anthony saying "if only I had a HD200" a few times....) but it was still good fun and was a great way to end the day.

    Friday afternoon saw us head out once more after work, and also again on Sunday afternoon, which was a shorter ride but still very memorable......

    And the reason the Sunday ride was a memorable one was because of Monaco's Celebrity Pillion Passenger Of The Week.  

    This week's winner is very special........she isn't a Hollywood celebrity, she isn't a TV actress or even a musician..........but she certainly is beautiful, and she is a brunette.

    What really sets her apart from the girls that have been featured in the past is the fact that she did actually sit on my pillion seat over the weekend.  It was cool to finally have a real, live, beautiful woman on the back, and I didn't have to dream about her or search Wikipedia to find out interesting stuff about her.  

    So who is she you may be asking...?  Well apart from being Anthony's girlfriend and a regular reader of "My Life As a Scooter", she is also a professional photographer who specialises in Weddings, Portraits, and "any other random projects that catch her eye".  

    And so had their first scooter ride together and although it was only short, she enjoyed it and is looking forward to going today we welcome the very lovely, beautiful and extremely talented, Vicki James.  

    And for more info on her photography, checkout 

  • Fuel & Groceries......(and Brendon.... She's Back!!)

    Sadly there was no Chicken & Beer involved in yesterday's afternoon run.......only Fuel & Groceries.  But thankfully the weather was predictible......(ie  it rained on the way back home....)

    Anthony walked out of the office in the rain, made the long journey to his house (...its a 30 second walk) and was home for about an hour and then the sun returned, so we headed out.   He got me out of the garage, got all his gear on and just before closing the garage door, went to start me up.....and I didn't start. It sounded like I was trying to, but it wasn't happening.....he tried a few more times, was completely calm and then I fired up.  He shut the door, and off we went.  

    Those who know Anthony may know that he lives extremely close to the places that we needed to visit - he has a supermarket and petrol station across the road, but what fun is that when we could get out on the highway and head up to Tweed Heads and ride around for the afternoon before getting what we needed.......   

    So we rode to Woolies for a load of food (top box and underseat compartment were both full), then went down to the Caltex servo (The fuel across the road from his house is crap), and I think its only fair when Anthony would prefer to drink premium quality beverages, so why can't I.  So a tank of 98 octane Vortex was purchased......and then it rained.  But that was ok, because lately it always rains and i'm getting used to it!   So we headed back down the highway to Kingscliff, zipped around the streets back to the house and another fun afternoon ride was over once more.

    Last week for Monaco's Celebrity Pillion Passenger of The Week we featured the slightly odd Angelina.....and had a bonus feature for Gold Coast girl Lisa Gleave.....and at the request of Brendon from Scooter HQ, Lisa is back on her own as Brendon's Mighty Mio Pillion Passenger of The Week

    As well as being a Fashion & Swimsuit model, 31 year old Lisa is also an Actress and FHM Magazine covergirl 5 times in 3 different continents...She's a E3 (Electronic Enternainment Expo) booth Babe, and after her time as Deal or No Deal Case #3 girl, she's been described across the internet as the "Hottest Game Show Girl of All Time...."  - Brendon, I'll let you be the judge of that one.......