About My Life As A Scooter

Ramblings from the mind of a scooter.  Yes this is a blog written for scooters, from the point of view of a Scooter.

My Life As A Scooter

Ramblings from the mind of a scooter. Yes this is a blog written for scooters, from the point of view of a Scooter.

June 2008 - Posts

  • Monaco's last words....

    We all know that Derbi day is may be just a few days away, and so it is with a touch of sadness that I write my final blog post........the final rambling thoughts dragged from the high-octane induced mind of Monaco.

    It's been almost two years since I was first delivered to Anthony's house on August 8th, 2006.  There I was, all new and shiny, just waiting to get out on the road after sitting in the Scooter HQ showroom......and now, over 10,000 km later, it’s just as much fun.

    Tonight we went out for a ride up to Currumbin, something we do often.  But this time we chose the newest and smoothest piece of road and went via the new Tugan Bypass…and the highlight of the trip was the engine screaming, 100kmh full throttle blast through the tunnels under the runway.

    Despite the fact that this was one of my last rides, I’m happy to say that I have enjoyed them all...... everything from commuting to work, the Scooter HQ rides, late afternoon cruising around the beaches, and more recently the “sunset and cuddles”  rides with Scooter Girl on the back (those ones in particular bring a smile to Anthony's face).....

    Being a scooter is fun, hanging out with Anthony in Kingscliff has been great and I’m looking forward to the next chapter in my life….with a new home, new owner and new opportunities to get out on the road and have some fun.

    And so for the final winner of Monaco’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the week we feature a girl who’s battled vampires and spent some time at “band camp”

    She’s an American actress, was born in 1974, and is the daughter of a truck driver and real estate agent. She graduated from North Hollywood High School in 1992, was a clarinet player in junior high school and most recently starred in the sitcom “How I Met Your Mother”  Please welcome, the final recipient of the Monaco’s version of Pillion Passenger of the Week….Alyson Hannigan.


  • Great Day for a Ride

     Hi there folks….yes I’m still here.  No Derbi just yet, but that could change soon….but until then, the mid-week ramblings of your’s truly continue.

    We had a couple of rides today…..firstly at lunchtime, Anthony needed some bread and milk, so instead of walking across the road to Woolworths, we did a 10km ride to Woolworths at Tweed Heads.  The weather was awesome, and perfect for a midday ride.  Anthony returned to work ready for more work (although that enthusiasm did fade after a while…..) but then it was time to go home from work and we went out again….

    Tonight’s ride was a bit chilly (not for me), but Anthony seemed to be feeling the cold….and there were two reasons for that….a) it was cold, and b) Scooter Girl was unfortunately not on the back with him.

    So we headed up the coast for a cruise around, enjoying the smells, sounds and sights of late afternoon Gold Coast in action.  But it was during the cruising around that I decided today’s post has to include a segment called “things that make you go WHAT THE..?”

    And the reason for this is the many and varied characters who seem to think that use of the road is something that isn’t quite taken seriously…..firstly there were a few bus drivers who need some serious attitude adjustments (and perhaps driving lessons), next was the lady in the green Toyota who decided that she was going to try driving the wrong way down the wrong side of the street….thankfully she was in front of us, and not heading towards us…..but finally I’d like to make mention of the pedestrians who think its ok to just run out onto the road without looking or caring about what’s coming towards them……hello people – when you do run out, don’t stop like a stunned deer in the headlights when you see that bright light heading towards you….don’t think like Mater, that isn’t the Ghost Light coming towards you….its a scooter about to run your slow-ass over !!!

    But today was great, and I’m looking forward to (and enjoying) each ride that I have….who knows when it may be my last…but until then, off we go!!!

    And so for today’s episode of Monaco’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the Week we feature someone new…And today we feature a 23 year old American.  She has a Cuban mother, Italian/French father and she was born in Columbia.  She began her acting career in Kindergarten Cop, and followed that with various TV and movie performances, and most recently she starred in the J.J Abrams movie “Cloverfield”.

    She recently celebrated her birthday on May 10th, she’s a brunette and has a puppy named Navy....she is Odette Yustman.


  • Fast & Shiney Things.....

    Today we headed out for a ride at lunch time.....the rain had gone, the sun had returned, and life is as it should be.  We (myself, Scooter Boy & Scooter Girl) had a brief ride on sunday in the rain, but today's sunshine was perfect for a run down to Salt (for a quick bite to eat), followed by a 35 minute blast around the streets of Kingscliff.....the near deserted lunchtime suburban roads becoming our own private racetrack as we soaked up the sun......and loved it!

    Here I am hanging out (while Anthony ate lunch) with the Salt Surf Club in the background.

    scooter at salt


    Anthony is once again thinking about the approaching arrival of his new scooter.  The Derbi is apparently only a few weeks away, and the thought of having a new toy is getting him really excited.   It will be an awesome opportunity for him to own such an amazing bike, and I'm once again proud to have helped him along on his two wheeled journey.

    This weeks Celebrity Pillion Passenger is a repeat visitor, having been the first to sit upon the virtual black vinyl seat in November 2007

    She is the daughter of a rock icon, a former model, and currently an actress.  She gained attention with her role in Armageddon in 1998, and followed that performance with many, including her role as "Arwen" in The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, and she will soon be hitting the screens in The Incredible Hulk.  She lives in New York, but plans to raise her son in the country.  She wears a size 10 shoe, hates piercings and tattoos, and despite the fact that her father is a huge star, she didn't meet him until 1988.  And so once again, we welcome Steve Tyler's little girl, the one and only, Liv Tyler.



    This week also involved some more non-scooter related activity and last sunday Anthony, Vicki and the boys headed down to the park at Salt, to check out some fine crafted pieces of Italian engineering that were on display.  A group of 11 Ferrari's, worth about $10 million were on show, with models ranging from the F360, F430, 599 GTB etc. 

    Love the number plate....and the cool editing.

    How much is that V8 in the window?


    Many thanks to Vicki for taking these two, and other cool shots.  For more info about Vicki and her photography, checkout

    And no thanks to the security guard who was on duty "protecting" these cars....mate, you are a tool...and so deserving of that comment given out to you by the lady whose kids you had a go at!

    That's it for me this week......the mid-week ramblings are once again over, and I look forward to seeing you all out on the black stuff.....stay safe and happy riding.