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Ramblings from the mind of a scooter.  Yes this is a blog written for scooters, from the point of view of a Scooter.

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My Life As A Scooter

Ramblings from the mind of a scooter. Yes this is a blog written for scooters, from the point of view of a Scooter.

October 2008 - Posts

  • Bye Bye Monaco

    As mentioned in my post earlier in the week, it was looking very likely that Monaco would be leaving the garage some time soon, and late last night it happened. 

    Old mate Monaco, who formerly graced the pages of this blog with witty and often mindless banter.......has gone to Queensland, off to a new life with a new owner, ready for a whole new adventure

    Bye Bye Monaco, you will be missed, but not forgotten.



  • Riding down the highway, Going to a ........

    No, we weren’t going to a show like Bon Scott sang back in 1975……. but we were riding down the highway (and then back up it!)  

    This past weekend, Anthony took me on the trip to see Scooter Girl.  So after being all packed and ready to go, we headed off Friday night about 5:30 for the trip south.

    It was a great trip, despite the cool temperature for the last 25 minutes once the sun went down….and the multitude of bugs that splattered both me and Anthony.  It was great to have another chance to get out and open things up on the road.

    To give you a bit of background on the way Anthony travels via Derbi… underseat storage area is normally used for things like tools, cable lock, wet weather pants etc….so with a bit of moving things around, he was able to get some shoes and a few other things in there, and then the rest of his gear is taken care of in his new hard-shell backpack, which he recently purchased from Rushfaster.  It’s the Axio Fuse 08.   And with some careful packing it’s capable of easily storing a weekend’s worth of clothes, as well as his laptop (which is one of its main functions).  It is comfortable to wear, doesn’t offer any wind resistance and does a great job at safely transporting his gear.  And although its hard-shell protection capabilities are something he doesn’t want to test, it’s nice to know that it’s there.

    And so we soon arrived, a bit cold, covered in bugs but smiling because we’d had a fun ride.

    The return trip this morning was good too, the early morning sun starting to warm things up a bit once we got going and yours truly ran faultlessly once again.   We had a great run with not too much traffic and showed the many onlookers that a 250cc scooter is capable of blasting down the highway with very little effort.  (Although I’m sure it was easier for me than Anthony as he is a bit tired today)  

    But it was a great weekend, and I got plenty of attention lavished on me on Saturday afternoon.  Scooter Girl was shooting a wedding so Anthony gave me a wash (after the bug-fest I needed one) and then a polish and I was all nice and shiny, resting for the weekend in the garage.

    So what’s coming up this week…..we may be bidding farewell to Monaco very soon.  Will keep you updated on that event which will take place most likely this week…..farewell Monaco, your place in the garage will no doubt be filled by something that old Merv will need to dump there, but we will miss you.

    Scooter Girl has been taking some photos of me out and about and we’ll be continuing that photo shoot on the weekend.  So we’ll have some cool photos available in the near future……so that’s it for me today, have a great week, and I’ll see you out on the black stuff soon…..
    In honour of the Nikon Indy 300 held on the Gold Coast, Derbi’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the Week is a race driver.  

    She began go-kart racing in 1992 at the age of ten and went on to win several national championships. She moved to England at the age of 16 Focusing primarily on road racing, and competed in developmental open-wheel series while in Europe.  

    Then in 2002, Patrick signed a multi-year deal to race for Bobby Rahal – and started in the Barber Dodge Pro Series, then moved to the Toyota Atlantic Championship in 2003.  

    Then in 2005 she moved to the IRL series, racing for Rahal-Letterman, and became only the 4th woman in history to ever race in the Indy 500.  That year she finished 12th in the series and was named rookie of the year.  

    She currently races for Andretti-Green racing and won her first race at Japan this year. In November 2008 she will testing with the Honda F1 team, and finished the IRL series in 6th place this year.   She is Danica Patrick


  • Quiet week once again

    It’s been a bit of a quiet week this week once again, but thankfully Anthony had to head down to Murwillumbah for work on Thursday morning, so we got to go for a ride.   The only downside to the trip was the rain, and it was the first long ride in the wet that we’ve had, but it was no real drama.  One of Anthony’s co-workers made a comment about him “braving the wet weather on the scooter”…to which Anthony responded, “it’s not an issue, you just put on the wet weather gear and go….”  

    His co-worker doesn’t get it……

    But it was a good trip and on the way back we took a detour up Cudgen Road and headed into Kingscliff the back way…..the road was dry and once again we had a chance to drive around some nice corners that we love to travel on.  

    Here’s where the best part of the road is located….it’s a bit hard to tell how good it is from the photo, it’s one of those pieces of road that you have to travel on to appreciate it.  It's only a short piece, but worth it.



    This weekend we will be out again, Scooter Girl is here and I’m sure that my two passengers will take any chance they can get to go out on the road for a ride.

    Here’s me at one of their favourite spots….

    And so that brings us to this week’s winner of Derbi’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the Week…..She was born in Umbria, Italy and is an actress and fashion model.

    The daughter of a trucking company owner, she started modelling at 16 and also once started to go to law school.  She speaks fluent Italian, French and English, semi-fluent Spanish and Aramaic.

    Her acting career began in the early 90’s with an appearance as one of Dracula’s brides in Bram Stoker’s Dracula.  She is best known for her role as Persephone in The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions.  

    Her exact date of birth is uncertain and different sources give different dates - the most common years given are 1964 and 1968.  But that doesn’t really matter, no matter when she was born, she’s still worthy of being this weeks winner, she is the one and only Monica Bellucci.


  • the end of a long work day.......

     Today was a long work day for Anthony… of those days when office “special-ness” creeps in and makes everyone feel a bit on edge….one of those days when he was itching to get out of the office, strap on his helmet and go for a ride……which thankfully we did.    And now, thanks to good old curtain-fading daylight saving, we were still able to leave at 6:00pm and be out for over an hour.

    It was one of those rides where Anthony was into it right from the start…..he seemed to be in a bit of a “drive it like you stole it” kind of mood…..which suited me perfectly.  First up we went out Cudgen road, which isn’t fantastic, until you get to the part of the road where you head down hill towards Tweed Valley Way…..There are some really nice corners on that piece of bitumen, some with very tight bends and very low recommended speeds….corners that just beg you to implement the “double it and add 10” principle…

    And so after reaching the highway we then headed south to Tumbulgum and then up over the hill to Terranora….where more cool bends awaited us.    After a bit of a stop to admire the view from the “Azure” estate on top of the hill,  we continued down to the turnoff on Sexton’s Hill, headed north up the M1 to Currumbin, then down around the beach past Elephant Rock, then back up to the Gold Coast Highway and then headed south through Tugan, Coolangatta, Tweed Heads then home…..

    This week’s winner of Derbi’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the week is a  5 ft 6 in brunette Actress, model, film producer, former WWE Diva and singer…..what hasn’t she done….

    She was born in 1970, resides in Los Angeles she is Amy Weber.


  • Busy Weekend

    Is there anything better than the wind in your fairing, (or for you humans, on your face….) the feeling of rubber on the road and the chance to get out in the sun and just GO………didn’t think so. 

    And last weekend was no exception.   Saturday began early, 7:15 to be exact……the sound of the key in the garage door woke me as I dozed beneath my cover….And there was scooter boy, all geared up with a big smile on his face.  We were going out for a ride. But not just any ride, this was to be my first trip up the entire length of the M1, all the way to Bris-Vegas.   So off came the cover, the helmet went on…..and off we went.  The weather was awesome….it was sunny, it was warm, the road at that time of day wasn’t busy and we put the throttle down and it was great fun.    

    After a quick stop about ¾ into the trip (to let Anthony’s brother know were not too far away), we were back on the road and soon arrived at Southbank, outside the Mantra hotel, and then went inside to meet up with Gavin.

    A few minutes later we were heading round the back of the hotel and I got to park in the staff car park (next to Gavin’s Daelim S5) while the boys headed down the street for coffee….. After coffee (which seemed to take ages……) Gavin headed back to work, and Anthony headed over to the Southbank parklands for a wander around…..and then he returned, eager to get out on the road for more riding.   We headed out of the car park for a cruise around Southbank, followed by a trip over to the city, and then back onto the expressway for the trip south.   It was an awesome day out, and a fun ride back down the highway, then we detoured down through Coomera, Hope Island, Labrador, Southport etc and then back out to the highway at Broadbeach.…..there were plenty of nodding bike and scooter riders which was great….there were a few issues with other motorists, and before I forget, Derbi’s “Organ Donor of the Day” award goes to the git on the bike that overtook us while we were overtaking a car…...we were in the far right lane and this moron decides to over take us on our right hand side, between us and the concrete barrier, at about 130kmh…….mate, you are an idiot!! And so once we returned, the great day out was over, I got my weekly bath and was all nice and shiny, and was then wheeled back into the garage and covered up for the night…..   And so what did Sunday bring?  More riding !!! WOO HOO!!! This time with Scooter Boy & Scooter Girl (who I must say was looking very fine in her Draggin Jeans and new bike Jacket) We headed south this time, turning off the highway at Tumbulgum to take the back road into Murwillumbah, headed through town out onto the road to Burringbar, over the notorious Burringbar Range (where we saw a few other bikers) to Mooball, then back to the coast via Pottsville, Hastings Point, Cabarita Beach and finally back to Kingscliff…..but the fun didn’t end there, that wasn’t nearly long enough time to be out riding……

    so we headed north, up the Gold Coast Highway to The Spit, SB & SG enjoyed a walk around Marina Mirage, then we headed back down through Surfers Paradise to Broadbeach, where they stopped to hang out at in and around Broadbeach Mall, and then we made our way back home…..5 hours and 170 odd km later…… 

    Both Scooter Boy & Girl were a bit tired (and so was I)….but I won’t forget this weekend for a long time, and am looking forward to my next trip….whether its around the block, up north or down south….I can’t wait to be out on the road, where a scooter belongs, ridden by a happy, smiling rider….life doesn’t get any better.  And so we conclude today’s post with Derbi’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the Week….and this week we feature someone who probably wouldn’t like to spend much time at all on the pillion seat of a bike…..primarily because she would prefer to be riding it. She got her first 600cc bike at age 17, and her collection now includes bikes from Suzuki, Yamaha and Honda.  Her ultimate motorcycle fantasy includes owning a huge garage filled with bikes, tools and parts, with a four-acre lot of asphalt outside to ride on….. 

    She’s from Albuquerque in New Mexico but currently resides in Los Angeles, she was born in 1985, is a Icon motorsport sponsored Stunt Rider…she is Jessica Maine