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Ramblings from the mind of a scooter.  Yes this is a blog written for scooters, from the point of view of a Scooter.

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My Life As A Scooter

Ramblings from the mind of a scooter. Yes this is a blog written for scooters, from the point of view of a Scooter.

December 2008 - Posts

  • Merry Christmas

     It’s that time of year again…..the time when the humans eat, drink and be merry.  

    Yes it’s Christmas time once again……A time to get together with your family and friends, and also time to get out on the road and enjoy the amazing weather, fantastic roads and amazing scenery that this country of ours has to offer.

    So whether you are a Derbi, Aprilia, Vespa, Daelim, TGB, Piaggio or anything else…..tell your owner to grab the keys, and get out there……So I’d like to wish you all a very happy Christmas, and a great 2009.  Stay safe and have fun!!

    Cheers,  Derbi.

    And so for the last instalment of Derbi’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the week, we once again return to one of mine (and definitely Anthony’s…) personal favourites….she’s is the inspiration for so many things, she’s the only girl to ever sit on the back of a scooter with Anthony….. she’s the love of his life…she is Photo Girl, she is Scooter Girl…..she is the one and only Vicki.


  • Lets go backwards......

    Yesterday seemed like a really long day at work, and it had also been quite a few days since we’d been out for a ride… after finishing in the office, Anthony suited up and we headed out, but instead of following our usual Monday afternoon route, we decided to go in the reverse direction, and suddenly the road that is always fun to ride, became even more fun as lefts became rights, uphill climbs were now downhill, and a whole new level of excitement was had by us both.  

    There was one tense moment when we headed up over Terranora, suddenly Anthony realised that if he continued on the road we were on, he’d have to go around “that corner!”….the one where Monaco bit the dirt, grass, bitumen……and so did Anthony.  But without hesitation, we continued up the hill, and turned right….taking note of the recommended speed limit sign, then taking note of our speed, and realised it was all good.  Anthony had travelled over that road many times, but not in that direction for about 18 months, and so now he’s conquered it….and we are good to go anytime.

    And what a fantastic afternoon it was….the weather was perfect, the sun was shining, the temperature was just right and it was so much fun to get out and tear up the road……it was smiles all round from both of us…..

    And so on the weekend we’ll hopefully get out with Scooter Girl….it’s been a while since she’s joined us, and I know she is really looking forward to heading out once more……

    So that’s it from me today, get out there and have some fun, stay safe and keep smiling.

    This weeks winner of Derbi’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the week is a brunette, but instead of being an actress, she’s a burlesque model, she was married to Marilyn Manson for 2 years and her real name is Heather…..

    She has a fascination with 1940’s style, and after being disappointed with the other “performers” at a club where she worked, decided to concentrate on creating a vintage inspired “routine”…..she’s an actress, model, and as mentioned earlier, was Mrs Brian Warner for a few years….She was once asked to dance in a Marilyn Manson music video, but she was unable to, but she stayed in contact with him and then showed up to his 32nd birthday party, and they were together from then on.....but in 2006, irreconcilable differences led to their divorce…..

    She is 36 years old, she was born Heather Renee Sweet and drives a 1939 Chrysler New Yorker……she is Dita Von Teese.


  • The end of another long day.....

     Its nice to be responsible for changing someones mood….and today was no exception.  After a long day at the office, Anthony was feeling a bit tired…it was one of those days when the clock was either slowing down, or possibly going backwards….but once the work day was over, he grabbed his gear, pushed me out of the garage, started me up…..and smiled.   Then after climbing on and heading down the driveway, the smile grew bigger….and off we went.

    It wasn’t a long ride today, but it was a good one.  It began with an incident that almost resulted in some pain for an over enthusiastic dog who ran out at us from the foot path, eventually the owner stopped it and pulled the dog back when it was within roughly 2 feet of us…..thankfully there was no contact.

    So after that we headed north for one of our coastal runs, admiring the sights of late afternoon southern Gold Coast….there were lots of active people out today…..there were the walkers, the runners, the middle-aged guys who looked like they were about to have a heart attack, the mums and dads pushing prams with bike or scooter riding kids behind them, there were the bike riders, the skateboarders, and the posers…..dressed in their expensive exercise attire, but not really breaking a sweat as they strolled along listening to their ipods or talking on their phones….

    There were a few motorcyclists and scooter riders as well, while the rest of the road users were commuters heading home from a day at work, soccer-mum’s in SUVs or tradies in their utes, with a beer in their hand, cruising along on their way home….

    But for Anthony and I, it was a chance to get out and enjoy the fresh air, enjoy the smells, sounds and sights of the coast, and do it all with a big smile.  The one thing that would have completed the journey would have been to have Scooter Girl along for the ride too…..but there is always next weekend!!

    This week’s winner of Derbi’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the week is another actress from the US. She is known for roles in movies such as Panic Room, The Messengers, Into the Wild, and most recently, Twilight.

    She was born and raised in LA and she is an avid surfer and guitarist. She is Kristen Stewart.


  • The sun is out....LETS GO!

     Today’s ride was a long one, the weather had been very ordinary for most of last week and so it had been 7 days since our last ride, but just like yesterday, today’s weather was stunning… after work we headed out.

    First we headed down Marine Parade, out over the creek to Salt & Casuarina, then out to the coast road for the run back to Cudgen, headed left at the lights onto Cudgen Road and followed that along one of our favourite bits of road to the highway, via the 1.5 km twisty road that we love so much, then headed south to Tumbulgum, turned right and over the river, up the hill to Terranora, then down Fraser Drive and Dry Dock road to South Tweed Heads…..then it was follow Minjungbal Drive to Tweed Heads, cross the border and head through Coolangatta, Kirra and then up the Gold Coast highway to Currumbin, then we headed out to the Currumbin Valley, before heading back to Stewart Road, then onto the M1 for the trip home…..all up it was about 105 km, and great fun.  Here's what it looks from space....

    It was a great ride and we got to see lots of other bikes, (Chopper, R1, GSX-R 750, Zip 50 etc…) Anthony also got to see a few other riders with the same helmet as he has – the Shoei XR-1000 Rogue…but the best part was seeing a big smiles on the faces of all the riders out enjoying an afternoon ride, whether they were commuting, or just enjoying the sun….days like this are made for riding.

    Today’s winner of Derbi’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger is another Brazilian Model, (noooo…she comes from Brazil!!.......) anyway she was born in Salvador in 1981, best known for her work with Victoria’s Secret, as a spokesperson for Maybelline and works for the Elite Model agency in New York.

    As of 2007, she is the 4th highest paid model in the world….she began acting in 2001 in various movies and TV series, she speaks fluent Portuguese, English and French, and some Italian.  She loves reading, has been romantically linked to Lenny Kravitz and the Prince of Liechtenstein and is due to be married in June 2009.

    She loves listening to Beethoven, and she is Adriana Lima.....