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Ramblings from the mind of a scooter.  Yes this is a blog written for scooters, from the point of view of a Scooter.

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My Life As A Scooter

Ramblings from the mind of a scooter. Yes this is a blog written for scooters, from the point of view of a Scooter.

January 2009 - Posts

  • Off the road for a few days.....


    Hi everyone, I'm having a bit of a holiday on the Gold Coast at the moment, spending some time with the Scooter HQ boys while they help me out with a front end problem that I've currently got.  I'm waiting for some parts and will be here for a few days.

    Anthony brought me up to Southport yesterday, but I'll be ready to tear up the black stuff again.  I'm sure Brendon, D'Arcy and the boys will take good care of me.

    So to all of you out there, i hope that your scootering week is a good one, stay safe and i'll be back with you all again soon!

    And to Scooter Girl.....really looking forward to seeing you again soon and having you along for a ride... Miss you heaps!

    This week's installment of Derbi's Celebrity Pillion Passenger features an Australian girl, best known as one of Victoria Secret's Angels. She was born in Sydney, but raised in Gunnedah....she has Serbian, Japanese, Turkish, Filipino and Indian parentage and enjoyed racing motorbikes and horses as a child, with a very grounded upbringing in the Australian countryside.

    She is the girlfriend of actor Orlando Bloom, she is 25 years of age, she is Miranda Kerr.

  • holidays are almost over.....

     Anthony has been lucky enough to have three weeks off from work, and yesterday we headed back to to Kingscliff for the weekend.  It was a good ride up the highway.....after I was fueled up, tyres checked and then we were on the way.  Scooter Girl was travelling in the car behind us. (would have been great if she was on the back with us....) and we arrived back home last night.

    SB & SG were away for a few days camping out in the bush so i took care of the garage for them.....which wasn't that hard, but its still an important job.  I'm just waiting for the day that when the three of us get to go away for a holiday when i'm the mode of transport chosen......i'm thinking that a Great Ocean Road trip, or tour of Tassie or even just a cruise up into the mountains would be fun, they can hang out at some nice place and drink wine (which they are doing right now as I write this......) .....will have to see what they say about that.... Any time with the two of them is great and i'm looking forward to more....

    So not much else has happened in the life of Derbi recently.....but the future holds lots of cool bring it on!!!

    And so for this weeks installment of Derbi's Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the week, we feature two people.....perhaps they can take turns having a ride....both Anthony and Vicki are huge fans of the film Twilight, and since we feature the star of the movie a few weeks ago I thought it was only fair that we featured the other two female stars of the movie.  

    The first is the star of the 2003 film Thirteen - which she also directed, which is a partly autobiographical film about her rebellious life as a thirteen year old. She loves to go horseback riding, moved out on her own when she was 14 and she is close friends with the director of Twilight.  She plays the role of Rosalie Hale in the movie Twilight, and will also star in the sequels New Moon and Eclipse. 

    The second is from Jacksonville, Florida, has a brother named Joe and she adores Audrey Hepburn.  She is the face of, (a retro-style dress sales website) and she attended Samuel W Wolfson Highschool..... She is Alice Cullen in Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse....

    They were born in 1988 and 1987, they are Nikki Reed and Ashley Green

  • Happy New Year

     Happy New Year to you all…..2009 is here and hopefully everyone is having a great start to another year.  

    2008 ended for us with a ride south for Anthony to start part three of his holidays.  It was a stinking hot afternoon, but once we got moving and got some air flowing it wasn’t too bad.  I love the longer rides, and cruising down the highway was a great way to end the day.  The traffic wasn’t too busy, there were minimal amounts of police on the roads and lots of bikes…..most enthusiastic was the dude on the black BMW GS1200 who decided not to nod as we went past….he went for the full big arm wave….  There was one maxi-scooter on the road, and the rest were all sports bikes, tourers and cruisers.

    Once Anthony returns from his camping trip I’ll get a chance to go out with him and Scooter Girl for a ride around her part of the world….looking forward to it.

    And so I hope that you all had a great Christmas and are looking forward to a happy and safe 2009.  Enjoy your time out on the road, and have fun!  Cheers, Derbi.

    This weeks winner of Derbi’s Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the week is once again a brunette actress.  Born in 1984, she is half Cuban, half American…is a model and actress and is known as the spokesmodel for JLO by Jennifer Lopez, and most recently for her role in the 2008 film Death Race.  

    She was born in Miami, she is 25 years old, she is Natalie Martinez.