About My Life As A Scooter

Ramblings from the mind of a scooter.  Yes this is a blog written for scooters, from the point of view of a Scooter.

My Life As A Scooter

Ramblings from the mind of a scooter. Yes this is a blog written for scooters, from the point of view of a Scooter.
  • Moving on.....

    Hi all, today's blog post about the life of a scooter named Derbi will be my last.

    For both Anthony and I, the last 2 years have been an amazing experience, we've travelled over 20,000 Km together, ridden and photographed lots of cool roads and shared some awesome days and nights out on the road.

    We have also shared great rides with Vicki, (aka Scooter Girl), and I will greatly miss her amazing smile.  She is, (and always will be...), Derbi's Greatest Celibrity Pillion Passenger.

    But for Anthony and Vicki, two wheeled adventures will continue, not on a scooter, but on a Suzuki V-Strom 650 motorbike, yes folks, he's crossed over to the other side and is loving the new challenges that await....

    There will be a new blog with stories of his adventures at - Two Wheeler

    Sharing my stories with you has been an absolute pleasure, thanks to all who have commented and followed the "My Life As A Scooter" journey. I may meet some of you again one day, but for now, and for the final time.......stay safe, have fun, keep the rubber side down, and enjoy the ride.



  • Wet, Wet, Wednesday

    Hi all,

    Hope your ride today was a good one.....but if you were anywhere between the NSW-QLD border and Port Macquarie, it was pretty miserable.   Initially we went to Maclean, and the further away from Yamba we got, the worse the weather was.  We then headed back to Yamba mid morning, and it was really wet most of the wet that Anthony's "waterproof" gloves started leaking.  Then for the short ride home, it started again.  

    Then there was the guy in the SUV who decided to move close to the centre line and hit the massive puddle that generated what was close to a massive wave that ended up hitting us head on....well done cruiser man!

    The weather is expected to be a bit ugly for a few days, so we'll see what we get in the morning.

    So what's been happening in the two wheeled world?  

    The Roman Emperor, Mr Max Biaggi is on fire in the World Superbike championship, pulling two wins in the weekends round in Utah.   Anthony always thought Max was a complete Tool when he raced in MotoGP, but his admiration for him has grown, and in such a short time, Max has managed to make the Aprilia RSV4 Factory the bike to be on!  Go Max....

    One website we enjoy checking out each week is Killboy's Blog.  Filled with awesome photos from the "Tail of The Dragon" at Deals Gap in the USA....the bike pics are awesome...check it out.

    This week's Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the week is a British actress on her way to stardom.  She's starred in "Quantum of Solace", "Clash of the Titans" and most recently  "Prince of Persia".  She's 24, she's the daughter of a cleaner and a welder, She is Gemma Arterton.


  • Its getting colder....

    Hi all, Winter is now upon us, and it's been cold on the road this week so far......and to make things more comfortable Anthony has some new thermal gear thanks to the excellent service from Bikebiz.

    There have been plenty of bikes out lately, everything from chrome-covered cruisers to BMW 1200GS Adventurers, to Hayabusa's and R1's.....Everyone out enjoying the road!    The orange & chrome V-rod spotted recently was very cool!

    The ride home from Grafton has been a cold, bug covered trip....and thankfully we have shorter trips for the rest of the week.....But it's been great to be out there on the road, and today especially, the commute to work was FUN!!! 

    So everyone get out there, have fun and stay safe,



    This weeks winner of Derbi's Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the week is a model, and a bike racer.   She's a competitor in the Australian 125cc championship, she is Stacey McMahon

  • Now he wants a Triumph....

    Our ride to work today was really great.  There was a small amount of fog once more, but it made for a cool, and fun ride.

    As regular readers of this blog will know, Anthony loves bikes....not just scooters, but all kinds of bikes - whether its scooters, sportsbikes, retro or custom bikes, race bikes.......if it looks good, goes fast and is shiny...he's into it.  And lately he's developed a thing for Triumphs, especially the 675cc Street Triple.    (Yes he's switched from Italian to British.....)

    Thankfully for me, his interest is only at the dream stage and there's no chance of me being sold anytime soon to indulge his new found enthusiasm for this awesome bike.   So what do I think of the Triumph?  I love it, particularly the "R" version.

    Anthony had a chance to swing a leg over the triple at the bike show (it's the black one pictured in Sunday's blog post)

    Here is one of the promo shots of the new 2010 Street Triple R.....

    Not bad at all!! 

    So I'll let Anthony keep dreaming.....

    One blog that we regularly checkout, (and have mentioned here before), is Motorcycle Paradise, and IC's post from sunday has some awesome photos and info about an afternoon ride that he did.   Here is the route....

    It looks like a great road....have to check that one out one day....(we'll just add it to the list!!!!)

    So for all of you who are riding somewhere today - either home from work, or the shops, or maybe you are one of the lucky ones who is already outdoors carving up some bitumen somewhere......Have an awesome ride, stay safe and we'll see you soon!!



  • Where did that fog come from??

    After weeks of hot rides to work, today we had something different.....thick fog!!   So thick in fact that it was difficult to see the vehicles in front of us.  

    The new tyre performed really well....and I'm definitely sure that Anthony appreciated the extra rubber on the road as well.

    So what's happening this week?   We'll have our usual rides to work, and that's always good fun. 

    In the racing world we have had World Superbike testing at Phillip Island, with Michael Fabrizio from the Xerox Ducati team coming out on top.  Haga and Biaggi were also in the top ten.  

    Aussie's finished 13th - (Troy Corser  - BMW) 16th - (Chris Vermeulen - Kawasaki), 19th (Andrew Pitt - BMW) and 20th (Josh Brookes -Honda) 

    Anthony has been mucking around with a demo version of Pixelmator tonight and decided to use some filters on some photos, and as this is a bike blog, why not use some of the photos from the weekend, so here they are.....

    BMW S100orr

    Ducati Desmocedici RR

    Suzuki Gladius

    Triumph Street Triple

    And somewhere in there is a Yamaha VMAX

    Hope you all have a good week....ride safe and enjoy the road.

    And once again to finish off the blog post we have Derbi's Celebrity Pillion Passenger....and tonight we have a singer from the US.  She was a finalist in season 7 of American Idol, finishing in 6th place.  She was born in Dublin in 1983, is married to a tattoo shop owner (Todd Smithson of "Nothing Sacred") and is the singer of  "We Are The Fallen" a new rock band featuring former members of Evanescence (including founding member Ben Moody)  

    She is Carly Smithson.









  • Bikes, Bikes and more Bikes.....It's the Australian Motorcycle Expo 2010


    Its going to be a great weekend...Gold Coast trip!!  On Saturday Anthony and Vicki will be off to the Australian Motorcycle Expo at the Gold Coast Convention Centre and I'll be at ScooterHQ getting a new tyre!

    (.....and don't forget to checkout Vicki's website and blog.  Her work is fantastic, inspiring, brilliant, artistic, awesome, beautiful and absolutely incredible....)

    Today we had to travel to office number two instead of the tiny office, Anthony had a chance to listen to more music, and today’s tracks cranking on the iPod were – Linkin Park – New Divide, Honeymoon Suite – What Does it Take, Megan McCauley – Wonder, and Dishwalla – Counting Blue Cars…..

    The weather was a bit cooler and it was a perfect morning for a ride.  It started raining later on, and the day became pretty ordinary, but hopefully the weekend will be fine!

    So it's now Friday night...and I'm all tied down on the trailer waiting for the trip up the coast in the morning......yes it would have been better to ride up, but due to the lack of rubber on my rear tyre, Anthony decided to get me up there the safe way!   So I'm looking forward to monday and the trip to Grafton for Anthony to go to work.


    We have been here on the Gold Coast since this morning.....I'm all fixed up and have a shiny new rear tyre, and am ready to hit the road.....but unfortunately I'm currently sitting on a trailer in a hotel carpark while Scooterboy and ScooterGirlare enjoying their weekend, but they have worked hard and are thankful for some time away....and after hanging out at themotorcycle expo, Anthony has some photos that he'd like to here they are....

    BMW K1300R

    Suzuki Gladius SFV650

    Fully optioned custom Harley Davison

    Big Bear Customs chopper

    Ducati Troy Bayliss 1098r Limited Edition

    Ducati Streetfighter

    the new Ducati Mulistrada 1200

    The incredibly expensive Ducati Desmocedici RR

    Victory Arlen Ness signature series cruiser.

    the awesome Triumph Street Triple R

    An accessorised Triumph Street Triple.

    the mighty 1700cc Yamaha VMAX

    the all-new BMW S1000RR superbike.

    The show wasn't as good as last year....there were some manufacturers not represented, and the crowd didn't seem to be as big, but Anthony enjoyed hanging out with all the two wheeled toys.


    Its sunday morning and I'm still sitting here in the hotel carpark, but today at some time we are heading home. Scooterboy and Scootergirl have had a great time away, and I'm looking foward to the week ahead....

    And now it's sunday night, and we are home....I'm off the trailer, locked in the garage, and ready to hit the road tomorrow morning...Bring it on!!!

    This week's winner of Derbi's Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the Week is a musician....but not just any musician, she's a singer, songwriter, amazing guitarist and was to be the lead guitarist for Michael Jackson's comeback tour.  She first opened for her hero Steve Vai at the age of 15, she's 24 now and she is Orianthi Panagaris.


  • Its the weekend....

    Hi All,

    Hope you've had a good week.  Anthony got soaked when he decided to not put on the wet weather gear, my battery was a bit dodgy.....but other than that, the week went off without incident.

    The end of the week was spent at the small office, and generally I am parked out the back, away from seeing the view of the marina......but after lunch the front car park is empty, so I get to sit there and watch the world (and lots of bikes) go by......and yesterday there were heaps of Harley's, Ducati's, a range of other sports bikesdirt bikes, one Arqin Scooter, and a Vespa GTS 300 !  The Arqin rider seemed to be interested in me when he went past.

    In our never-ending quest to find great rides, I stumbled across a link to a round the world bike trip and instead of brand new purpose-built BMW adventure tourers......These guys decided to take on the globe with 70-year-old Danish Nimbus motorcycles, and set off from Norway to go "The Dumb Way Round".

    Other great rides can be found closer to home, and Iron Chef's "Motorcycle Paradise" blog is filled with fantastic ride info about roads in South East QLD and Northern NSW.  IC's weapon of choice to tackle the open road is a Buell XB12R, and its a nice looking and great performing bike.   The photos on his blog are great and the stories about the rides and the roads are well documented (including maps).  Go check it out!

    In an attempt to generate more views on the blog this week I considered posting a pic of Denise Milani as this week's Pillion Passenger of the Week, but considering the fact that pics of this Czech model aren't normally the kind I post, I've chosen someone else.  

    This week's winner is an American race car driver and environmental activist.

    She drives in the development league of NASCAR and the Firestone Indy Lights championship.  Born and raised in Minnesota, she has a degree in Biology in currently resides in North Carolina.

    Upon graduation from college, she headed to Hollywood and landed jobs as a stand-in for Catherine Zeta-Jones in Trafficand America's Sweethearts, and also as Kelly Hu's stunt double in The Scorpion King.

    As part of her environmental work, she went to Norway in 2009 to participate in the zero emission Viking Rally, driving a hydrogen fuel cell Ford Focus.  She finished the hill-climb in second place, just behind World Rally driver Hennig Solberg. To prove that the emissions from the hydrogen car were harmless, she then drank the water from the exhaust of the vehicle at a Hybrid fuel exhibition.  She is Leilani Munter.

  • Sunday Morning ride.....

    Hi all, hope that you've had a good week out on the roads....

    Before I start this week I'd like to mention we decided to bring something a bit different to today's blog photos, and we have gone for a lo-fi look, and processed them with an iPhone app called "Polarize"

    So what's been happening in the life of Derbi this week?   Last weekend I received a replacement speedometer cable.  Anthony fitted it himself and is happy with the results......and he's also happy that he no longer has to watch the tacho to work out how fast we are going!!

    So here are two shots of me during the process.....which included removal of my entire front cover.....

    (Insert Darth Vader voice...."Luke, help me mask off!")

    Today we headed out for a ride, and although it was a bit warm, we had a great time.  We first headed into town, then out to Angourie where we stopped for this pic of the biggest house in the town......(jts amazing what selling surf clothing can buy...)

    After Angourie we rode out to Palmers Island and headed down a few of our favourite roads.....lots of corners, lots of smiles!!

    Here are a couple of the locals....who actually ran away when I pulled out the camera, before that they just stood and stared.

    Next we went out through Townsend and went to Maclean, then headed up to the lookout...

    Here I am checking out the view....

    After Maclean we headed back along the main road, but decided to go down North Bank Road once more.....I just can't resist this one.

    Then on the way back into town we finished of with a final shot beside the river. It was a great morning out. (Music for today's ride included Forty Foot Echo, Breaking Benjamin, Green Day, Seether, Santana and Evanescence.)

    So I hope that you all enjoy this week, get out there and have some fun, stay safe and enjoy the ride.

    This week's winner of Derbi's Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the Week earned her place after I watched GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra.  We have previously featured Sienna Miller who played "The Baroness", but this week its another character's turn.  The role of  "Scarlett" was given to this girl born in Maine in the US in 1980.  She began her career as a model then moved into acting in 2002.  She has starred in Alias with Jennifer Garner, and will return as "Scarlett" in GI Joe 2.  She is Rachel Nichols.

  • Great morning for a ride in the country.....

    Howdy everyone,

    Riding this week has been lots of fun.  We've had trips up the highway to office no. 1, a few rides to office no. 2, and then we finished off the week at the tiny office.....but it's been all good fun.

    Also this week I've noticed some looks from people around town who stare at me and go....what is that?  Is it a scooter, or a bike???   We got some fuel one day and a guy filling his ute up with fuel seemed totally amazed at the two-wheeled machine in front of him....yes, I'm a scooter, but I'm sexy and I sound great too!   I'm built with motorcycle engineering, twist and go simplicity, cool styling and great performance.

    Today we had a great ride.  We headed out of town on Yamba road, out to Harwood then down the highway a bit, then out to Ashby Heights, Ashby and Chatsworth.    It was a great ride on a new bit of road.  Anthony had been out there in the car at one time, but had never been there on two wheels, so it was great to share a new piece of bitumen with him.

    The map of our ride looks like this....

    And here are some pics of the trip.....

    Here I am out on Watts Lane.....its so quiet and peaceful out there.

    What Derbi ride would be complete without a photo of a corner trailing off in the distance.....

    Looking back at where we've been....

    Suddenly the Ashby Heights road got a bit ugly..... time to turn around!

    The view as we headed back to Ashby....there were virtually no cars out there.

    And this is the view back down the hill....

    Yet another long straight ending in a corner to somewhere.....

    And the award for "Best corner followed by long straight" goes to this road of Ashby.   This was coming out of the 50kmh would have been great to turn around, head back into the village and then come back and hit this corner "properly".

    Having a quick stop on the side of the road once more....was such a great morning to be out riding.

    And here's a final shot showing me (of course) and a glimpse of the beautiful weather....

    Some of the tracks cranking on the iPod for today's trip were......Brand New Day - Ryan Star, Dancing In The Storm -Boom Crash Opera,  New Dividie - Linkin Park, Emerald City - Simon Garnder, Fine - Crimson Room, Damn You - Steve Vai........and the list goes on and on.

    Hopefully you have all had a great week with awesome rides.  So get out there and enjoy the sun, stay safe and we'll see you next week.

    And so that brings us to the winner of Derbi's Celebrity Pillion Passenger of The Week who is a Tennis player from Russia.  She is a former world no.1, and at the age of 6 she left  her life of poverty and with her family headed to the USA.

    She won her first Grand Slam title at Wimbledon at the age of 17.   Beyond Tennis she has been featured in Sports Illustrated, she was the most searched for Athlete on Yahoo! in 2005 and 2008 and in July 2008 was the worlds highest paid female athlete, earning US$26 Million!

    This month she signed an 8 year deal with Nike for $70 Million, dwarfing the previous record ($43 Million held by Venus Williams)  She is Maria Sharapova.

    Special mention (as always....) goes out this week to our favourite pillion passenger EVER!!! She is the hardest working, most amazing, and completely incredible photographer, the one and only Vicki James.  She has recently attended theJasmine Star workshop in Sydney and she is on fire with work at the moment.  With blogging, editing, photo shoots and weddings....its all happening and the end result is truly stunning.

    To say that Anthony loves and adores her is an understatement....  To say that we love her work, and that we are in awe of her ability is just the beginning.......quite simply...Vicki James rocks!!!!   To watch her work, and to support her and her passion, is a privilege for Anthony and he is so proud of her and what she is achieving with her work. Yep, there is so much love for her!!

    She is an Artist in ever sense of the word.  Both of us are lifetime members of the Vicki James Appreciation Society and can't get enough of her work....So for all your photography needs, whether its Weddings or portraits - contact Vicki!

  • Back on the Highway Again.....

    Howdy everyone, 

    After some short commutes to work recently, we are back on the highway starting monday.  

    So whats been happening lately?  Today Cyril Despres from the KTM team took out the bike category of the Dakar Rally. Last years winner Marc Coma did well to finish 8th despite the huge penalties that he endured during the race.    

    Ducati this past week unveiled the new Desmocedici GP10 at Wroom 2010.   Casey Stoner and Nicky Hayden are both impressed with the bike, and hopefully Hayden will be able to get over the fact that he "unveiled" the bike via his iphone in December when he toured the factory.

    News from the scooter world....there is a new Derbi Australia website and Derbi Twitter updates available now....the new site looks cool, and getting the updates to all things Derbi via Twitter is great also.   

    The new Scooter magazine is also now out with some good articles....its just a pity that it isn't out more often.

    So we'll have more updates on our riding for the week in a few days, we (Anthony & I) are both looking forward to getting out on the road.   So to all the other two-wheelers out there, ride safe, keep the rubber side down, and have FUN!!

    This week's winner of Derbi's Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the Week is an american media personality, actress, singer, former model and businesswoman.  Born in California in 1973, she began her modeling career in the 11th grade, and soon headed to France, and was booked for 25 fashion shows in a short period.  

    She was the first african american woman to be featured on the cover of QC and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition magazines,  she has starred in movies such as Higher Learning, Halloween: Resurrection, and Coyote Ugly.

    Since 2005 she has had her own talk-back television show, and since 2003 has been the host of America's Next Top Model. 

    She is the one and only, Tyra Banks



  • 2010 is here.....

    Hi All,

    Hope you had a great NYE and are enjoying your 2010.  Not a lot has been happening this week out on the road, but we've had a chance to get out a few times.  Trips to the supermarket have often been required so Anthony has had a chance to use me as the preferred transport solution.   We also had a great ride during the week, and took the same route that we've often used, heading out along Yamba Road and then turning onto Middle Road, then headed back to onto Yamba Road, off to Maclean, then headed out via Townsend and back to Palmers Island for the ride back home.

    It was a great fun ride and we are look forward to getting out again soon.  Anthony is back to work tomorrow so that means getting out each day, which is cool.

    So what has everyone else been up too?  I hope that you are enjoying the rides, the roads, and the chance to get out there and enjoy all that two-wheels has to offer.  Keep the rubber side down and enjoy it all.

    This week's winner of Derbi's Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the Week was born in Monterrey, Mexico.  She is a TV personality and is best known for her work with Miami Ink and currently LA Ink.  Yep, she's a tattoo artist, and we think she is worthy of the pillion spot this week because tattoos are cool!!!   Ok so she tattoos people for a living and is currently dating Motley Crue bass player Nikki Sixx.   She has released a book compiling her artworks and tattoos and this book traces her career as an artist, from her early childhood to her recent work, along with examples of what inspires her, information about the show and her shop, her sketches, and personal tattoos.

    She was born in 1982 and given the name Katherine Von Drachenberg, but to the world she is known as the one and only Kat Von D.

  • 2009 is coming to an end....

    Hi All,

    Did you enjoy Christmas?  Things here were good for Anthony & Vicki and their family; lots of food, drinks, and happy children.

    So as 2009 draws to a close, I thought I'd take another look back at some of the cool two-wheel related happenings of the year.....

    Valentino Rossi stamped his dominance in Moto GP once again winning his 9th World Championship, and with only a few major records left to break he is certainly on the way to becoming the greatest motorcycle racer of all time.

    Texan Ben Spies beat Noriyuki Haga and took home the 2009 World Superbike Championship, and will move to the Yamaha Tech 3 team in Moto GP for 2010.

    Aussie Motorcross superstar Chad Reed took out the AMA Motorcross Championship, and narrowly lost the Supercross series to James Stewart.  Chad then returned to Australia and won his 4th Australia Supercross championship.  He has also switched from Rockstar Makita Suzuki team to the Kawasaki Monster Energy Drink Team for 2010.

    Besides racing, 2009 saw the unveiling of the Ducati Streetfighter (one of Anthony's favourite motorcycles of the year.)  Also the BMW S 1000RR hit the track in the World Superbike Championship and will hopefully be on the road here soon.

    '09 also saw the return of the Crusty Demons here in Australia.  Anthony & Vicki headed to Brisbane earlier in the year to catch them at the entertainment centre, and the Crusty team will return again in 2010, as will Travis Pastrana and theNitro Circus crew.

    And then first up for 2010........Marc Coma and Cyril Despres with team KTM (.....and 159 other brave souls) are back to fight for glory in the bike category as the  Dakar circus once again travels 9000km through the wastelands of South America.  Day one kicks of on the 1st of January.

    So that's it for today, two more days of 2009 left to go and then 2010 begins.  Hope you all have a good week, have some great rides and get out there and enjoy the ride.

    And so our final 2009 winner for Derbi's Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the Week is an american actress, born in 1972.  She was formerly the fiance of Brad Pitt is now the wife of Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.  She is the mother of Moses and Apple, she believes that shampoo causes cancer, and she will soon hit the screens again as "Pepper" Potts, the close friend, budding love interest, and business partner of Tony Stark, aka IRON MAN in Iron Man 2, which begins in May 2010.  

    She is Gwyneth Paltrow.


  • encore post....

    howdy all,

    because the other post this week didn't feature the Derbi's Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the week, here's an encore post that does....

    no doubt you've all seen the footage from the recent EIMCA show in Milan, and would have seen that the majority of the manufacturers feature models sitting on their bikes....Ducati had girls in tank-tops and leather pants...and 3 inch heels - hardly the attire they would actually wear if they were on a bike, but I'm sure it had the desired affect.

    But today's winner of Derbi's Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the week was found on a blog post by one of my favourite custom bike builders...the legendary Roland Sands from RSD (Roland Sands Design)

    She is featured with a bike, and yes it is a Ducati, but she's not your typical bike promo girl. Instead there's something a bit Vampire-like about her. 

    We don't know who she is, but today we give it up for the Ducati 1098 girl!

  • Get up and get out there.....


    So what’s been happening in the life of Derbi?   Not a lot, but its all good.

    For today’s ride home we will be taking the back road once more for a quick blast through the cool corners – so much more fun than the highway.    

    When Anthony was heading back from the coast over the weekend he saw some Yamaha bikes at the BP servo. The guy was on a black R1 (with black leathers and Blue/Black Shoei Helmet) while the girl was on a matching black R6 (with black/pink leathers and a Pink/Black Shoei helmet)

    This pair reminded Anthony of his desire for he and Vicki to one day jump on some bikes and ride off together!   That would be extremely cool….and to quote Anil from his Foxnomad blog entry “Why you need to take a motorcycle trip at least once in your life”….. "Riding a motorcycle across an open road from one destination to the next is the modern-day equivalent of setting off into the sunset on horseback. Let your fear and the thrill put you on two wheels and not keep you from it.”

    twisty road


    Do you ever feel like you are living in the movie Groundhog Day?

    Well personally I don’t, but that’s because I’m a scooter, not a person ….but in my never-ending quest to understand humanity, I often talk to Anthony and he has said that lately that’s what life is like for him and his family.

    Each day it’s the same deal – you get up, work damn hard, do the very best you can for your kids and family…..and then you get back up and do it all over again!

    And like the troopers that they are, Anthony and Vicki keep on going above and beyond each day!

    But unfortunately there are times when things don’t quite follow the system, moments when stuff creeps in that hinders their ability to always do their best each day.....moments when they cop other people’s crap, and even if they don’t take it on board, they still receive it

    ……and then there are moments when certain people on this planet should have a good hard look at themselves and eat an extra large bowl of STFU each and every day!   

    And so today’s blog post is dedicated to Scooter Boy & Scooter Girl…..and all the other hard-working and un-selfish Groundhogs out there. 

    Get out there and do what you do….I salute you!!



  • Gold Coast Road Trip

    Howdy everyone, 

    Today Anthony and I headed north to ScooterHQ on Gold Coast to get me serviced, and get a few other things checked out... 

    It was a big day that began at 7:00 when we hit the road.  It was the first time since March that we'd been for a ride further north than the Grafton turnoff at Harwood.

    Thankfully the rain had stopped and the road was reasonably dry.    We headed through Ballina and had a quick break outside Seaside Motorcycles, the Harley Davidson/BMW dealership....and today even at just after 8:00 there were bikes everywhere as they were offering testrides of the new 2010 Harley models.

    And there were tonnes of bikes (and scooters) on the road today....everyone was out for a ride. Especially in the Ballina area as everyone was heading into town for a ride of the new Harley's

    This first picture probably won't mean much to most people.....anyone who has travelled over the border on the Tugan Bypass would have seen this thing...


    To most people, this is simply an ugly monument that indicates the border crossing between NSW and QLD.

    To Anthony's family its a source of amusement as it indicates the moment when one of the kids indicates their fear and hatred of QLD....we still aren't sure why, but it happens.....and on the way back, this monument indicates that we are once again back in NSW, and once again all is right with the world.


    The trip was good and by just after 8:30 QLD time we arrived.....and here's a selection of the view once inside the store.



    Here's the World Superbike edition Aprilia SR50




    Where ever we go, corners are always found....and by taking the back way around Ballina and heading out through Teven we had a great time....and North Teven road has some great corners, it's just a shame that the road surface isn't that great...but it was still good fun.



    And here I am enjoying the view on the way home.....


    It was a great day out, thanks again to Brendon and Tim for their impressive service and stories lots of laughs and excel  




    This weeks winner of Derbi's Celebrity Pillion Passenger of the week is from England, born in 1972.  She starred in Mission Impossible II with Tom Cruise, (which led to her having to pull out of the first Charlie's Angels film - her role went to Lucy Liu), the Pursuit of Happiness with Will Smith, and she will soon be hitting the screens with John Cusack in the new Roland Emmerich film '2012'.  She's the daughter of a Zimbabwean Shona Princess, she is Thandie Newton





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