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The Adventures of Scooter Señora

Hi Scooter boys and girls! Let me introduce myself. I am 25, and have just bought my first vehicle, a Honda Lead 100 scooter. I'm currently on my L's so thats my excuse for the not-so-powerful bike. I've never had a car license so for the first time I will be let loose to ride the Sydney streets at will. Incase you're wondering, yes, I am shaking in my leather bike boots! This blog will be much like a journal of my first riding experiences on the road and as I build up my experience and confidence out there I hope to tell lots of riding stories to keep you all interested (and hopefully amused!). So read on friends, read on! (I'd also love to get feedback and comments!) Happy Scootering! x Scooter Señora
  • Here we go again!

    So far 2010 has been an absolute blast! There have been many rides, too many to write about! Ive done a lot of long, winding, evening coastal rides with Nightrider, Stuscat and Paso which has greatly improved my confidence for riding in the dark. We've been here, there and just about everywhere and its been so much fun it almost feels like the year has flown by in just a month!

    On Sunday, Omar, Nightrider and I set out from BP at North Perth at about 9am and headed for the Zig Zag road at Kalamunda. Theres good reason for it being called Zig Zag! This road has some amazing hair-pin bends! And the view of Perth was incredible.

    We tackled some of the best twisty roads that easily rival those of the Old Pacific Hwy in NSW. The only difference, in fact, was the hight of which the roads are paved.

    From there we took on Mundaring Weir Rd and then on to Serpentine Dam for lunch.

    It was a stinking hot day and by the time we arrived at Dwellingup we decided to quench our thirst and head to the river at Baden Powel - at which point Dale and I decided to go for a swim and cool down, fully clothed!! The ride back to Rockingham in soaking wet clothes did the trick.

    Thanks to Omar for coming up with the route, we really must do this one again and get more friends out to join us!

    In all, Rosie clocked up EXACTLY 400kms today! She started in the morning with exactly 5500 and at the end of the trip was clocked up to 5900. Granted I returned to my suburb and was 2kms off 5900 so I did a few spins around the block! If that doesnt make me a scooter tragic, I dont know what does!

    See! Perth DOES have twisties! You just gotta get out there and find them!

    The route

    Its AUSTRALIA DAY!! Today, Wanda (Scooternut), Rukhs (Scootabug), Peter (Paso), Jamil and I headed for New Norcia approximately 140kms north inland of Perth. We started along the coast by Trigg Beach, Hillarys and Joondalup, then the beautiful and winding Chittering Valley, Bindoon, the Great Northern Highway and arrived at our New Norcia destination several hours later.

    There wasnt much happening in New Norcia - its just a nice, quiet and historic little town perfect for running amock. We had several water fights, should have actually been drinking the stuff instead considering the heat!

    We headed home the way we came and hit some awesome high speeds on the highway! Rosie totalled about 350kms return today.

    There really arent words that can describe the fun thats been had! Big thanks to all my friends, you're the greatest!

    Me and my girls, Scootabug and Scooternut.

    Here's Rosie all dressed up, showing her Aussie pride!

    Thrashing the Great Northern Hwy!

    Hey PeteGailey! What do you think of my fancy new camera mount? Haha

    Wanda and I sharing a special moment in a public shower.... we had to cool down SOMEHOW!


    Time for a little R&R


    Happy scooting!

    xx Scooter Senora

  • Thanks for the memories

    I'm wrapping up The Adventures of Scooter Senora for the year 2009.


    2010 is looming and I feel that now is the time to write a very heartfelt post.

    I want to thank all of my friends from the Scooter Community and beyond for their love and support this year. 2009 has proven to be exciting, adventurous, sad, dangerous, but most of all FUN!

    In February I bought my first scooter, the Honda Lead 100. When I attended a Survive the Ride session, I met Jax. She took me under her wing and introduced me to PeteGailey and they got me out on the road for long rides, giving me helpful advice along the way for improving my confidence and ability with the bike.

    On July 7th, one week after the bus incident, Jax was there for me when I made the huge, heartbreaking decision to leave Sydney and start again in Perth. Jax and Pete kept in touch and helped me with my transition. Before I knew it I was back in Sydney for the big Snowy Ride, which I could not have done without them. So, thank you Jax and Pete for being a wonderful friends. I hope 2010 brings you health and lots of fun rides with the eastern crew!

    Moving to Perth proved to be very sad and difficult in the beginning. But it wasnt long before I met Scooternut (Wanda) and Steve@Ace. They got me straight onto a Vespa GTS, with which I fell madly in love and can now call my own.

    Wanda also introduced me into the scooting community of Perth who I now consider to be the best group of friends anyone could hope to have. Wanda, you're are such a beautiful, warm and generous woman and I feel privileged to have you in my life. Without you, I honestly believe that this change in my life would have been much harder to overcome. I could not thank you enough if I tried.

    Since Ive been in Perth, Ive met wonderful people, scored an amazing job working on the Gorgon LNG project with a fantastic company, moved into my lovely little apartment close to the city and finally bought my Vespa GTS250. I have been very fortunate indeed this year and I wouldnt change any of the events that have lead me to where I am.

    To everyone that I have met here in Perth, whether on the Scooter Community or not, friends and family, you know who you are and I love you all dearly. You're the greatest!

    So, as I say goodbye to 2009, I say thank you to everyone who has made it memorable.

    Here is a collection of photographs from this wonderful year. Scooting pics and non-scooting.

    Merry christmas everyone and I hope you all have a fantastic 2010!

    PeteGailey, Jax and me


    Scootabug, me, Wanda and Stuscat



    Scootabug, me, Wanda


    My sister Felicity and I


    The MP3


    My apartment (or part thereof!)


    Rosie all dressed up for Christmas!


    The dining table my Dad and I built together


    At the top of Mt Kosciusko with my mate Clint


    The Snowy Scooter Contingent


    Another great shot from the Snowy Ride in NSW


    Wanda and I


    The day I bought Rosie


    The MP3 bogged on the Snowy Ride


    Me at the top of Mt Kosciusko - the highest point in Australia


    Me and my Dad on Chrismas Day


    The girls. Mum, Felicity and me


    My little brother Corey and I


    Finally, Rosie.


    Happy scooting and happy new year!

    Scooter Senora xox


  • How better to end 2009?

    The last few weeks have been a whirlwind for this Scooter Senora. On 3rd November I made my big return to Sydney to join my mates on the Snowy Ride. Nothing could have prepared me for the adventure I was to have over those 4 days and 2000kms.

    I had an MP3 on loan for the ride, and although its a great bike, its just not for me. The twisties and many hair-pin bends to be tackled through the mountains was a recipe for gaining experience and sheer terror. I came out the other end of this trip an even stronger, more experienced rider and to all I shared the adventure with - thank you. Thanks for your patience, guidance and support along the way. I look forward to seeing you all on the ride again next year.

    To read more, see PeteGailey's story and pictures in the Snowy Scooter Contingent thread. I could not have said it better myself.

    So that was easily the biggest adventure of my adult life thus far and there will be plenty more to come!

    Today.... where do I begin? As you all know, when I first moved to Perth in July I was treated to a weekend loan of the red Vespa GTS250ie demo at Ace Scooters in Joondalup.

    Steve and Wanda were wonderful and introduced me to some great people that day and I guess its all just snowballed from there on! I made some wonderful friends, fell in love with the Vespa who is now affectionately known as Rosie.

    Today I headed into Ace Scooters nice and early with cheque in hand and ready to make her my own at last!

    Scooternut made my impatient Mum a coffee while customer after customer arrived purchasing helmets and gloves. I waited with a bunch of my eager riding buddies... and waited some more.

    We finally figured that Steve was probably taking his sweet time since I made him wait for payment for 4 months! He is one heck of a patient, warm and wonderful guy! I bet he'll miss having Rosie as a demo. There's just something about her.

    On leaving the shop for a group ride, Scooternut reminded me that I wont have to bring Rosie back on Monday. I'm still pinching myself. Its been a fantastic second half to the year and I couldnt be happier!

    So.... how better to end 2009? I wouldnt have it any other way!

    Wanda handed over the keys..........


    ..........before I'd handed over the cheque to Steve!


    Giving my Rosie a smooch! Its not the first time.... Embarrassed


    Me, Mum, Paso and Pegasus


    A hug of joy for mother and daughter. Love you Mum!


    Its TIME TO SCOOT!!!



    Scooter Senora xox

    (special thanks to Mum and Stuscat for their great photos!)

  • MP3 Madness and The Coming Snowy Adventure

    Its been a long wait but the time is nearly upon us! This November brings an adventure that I certainly never thought I'd be having in 2009!!

    It doesnt seem all that long ago that I would be hanging out at Shell Space Station with Jax and PeteGailey whining about how I would LOVE to go on the Snowy Ride but alas the Honda Lead would never have been suitable.

    Now Im in Perth and will be purchasing my beautiful Vespa GTS250ie in December and also making the trip back to Sydney for Snowy which will be one heck of an adventure on an MP3.

    I cant wait to get back over East, even for only a short time, and experience the thrill and joy of this event with a bunch of very dear Scooter Tragic friends.

    In preparation, on Saturday I headed to Ace Scooters in Joondalup where Steve was kind enough to let me test ride the MP3 in his shop. Scooternut escorted me and was very helpful as always.

    Apart from the extra few controls to think of when stopping and starting, the MP3 is a joy to ride and I can see myself having one of these one day as well as the Vespa.

    After the test ride, a bunch of us did the usual. Hung around at Ace for a few hours, lazing about, drinking coffee, making total arses or ourselves and just having fun!


    Stuscat looking super cool as always.


    Pegasus - The Van Zwam Effect


    Scooternut - she really is a nut!


    And, the best for last, Rosie!

    Not long to go now and I'm looking forward to seeing my Scooter Community buddies over in Sydney!

    Ride it like you stole it Devil

    Happy Scooting

    Scooter Senora xx

  • Rosie's Big Weekend

    This weekend was the first Ive had Rosie for almost a month so I thought Id make the most of it!

    Early last week, Scootabug and I put our heads together and came up with a plan to take off down to Rockingham for something different. Saturday morning arrived - and so did the sun! Perth has finally started to warm up and this was the pefect weather for riding.

    We expected there would only be about 3 of us but after turning up at Ace Scooters in Joondalup I was thrilled that the group had swollen to 8!

    We took off into the sunshine and our first stop was, as almost always, the E Shed in Fremantle for the best coffee in town. From there we took the ocean road and headed south to Rockingham. We made a quick stop in on my parents who were delighted to see 8 scooters beeping and zooming into the culdesac, all squeezing into their humble driveway. I still wonder what the neighbours must have thought! Probably something along the lines of "bloody scooter riders!".

    Then it was off and away to beautiful Point Peron for a picnic lunch on the waters edge. We had a great time - laughing, posing for photos and telling the locals all about our scoots!

    Scootabug, Me, Scooternut and Stuscat

    Scootabug, Scooternut, Haylz and Stuscat

    Look out! Its a scooter invasion at the Lennon household!

    The Girls! Scootabug, me and Scooternut

    Playing silly buggers at Point Peron

    Stuscat looking super cool!


    But WAIT! There's more! Sunday morning we had a girl's breakfast at the Red Herring restaurant on the water in Fremantle to celebrate the recent birthday's of Wanda and Liliana. We had a delightful morning of buffet breakfast, coffee and lots of girlie talk and scooter talk! I didn't have any plans for afterwards and imagined I would probably jump on Rosie and just ride aimlessly. Nope, wasnt gonna happen!

    Myself, Scootabug and Scooternut instead decided to stick together for the day and see where the road takes us. It was a glorious day for riding - sunny and warm! We started out at E Shed in Freo (again!!) then took off and did the "river run". From what I gathered its basically a big, beautiful and twisty ride around the swanky, hilly suburbs that surround the Swan River of Perth. We went around and around and back and forth to and from Freo several times stopping along the way for lots of coffee and lazing in the sun.

    What a fantastic weekend with really fantastic company.

    Scooternut, Scooterbug and me, about to go in for breakfast

    Scooternut and Don - What a great shot!

    Lazing about on a beautiful day. The three of us sat at this lookout for about an hour just taking it all in.

    Scootabug's action shot!!

    And the best for last - I came to a crazy halt when I looked down and saw THIS! Rosie's done 2000!!

    Happy scooting! Remember - focus on the journey, not the destination!

    Oh - and big thanks to John and Scootabug for the great photos and documenting this wonderful weekend!

    Scooter Senora xox

  • Brazilians and Scooters - is there anything sexier?

    This post is VERY late - suffering a bit of writers block. There's been SO much to write about for you all but its all been so exciting and so adventurous that finding the words to describe it all is difficult.

    The first step is the title and after thinking about it way too much, this was the best I could come up with.

    So anyway, back to scooters. On Saturday 29th August the Perth Scooter crew welcomed 3 new additions to this beautiful city. Alex, Bruno and Luiz. They are 3 adventurous Brazilian natives who after living in Sydney decided they wanted to move to Perth. After struggling to decide how to get here and explore this amazing country along the way, they came up with the idea of riding all the way on two 100cc Yamaha scooters. While they were at it, they made an effort to raise funds for the children's cancer foundation Redkite.

    These guys are just incredible. Words can not describe the journey they have made so please head to the 2 Scooters Adventure site and check it out. I definately reccommend watching the videos from the trip and while you're at it, make a donation as every little bit helps and although the journey is complete, children around Australia continue to fight cancer.

    Here's some photos from the day. We went a little crazy with the horn beeping, tearing up the streets of Perth making everyone aware of our presence!

    "The Girls" - Me, Scootabug and Scooternut


    What a good looking bunch


    The support vehicle


    The boys!


    What a view! (the city skyline, I mean) Wink


    More adventures to come!!!

    Happy scooting everyone!

    Scooter Señora xx

  • Rosie

    Ive fallen in love with Rosie. No, I havent started batting for my own team. Rosie is the red Vespa GTS250ie that Steve@Ace has lent me while Ive been in Perth.

    She's a very special girl. Rosie is beautifully quiet and powerful, she doesnt complain and is very attentive to my scooting needs. She is my better half.

    Yes, I have fallen head over heels, so much so, that Ive named her and she's not even mine to name yet! Thats true love. I look forward to the day that I can call her my own. We will complete each other. Yes, I am intentionally being corny - but I just cant help it!

    Today I was lucky enough to have Rosie on loan from Ace and away we went with a big group of the Perth crew. There were about 12 of us when we headed out from Joonadlup. We blasted through the twisties of Mundaring Weir Road - there were so many of us and boy were we getting some attention from others on the road. We're a good looking bunch!

    Scooternut was the ride leader and she's really good at keeping an eye on such a big group. I probably would have panicked a little if I'd been in her shoes!

    We stopped at the Weir for ice cream and happy snaps then headed round the other side to the town of Mundaring for some great coffee and late afternoon tea. Yum!

    The weather was truly gorgeous - but by the time I got home after dark I was frozen stiff! There's nothing better than a hot shower after a lovely, long day of riding. No frostbite for me!

    If you're ever in Perth I highly reccommend you take a ride with Scooternut and the Sunset Coast Scooter Club. You will be impressed!


    Ace Scooters in Joondalup W.A


    Fillin' up before the twisties


    Scooternut's 'Don' and 'Rosie' - they make a lovely couple!


    Group photo!



    Happy Scooting!!

    Scooter Señora xx

  • Theres no going back...

    As most of you will know by now, the Honda Lead has been deemed a "total loss", pulled to pieces and sent to an auctioneer. Booo hooo! Maybe a blessing in disguise, as my ever growing love for scooting continues to flourish I will be needing something far more powerful than the Lead.

    Enter my latest life adventure. Circumstances have lead me to Perth. Ive been staying here with my family for the past two weeks whilst I plan and decide on my next move. This is the beginning of a whole new, bigger, better and more fulfilling future for me.

    Being the very popular young miss that I aparently seem to be, Ive been showered with generosity during my stay here in Perth. Several of the Scooter Community gang here have welcomed me with open arms. Steve@Ace made an offer I simply could not refuse - the use of his Vespa GTS250ie for the weekend, and subsequently Scooternut got super excited and organised a meet up and ride along with Silverflyer, Stuscat, Paso, Pegasus. We started out at Ace Scooters in Joondalup and headed down the coastal road, stopped at Fremantle wharf for some seriously awesome coffee and cake, then Scooternut and Dale escorted me back south to Rockingham where I am currently staying. We got absolutely drenched but we pushed on and all made it home safe.

    As per the title of this entry, there just is NO going back. The Vespa GTS250ie is the one for me. I have fallen head over heels in love with this gorgeous, big, red, and super sexy beast of a scoot!

    As for the injuries from the Bus Incident, Im doing great and healing very quickly indeed. Unfortunately, I have an infection in the joint of my knee but the anti-biotics should give it a swift kick.

    Here are some pics Ive taken this weekend with the GTS250. Enjoy!

    Oh, and again, huge THANK YOU THANK YOU to Steve@Ace for the Vespa on loan and to Scooternut for so generously lending me her spare helmet, jacket and gloves. You guys are awesome!!

    Happy Scooting!

    Scooter Señora xx

  • I got hit by a bus today...

    How was your day?  I can almost guarantee it wasnt as eventful as mine...

    It would seem that trying to move across into the bus lane in peak hour is a pretty stupid thing to do. He didnt see me and I didnt see him. Thats traffic and a lack of coffee for ya.

    Not sure if its cos I was travelling too slow or he was travelling to fast. Either way, Im pretty f*cking lucky to be alive and have survived my first accident with no more than bruising and a swollen, bleeding left knee.

    I'll never forget the moment I stopped skidding across the bitumen to see the front tyres of the bus about to roll straight over my body. Yet, the first thing I did when I was able to sit up was look around to see the damage to the scoot.

    The scoot is not in good shape at all... time will tell if it has to be crushed into a little recyclable cube... I'll keep you posted on that.

    Here's some pixtures that Jax took when she came and met me at Royal North Shore.


    My brand new Rossi boots - The leather and stitching is a bit worse for wear but better than having a shattered ankle!!


    Its actually more painful than it looks! The surrounding area is bruised and swollen but a VERY minor injury cosidering...


    I always new I was a trend-setter! One-legged jeans are so hot right now.


    Okay, this pout is TOTALLY justified. I had just realised I would not be joining GRO for the ride to Shoalhaven Heads this weekend.


    Happy scooting!

    And watch out for those busses!

    Scooter Señora

  • Anything is possible....

    if you can do some mad touring on a 100cc scoot!

    A few weeks back we did a run around the Hawksbury/Balkham Hills Shire and took 3 ferry rides along the way. It was a truly beautiful day for riding and I continue to be amazed by the beauty surrounding me here in Sydney. And seeing it all on the scoot makes it so much fun!

    I have to say a huge thanks to Jax and Pete for taking me under their wing and providing me with invaluable experience and advice along the way. I look forward to many more wonderful rides with you both!


    Check out the MP3!! Awesome looking bike!


    Berowra Creek Ferry Crossing


    The Wisemans Ferry Inn - had a great, relaxing lunch here



    Last weekend I joined the gang from Girls Ride Out for my longest ride yet up to Toukley on the NSW Central Coast. This was a challenging ride for me on the Lead 100 but thats what made it so much fun! I got to really see what the scoot was capable of and enjoy the company of some really great people.

    After taking on the Old Pacific Hwy we made a pit stop at the famous Corrugated Cafe at Peats Ridge. It was my first time there. 


    Here's Pete taking snaps of his Phat Vespa


    Pete took off up the road and got this shot of me zooming past him


    The gorgeous view from the Beachcomber Hotel in Toukley


    The real thing just wasnt enough!!


    Happy Scooting!

    Scooter Señora 


  • I lost my Twistie Virginity!

    Im a bit late with this post but on Sunday I met up with Jax, Pete and Dave and headed up to Pie in the Sky. When we got there we were joined by Veggie and Gary for a ride up to Woy Woy on the central coast to fit some air horns.

    This was my first ride along the Old Pacific Hwy and boy was it fun! The twisties, the trees, the views, the twisties, the fresh air, and the twisties were all just spectacular! Absolutely loved it! We got to Merrily and Tony's place and had the best fish and chips ever. Merrily made some wonderful scones and Veggie brought along possibly the best Friands Ive ever had.

    Gary and I headed off back home around 4pm. Thanks for escorting me home Gary. By the way, Ive been meaning to apologise for scaring the crap out of you at the red light in Hornsby.... I must have been getting a bit fatigued by then.

    The SC, Pete's Phat Vespa and my Lead



    Veggie, Jax and Gary


    Pie in the Sky! Best apple pies ever!


    Pete did an excelent job of fixing the camcorder to the Vespa. He got some great footage of Veg and I doing the twisties!


    Our arrival at Merrily and Pete's - we got some interesting stares from passers-by


    And check out the view from their backyard!!!


    I didnt have to go to work today so I took a ride from Neutral Bay to Camperdown, the long way. I headed down Epping Road, then along Victoria Road. The Gladesville Bridge was a bit hairy scary with the heavy winds but I made it home in one piece!

    I was home long enough to have some lunch but couldnt resist heading back out again. My navigation skills are coming along quite nicely so I rode down the Spit and off to Sydney Road until I hit Manly. Got home again about 10 minutes ago right before a terrential downpour!

    Happy scooting!

    Scooter Señora


  • An eventful ride

    Had my first long ride today

    Met up with Jax and Pete at Shell in Lane Cove at 9.30am and headed off on a ride up to a beautiful town called Bilpin in the Blue Mountains. We stopped in Richmond for coffee. Richmond is a beautiful area - so gorgeous in Autumn.

    Then we went on through to Bilpin and went to see Johns crazy tower! John is a member of Ulysses and has built this great big tower on his property. Its got three levels and its just amazing! He even has a mummified cat in a glass coffee table! It was truly a great place to visit.

    My scoot started playing up on the way to Bilpin and before I knew it the scoot wouldnt go faster than 50kph on some roads and no faster than 70 downhill. It was incredibly frustrating - especially since the bike is brand new and has just had its first service 5 days ago.

    Jax and Pete were really helpful and supportive - they waited for me as I crawled along and kept my spirits high.

    I'll be taking the bike to the dealership on Monday - Im really hoping the problem (whatever it is!) can be fixed fast. I dont want to be kept from riding for very long as Im sure you will all understand.

    Anyway, a perfect day for a ride. The weather was spectacular and so was the company


    Johns crazy tower


    Jax's bike, mine in the middle and Petes awesome Phat Vespa at the end


    Petes Phat Vespa


    The Beast (you wouldnt know it though judging by todays performance)


    Happy scooting

    Scooter Señora

  • Woohoo!!

    Went to HART on Saturday for a day of training and then back again on Sunday for another full day before the MOST test at the last minute.....

    I passed!!! I really didnt think I would because the instructors and I realised that I have a bit of a lead hand (like my Mum has a lead foot when driving a car) and I just could not get the hang of riding around at less than 30kph... so the quick stops and the obstacle turns were a bit eeek worthy.

    But I did it! I didnt accumulate any points and passed with flying colours!!

    In true Veggie style here's what I subjected my L plate to when I got home today Wink


    Can you tell I'm a little excited?


    And here's my new keyring...... awesomeness!


    Happy Scootering!

    Scooter Señora

  • Not long now...

    This Saturday and Sunday I will be at the HART training centre in St Ives... not only do I get to ride my scoot around and around for 8 hours each day but on Sunday I am doing the MOST test for my P's!! Eeeek! I'll post an update when I get home on Sunday (unless I fail and I'm feeling sorry for myself...)

    Last night I went to the Survive the Ride Risk Management workshop at Action MC in the city... it was great! Very informative and it was really nice to meet other scooter enthusiasts for the first time. I got to meet Jax (who is a regular on Scooter Community) and was given some sound advice. I'd definately reccommend the workshops if any of you have not been yet.

    This morning was an interesting trip to work... I got held up all the way from Neutral Bay to North Sydney by some idiot putting his makeup on while driving!! Yes, it was a HE!

    I wasnt sure until I finally managed to get around him and saw through his window... strange. A very macho looking guy in his 40's carefully applying foundation over his 3 day growth... he was doing a steady 20kph in a 60k zone the whole way and was swerving all over the place! Maybe the trip home will be less frustrating.....

  • Easter Egg Ride 2009 for The Childrens Hospital at Westmead

    Its been a week or so since my last post - Sydneys wet weather hasnt helped my cause. Thankfully today was dry enough for a great ride from Blacktown Olympic Park to the Childrens Hospital at Westmead.

    If you see my previous post you'll see the ride is all about raising awareness for rider safety and raising money for the children's hospital at the same time.

    It was good fun riding out to Blacktown. Thats the furthest Ive been on the scoot since I started riding 6 weeks ago. I had a lot of trouble keeping up with traffic and the bike gets quite cranky at 80kph. A bit like me at the moment while Im trying to quit the smokes. It was grumbling, bitching and generally just didnt want to participate much.

    Anyway, got there safe after hubby and I collected a friend from Auburn on the way.

    A colleague of mine (who also sponsored me) turned up for the ride as well so I was pretty thrilled that I had brought this cause to the attention of my workplace and the Easter Egg Ride ended up with another participant.

    We had police escorts - even a helicopter! It was all very exciting for me as it was my very first group ride and it was such a thrill to be a part of! I really wish charity rides were done more frequently, I would take part in all of them! I really would reccommend to all of you to come along next year. It was a great day out.

    I raised $100 for the Childrens Hospital - its not a lot but it will go towards all the nice things that the kids will appreciate so much. I am looking forward to taking part again next year and also riding in the Pink Ribbon Ride of 2009.

    Here's some pics from this morning. Just from the mobile so the quality isnt that great Embarrassed

    my scoot

    Happy Scooting!

    Scooter Señora

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