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Benelli Pepe 50 shines

Benelli Pepe Shines

An instant hit on the Australian Scooter Scene.

Since its introduction last month the Benelli Pepe range has been receiving rave reviews from all that have come across its path. Scooter Dealers, Press and Public alike have all been impressed by the handsome Italian.

Helped by its large wheels and solid chassis dynamics the Benelli Pepe fights well above its weight with a punchy 50 cc 2 stroke engine and handling that inspires confidence on the road.

Available in two versions the Pepe "Old Style" and the Pepe LX its hard to believe that this scooter starts at just $2190 + ORC.

Cheeky and Classic in its style if your in the market for a 50 cc scooter then the Benelli Pepe is a must to see and test ride.

Recently Channel Nine's Getaway Program used the Benelli Pepe "Old Style" to showcase and promote its new show "The Strip" thats set on the Gold Coast. We have a short run from the episode below. <p><a href=""></a></p>



Pepe LX $2390 + orc




Pepe Old Style $2190 + orc


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