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  • Pre Learner Training for Victoria

    Hart develop a "Learner to Licence" course to bridge the gap and enhance new rider skills.

    Hart Australia

    To address a perceived gap in the Victorian training and licensing scheme, Honda Australia Rider Training (HART) have created a new "Learner to Licence" course to enhance the skills of inexperienced riders, and better prepare them for the first few months of riding on the road.

    The state of Victoria currently has no mandatory "on-road" component to obtain a motorcycle learner permit or licence, which can be a disadvantage to novice motorcycle riders, according to Mark Collins, HART National Manager.

    "We believe the lack of on-road training has left some novice riders in Victoria with very limited riding skills and inadequate hazard perception skills compared with motorcyclists from other states," said Mr Collins.

    "The current system is predominantly skill's based, and assumes that car driving experience will provide sufficient RoadCraft knowledge for new motorcycle and scooter riders."

    "HART's 20 years experience in Victoria has shown us that many new riders have very poor RoadCraft knowledge when it comes to anticipating and reacting to typical motorcycle crash scenarios in traffic."

    "With more and more commuters turning to motorcycles and scooters, we need to make sure new riders are given every opportunity to develop their skills; we believe this course will add value to the current Victorian licensing system," said Mr Collins.

    As part of the 'Learner to Licence' course, participants:

    learn and develop motorcycle specific Hazard Perception Skills on the HART riding simulators - the only ones of their kind in Australia.
    practice additional vital practical skills on the HART training range that go above and beyond the current learner curriculum and testing requirements.
    put their new knowledge and skills to use on the road under the supervision of a HART instructor. This instructed RoadCraft session is a great opportunity to practice and receive feedback on the rider's buffering, anticipation and reaction techniques covered in the earlier sessions.
    RoadSafe Northeast, Northwest, Westgate, Melbourne Eastern Ranges and Barwon have combined with HART to promote this rider safety initiative. As well as encouraging new riders to participate in the Learner to Licence program, RoadSafe are also targeting returning and existing riders to refresh their skills by undertaking training.

    RoadSafe are offering participants a free pair of Dririder summer riding gloves after completing the Learner to Licence, Refresher or Intermediate courses until the end of January.

    HART are also discounting theses courses by $25 during this time to encourage rider to participate.

    This is the ninth consecutive year that RoadSafe and HART have combined forces to improve rider safety in Victoria. Over this period thousands of riders have benefitted from this association through subsidised rider training courses, discounted safety gear, maintenance and road safety education.

    For more information about the HART Learner to Licence course visit:

  • ASF Endorses Scooter Strategy

    ASF endorses the recent City of Sydney Motorcycle and Scooter Strategy and Action Plan ASF A pioneering recent draft City of Sydney Motorcycle and Scooter Strategy and Action Plan has proposed a number of measures to address problems faced by riders in Sydney, such as motorcycle security, road safety, parking, and the use of ticket parking. It also proposes to advocate for fairer and more convenient tolls, emissions standards for motorcycles, inclusion of motorcycles in the Green Vehicle Guide, and legal changes to allow motorcycle couriers to use loading zones. Safety for riders was also considered as paramount.

    In developing the draft Motorcycle and Scooter Strategy and Action Plan, the City consulted with riders and motorcycle and scooter groups, surveyed more than a thousand riders, advertised in motorcycle and scooter publications and reviewed extensive rider correspondence to the City. The City also consulted residents within the Council boundaries. That Draft has now been accepted and enacted as the following Action Plan and The Lord Major of Sydney, Clover Moore said "The Motorcycle and Scooter Strategy supports our commitment to sustainable transport options and the shift away from large, polluting vehicles to smaller vehicles to complement walking, cycling and public transport." Some areas where Sydney CBD motorcycle and scooter riders will see an immediate benefit are: Parking and Tolls

    • An extensive revised parking list includes overhauling parking within the City of Sydney.

    • Highlighted in the report was a dramatic increase in free parking areas with the CBD. • A reduction in motorcycle and scooter parking prices ‘on the street” and within parking stations.

    • Advocating for fairer and more equitable tolling arrangements for riders; Road Safety

    • Included were road safety programs for riders and drivers

    • Further investigation into opportunities to improve rider and driver education. Security

    • The plan will look into trailing on-street devices and providing fastening points at Goulburn Street Car Park. Encouraging sustainability.

    • The inclusion in the Green Vehicle Guide

    • adoption of the national emissions standard for motorcycles and scooters

    The ASF applaud the City of Sydney for their initiative in developing this strategy and recognizing the enormous value of scooter riders to their city The ASF believes this plan is truly groundbreaking and will have Australia wide appeal.

    For more information on the City of Sydney Motorcycle and Scooter Strategy and Action Plan visit

    If you would like to speak to a spokesperson from the ASF or have general Scooter related queries, please contact: Libby Ross, Secretariat Australian Scooter Federation or 0402 452 452

  • Kymco Like 50/125

     Kymco to release its own version of retro, the "Like" in a 50 and 125 cc version.

    We have all seen the Fiddle II from SYM and now its time for the Kymco Like, breaking cover on its own interpretation of a classic retro.

    The Kymco Like will be available in both a 4 stroke 125 cc version as well as a 50 cc 2 stroke variation. Plans for Australia are still unknown but it would be difficult to think we would not see it here at some stage.

    The Kymco Like screams classic from the chrome mirrors to the squared off panels and featured headlamp on the handlebars. Disc brakes front and rear compliment the package.

    More information will be provided on this model as it comes to hand.

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  • Survive the Ride Sydney Workshops

    A FREE evening of information, discussion and displays on all things scooter related.

    Survive the Ride Association of NSW

    A series of free workshops have been organised for those wanting to gain a higher level of understanding on all things scootering.

    The nights are aimed at providing information for both new and and potential scooter riders along with those just wanting a refresher course. 

    Topics covered will include;

    • Risk Reduction Techniques
    • Basic Scooter Maintenance
    • Protective Gear Showcase

    Plus all your questions will be answered on Sydney Parking, Tolls or anything else you might have on your mind at the time.

    See a range of Jackets, Gloves, Pants and Boots from leading manufacturers including ixon, Zues, Falco, Spidi, Nolan, Rivet, Draggin Jeans and Hornee Jeans plus many more.

    The 1st workshop will be held on the 1st of December at Scootering, 310 Military Rd Cremorne (next door to McDonalds) with subsequent workshops being held early in the new year in other locations across Sydney.

    Registration for the evening is required and you you can do so by using two methods 

    • SMS your name to 0414 190 218
    Information on these nights will be presented by David Tynan of the Survive the Ride Assoc of NSW.

    For more information go to

  • New colours for Honda Today 50

    Honda Australia

    The Honda Today50, one of Australia’s most popular scooters, has been relieving Australians of fuel guzzling traffic jams for years, and now comes in four funky new colours. Available from Dealers nationally, the latest release Today50 is available in Pearl Gemini Blue, Silver Metallic, Candy Lucid Red and Orion Yellow. Known for its quality, reliability and style, Honda’s best seller is ideal for zipping around town or the local suburb, taking the stress and cost out of parking and unbearable city traffic.

    The under seat helmet space is a handy 22 litres, large enough to accommodate a standard full-face helmet, whilst the anti-theft system features a main key that controls the ignition switch, seat opener and handle lock all from a single location. The intelligently designed, air-cooled 4-stroke engine not only saves you at the fuel bowser, it’s environmentally friendly as well. The 50cc engine is tuned for ultra-low emissions and the right amount of low to mid-range zip - just right for the frequent starts and acceleration of city driving. The latest release Honda Today 50 is available for only $1,490 plus on road costs making it an ideal option for those on a tighter budget.

    For bike specifications visit: Dealer Locator Ph: 1 300 1 HONDA



  • Gilera show off Corsa Version of GP 850 at Eicma 2008

    Gilera at the Eicma Show in Milan put it best sporting foot forward by introducing the GP 850 Corsa concept.

    Sharing a few components from sister sportsbike manufacturers like Aprilia the GP 850 celebrates Gilera's 100 years of racing history.

    And it sure does do it in style with front upside down forks and radial caliper brake whilst finishing it off at the rear is an ohlins race ready shock.

    Colour wise Gilera have stuck with the "100 Year" theme with a splashing of carbon fibre and gold painted wheels. A Ram-Air style nose cone and twin up-swept straight though pipes scream track use only. 

    Up the front end in the cockpit we have a digital race dash and a "Push Button Start" feature.

    All to attract attention and interest in a "Race It" culture country such as Italy, Gilera's interpretation of a track scooter has to be on the money. 


    Photos by 

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  • Piaggio MP3 250/400 LT

    Relevant only to the European market, Piaggio develops a "Car Licence Only" version of the MP3.

    Piaggio Press


    Piaggio is expanding its MP3 range to help customers seeking an innovative, agile and safe solution to their urban mobility needs. The Piaggio MP3 LT is the first “over 125” scooter that you can ride on a normal car licence. Our traffic-clogged towns and cities mean that it is taking longer and longer to get around. And then there’s the problem of parking. And restrictions on circulation imposed by the latest environmental policies and – last but certainly not least – the soaring price of petrol forcing up the costs of private transport.

    Well aware of these problems and always ready to take the lead in offering innovative mobility solutions, Piaggio is proud to present the MP3 LT. The MP3 LT is the only scooter in the 250 and 400 cc class that you can ride on a car licence. Derived from the revolutionary Piaggio MP3 range, the new MP3 LT maintains all the MP3’s advanced solutions, as well as the safe, fun riding characteristics that have made the three-wheel scooter such a tremendous success. With its two front wheels, the Piaggio MP3 has set new standards for dynamic stability, and delivers a revolutionary new riding experience. A front end with two independent tilting wheels gives cornering stability beyond that of any other scooter. At speed, even when riding behind large vehicles, the Piaggio MP3 LT stays stuck to the road and can always deliver maximum performance in total safety. The benefits of the three wheel revolution really make themselves felt on wet roads and in other riding conditions that are critical for conventional two-wheelers.

    The Piaggio MP3 LT rides like a perfectly normal scooter: all it needs is the skill and experience necessary to ride a powerful machine. In town and city centres it offers unrivalled safety and can negotiate cobblestones, rough roads, tramlines and manhole covers with previously unachievable, sure-footed stability. The dimensions of a compact maxi scooter combined with amazing agility make the Piaggio MP3 LT completely at home in the city centre where it is also safe and easy to park thanks to an electro-hydraulic system that locks the front suspension and allows it to stand upright even without the aid of its stand.

    The revolutionary Piaggio MP3 LT can stop in distances so incredibly short that no other scooter can hope to compete. Thanks to a triple disc braking system and the exceptional grip afforded by the two front wheels, stopping distances are 20% shorter than those of the best conventional scooters using the front brake alone! When the road leaves the town behind, the Piaggio MP3 LT really shows what it is made of. Road holding, cornering safety and lean angle unattainable for conventional scooters guarantee immense riding satisfaction on fast country roads. The new Piaggio MP3 LT is the ideal solution for all those who know the scooter to be a great solution to their urban mobility needs, but who have never made the change because they do not hold a motorcycle licence.

    At long last, the vast number of people in this situation have a solution. Thanks to its larger front track of 465 mm, the Piaggio MP3 LT can be ridden by holders of a normal car licence even though it is equipped with powerful 250 and 400 cc engines offering far greater performance than the 125 cc engines to which car licence holders were previously restricted. In keeping with its new homologation class, the innovative Piaggio MP3 LT is fitted with a brake pedal and a combined braking system. It nevertheless also maintains the conventional front and rear handlebar brake levers for a level of active safety unrivalled in the scooter world.

    Even riding comfort has been improved: - The rear section of the seat has been redesigned for maximum passenger comfort. - The new passenger grab handle incorporates a backrest. - The windscreen is larger and provides excellent weather protection. - Even the 250 version has a 14” rear wheel (previously 12” on the MP3) for improved control and grip.

    The Piaggio MP3 LT is available in two engine sizes: 250 and 400 cc. Both engines are ultra-modern, powerful but ecological 4 stroke units with four valve heads and liquid cooling, and conform to the most stringent European emission standards. The 250 cc engine features electronic fuel injection and delivers 22.5 bhp/16.5 kW of power, enabling the Piaggio MP3 LT to tackle long journeys with ease. The Master 400 engine is a 4-valve, 4-stroke unit with liquid cooling and electronic fuel injection. This engine is the top of the MP3 range with a power output of 34 bhp at 7,600 rpm and 37.6 Nm of torque at 5,500 rpm.


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  • Questionable Fuel Saving Device - Mtech Fuel Saver

    Issue Date:  -  Thursday, 9 October 2008

    Consumer Protection is issuing public information about the Moletech Mtech Fuel Saver, which claimed motorists could reduce petrol consumption by between 10% and 45%, dependant on a variety of factors, including the vehicle and conditions.

    An undertaking has been signed between the Commissioner for Consumer Protection and the two companies behind the Mtech Fuel Saver – Air Automotive Holdings Pty Ltd and Air Automotive Australia Pty Ltd – to remove the product from sale in Western Australia, both by retailers and online.

    Consumer Protection Commissioner Anne Driscoll said it was not surprising to see products like this coming onto the market at a time when petrol prices had been at record highs.

    “After being alerted to this product, the Department engaged a leading Perth developer of engine and related technologies to test the reduced fuel consumption and emissions claims made about the Mtech Fuel Saver device, in accordance with Australian Standards,” Ms Driscoll said.

    The device was fitted to two petrol fuelled vehicles – a Toyota Corolla and a Holden Commodore.  The results reported no statistically significant difference in the fuel consumption from either vehicle measured.

    “Based on the test results, the bottom line is that the device when fitted to petrol fuelled vehicles does not appear to work,” Ms Driscoll said.

    “Many motorists are feeling the pain of high fuel prices but we expect product marketing and advertising about savings and emissions to be accurate, Commissioner Driscoll said.

    Consumer Protection advises that people who have bought the Mtech Fuel Saver can go to the place of purchase and get a full refund for both the cost and installation of the device.

    Consumers can contact Consumer Protection if they have difficulty obtaining refunds.

    If anyone has concerns about schemes or devices that promise significant reductions in fuel consumption, they should contact Consumer Protection on telephone 1300 30 40 54 or email . All contacts are confidential.

     See More HERE

  • Aprilia Sportcity One 125 <p><a href=""></a></p>

  • Motorcyclists hit Melbourne showcase in their thousands

    The eighth Australian Motorcycle Expo Melbourne saw 24,317 enthusiasts from across the state visit the event for their fix of horsepower from Thursday October 30-Sunday November 2.

    Widely regarded as the most comprehensive and visually-exciting event yet, the open plan layout of major motorcycle manufacturers, surrounded by various industry representatives, was embraced by visitors and exhibitors alike.
    Weathering the storm of the current economic climate and the challenges of running alongside Spring Carnival festivities, International Rules football, World Cup Rugby and the Bledisloe Cup final, the event proved exceptionally successful for attending manufacturers and exhibitors.
    Decreasing by just 3.5% in 2008, visitor numbers bucked the trend of other major shows and exhibitions within Australia throughout the year, a sign of the industry’s continued growth.
    In fact the majority of the 115 exhibitors reported a greater response and higher sales than the 2007 Australian Motorcycle Expo Melbourne, signifying a shift towards two wheels and the benefits that come with it.
    Mark Petersen of Exhibitions and Trade Fairs said the event had exceeded expectations in a period where consumers had tightened the purse strings on leisure activities.
    “We’re pleased with the response from the public and industry to the Australian Motorcycle Expo Melbourne, the show had a range of fantastic features and showcased the practicality and enjoyment that riding offers to all ages,” said Petersen.

    “The industry can really stand tall and congratulate itself on a spectacular event.
    “The economic trend suggested we would see fewer visitors through the doors, but a drop of just 3.5% is very encouraging considering other major events have experienced significantly larger reductions.
    “The motorcycling lifestyle is a diverse one, there are options for riders of all ages and budgets and we set out to ensure that every enthusiast would be catered for with a range of exhibitors plus various attractions and guest appearances.”
    “An electronic survey conducted on-site saw 70% of the 1000 respondents indicate they were looking to purchase a new motorcycle within the next 12 months, which shows how valuable the Australian Motorcycle Expo is in providing a one-stop showcase for every major manufacturer.”
    The event opened to visitors last Thursday, with World Supercross champion Chad Reed hosting a special preview for media and returning for an insightful Q&A session on the QBE Stage followed by an autograph signing for hundreds of fans.
    A number of new models broke cover to media and visitors throughout the course of the event, along with a range of exciting products and services from a range of exhibitors.
    Dillan Robb from Warnambool took out the first round of the East Coast Custom Australian Custom Bike Championships presented by Heavy Duty and QBE Insurance, securing a spot in the finals early next year.
    Brenden ‘BJ’ Kelly from Sydney stole the show in the Victorian leg of the National Pogo Championships presented by Motostik and Dirt Action.
    Petersen said the momentum would now shift north to Sydney for the second showcase event.
    “We’re now preparing to head to Sydney from November 21-23 for the Sydney Motorcycle Show, which is shaping up to be another fantastic event.
    “Through its planning strategies, the city is embracing the use of motorcycles to ease the burden of the day-to-day commute and the lessen environmental impact associated with cars.”
    “Along with a range of exciting exhibitors, we’re also going to be welcoming back stunt rider Matt Mingay and introducing Lukey Luke to NSW crowds, as well as the ever-popular Showtime FMX riders, trials display and Mini Moto Playground with the first portable motorbike quarter pipe.”
    “The Olympic Park venue also allows us to conduct a range of test rides, with enthusiasts able to try out the latest from Suzuki and Harley-Davidson, as well as taking the revolutionary Can-Am Spyder Roadster for a spin.”
    Visit for further event information, including opening hours and ticket prices.

  • Central Coast Scooter Show Sunday 9th Nov 2009

    The 1st Central Coast Motor Scooter Show comes to Gosford on the Central Coast, Sunday November the 9th.

    CC Motor Scooter Club

     The Central Coast Motor Scooter Show will be your chance to view 30 or more of the latest makes and models from the leading scooter manfacturers.

    There will be sports scooters, Touring Scooters even the new three wheeled scooters.

    Members of the Central Coast Scooter Club will also be on hand to give you unbiased information and knowledge on all types of scooters.

    A memebr of Wheel Skills will also be on hand to give you tips about how to get your licence.

  • Melbourne 2008 Motorcycle Expo - Live

    The 2008 Melbourne Motorcycle Expo will again get all the scooter enthusiasts salivating at another vast array of models and brands.


    This year’s show features most of the big brands represented in Australia and they have a lot to show off as they fight it out for your business at this red carpet event.  You will find Honda, Piaggio, Vespa, Gillera, Hyosung, Suzuki, Yamaha, Aprilia, Derbi, and electric maestro, the Vectrix.


    Along with the great range of scooters on display, there are also some great accessories and useful products that will make your scootering life even more comfortable and convenient.  The long-awaited helmets by Momo are also there for the viewing.


    Let me take you on a virtual tour of the event:


    Honda is in the first stand (front, left) that you will find as you enter the exhibition hall.  They have their whole range on display from the Today 50 through to the Silverwing maxi.  The highlight of the stand would have to be the new SH300i that has just been introduced to the Australian market.  Our European cousins have been enjoying this scooter for a while and now we are lucky to have the chance to enjoy it too.  The [around] 300cc market is heating up rapidly and this would have to be one of the front runners in the category.


    Next stop was the combined Piaggio/Vespa/Gillera stands.  Noticeable highlights include a stripped-down MP3 showing how the skeleton and technology work on this technologically advanced scooter.  A custom, FOX branded paint scheme really pimped up the looks of a standard white Vespa.  How could one pass up a close look of the newly released Vespa GTS 300 Super with its traditional full analogue dash, minimalist look and piped trim seating?  You’ll see what all the fuss is about.


    Suzuki and Yamaha have their current scooter catalogue on display giving you the opportunity to check out scooters that some retailers might not carry in stock.  We were hoping that Yamaha might have been launching the new BWS at the show, but it was not to bee.


    Moving along to the Aprilia stand, I was presented with their entire range of scooters (albeit not every model, as some share the same chassis).  My favourite and what I think will be a front runner in the hotly contested 125cc market, is the Sportcity One.  The quality, fit and finish are just top notch, having that same feeling that you get with the Sportcity 125 and 250.  The other addition to the Aprilia line-up is the revised Mojito sporting the Californian blue colour scheme, has more bling than today’s rap artist and is finished off with a snake/crocodile themed seat covering.  If you like classic and fat retro’s, this would have to be your new ride.


    Continuing on in a clockwise direction is the Derbi stand.  Derbi has elevated itself to the top spot of sports scooters in Australia.  Yes there are bigger cc and faster scooters, but it isn’t all about straight line speed.  The Derbi holds its own against these bigger scooters and even a lot of sports bikes through the twisty stuff, which means you can have your scooter and the carrying capacity as well as real performance to boot.  Derbi have the Rumbla, GP1 250 and the limited edition GP1 50 Racing on display.  The GP1 50 Racing blows all the conventional scooter design rules out of the water, with its chain drive to rear wheel and sports bike inspired rear swing arm, it sure is a scooter for the 50cc enthusiasts.  Derbi has a special on for the show - if you put down a $1000 deposit on your new Derbi at the Melbourne show, you’ll receive $1000 off the recommended retail price of that model.  It’s too good to believe, so if you are in the market or have been considering picking up a new Derbi, then this is the time to buy.  The special will only last while the show is on in Melbourne and is only available on the stand at the show.


    Opposite the Derbi stand, you’ll find the Momo stand with their new range of helmets that are due for release on the Australian market.  There are quite a few in the scooter community that have deposits on these helmets but are actually yet to see one in the flesh.  This is your chance to be one of the lucky few to see them before they appear in stores across the country.


    Rounding out the show is the ever impressive Vectrix.  This scooter is light years beyond any other scooter on the market as it is a highway capable electric scooter.  It is one scooter that a lot of councils across the country are choosing to purchase for their law enforcement officers due to their low environmental impact and low maintenance requirements.  If you choose green energy, it can be 100% carbon neutral in the re-fuelling stakes.  I believe this will be the future of scooting.  You can have a preview or buy and own one to be part of a new scooting revolution.


    The show truly is a brilliant work of art with manufacturers laying out the canvases of their new pieces of work.  The Melbourne Motorcycle Expo never disappoints.







    New Yamaha TMax stands out in Yellow



    Stripped down MP3 from Piaggio on Display



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    published 31/10/2008