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ASF Endorses Scooter Strategy

ASF endorses the recent City of Sydney Motorcycle and Scooter Strategy and Action Plan ASF A pioneering recent draft City of Sydney Motorcycle and Scooter Strategy and Action Plan has proposed a number of measures to address problems faced by riders in Sydney, such as motorcycle security, road safety, parking, and the use of ticket parking. It also proposes to advocate for fairer and more convenient tolls, emissions standards for motorcycles, inclusion of motorcycles in the Green Vehicle Guide, and legal changes to allow motorcycle couriers to use loading zones. Safety for riders was also considered as paramount.

In developing the draft Motorcycle and Scooter Strategy and Action Plan, the City consulted with riders and motorcycle and scooter groups, surveyed more than a thousand riders, advertised in motorcycle and scooter publications and reviewed extensive rider correspondence to the City. The City also consulted residents within the Council boundaries. That Draft has now been accepted and enacted as the following Action Plan and The Lord Major of Sydney, Clover Moore said "The Motorcycle and Scooter Strategy supports our commitment to sustainable transport options and the shift away from large, polluting vehicles to smaller vehicles to complement walking, cycling and public transport." Some areas where Sydney CBD motorcycle and scooter riders will see an immediate benefit are: Parking and Tolls

• An extensive revised parking list includes overhauling parking within the City of Sydney.

• Highlighted in the report was a dramatic increase in free parking areas with the CBD. • A reduction in motorcycle and scooter parking prices ‘on the street” and within parking stations.

• Advocating for fairer and more equitable tolling arrangements for riders; Road Safety

• Included were road safety programs for riders and drivers

• Further investigation into opportunities to improve rider and driver education. Security

• The plan will look into trailing on-street devices and providing fastening points at Goulburn Street Car Park. Encouraging sustainability.

• The inclusion in the Green Vehicle Guide

• adoption of the national emissions standard for motorcycles and scooters

The ASF applaud the City of Sydney for their initiative in developing this strategy and recognizing the enormous value of scooter riders to their city The ASF believes this plan is truly groundbreaking and will have Australia wide appeal.

For more information on the City of Sydney Motorcycle and Scooter Strategy and Action Plan visit

If you would like to speak to a spokesperson from the ASF or have general Scooter related queries, please contact: Libby Ross, Secretariat Australian Scooter Federation or 0402 452 452


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