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Pre Learner Training for Victoria

Hart develop a "Learner to Licence" course to bridge the gap and enhance new rider skills.

Hart Australia

To address a perceived gap in the Victorian training and licensing scheme, Honda Australia Rider Training (HART) have created a new "Learner to Licence" course to enhance the skills of inexperienced riders, and better prepare them for the first few months of riding on the road.

The state of Victoria currently has no mandatory "on-road" component to obtain a motorcycle learner permit or licence, which can be a disadvantage to novice motorcycle riders, according to Mark Collins, HART National Manager.

"We believe the lack of on-road training has left some novice riders in Victoria with very limited riding skills and inadequate hazard perception skills compared with motorcyclists from other states," said Mr Collins.

"The current system is predominantly skill's based, and assumes that car driving experience will provide sufficient RoadCraft knowledge for new motorcycle and scooter riders."

"HART's 20 years experience in Victoria has shown us that many new riders have very poor RoadCraft knowledge when it comes to anticipating and reacting to typical motorcycle crash scenarios in traffic."

"With more and more commuters turning to motorcycles and scooters, we need to make sure new riders are given every opportunity to develop their skills; we believe this course will add value to the current Victorian licensing system," said Mr Collins.

As part of the 'Learner to Licence' course, participants:

learn and develop motorcycle specific Hazard Perception Skills on the HART riding simulators - the only ones of their kind in Australia.
practice additional vital practical skills on the HART training range that go above and beyond the current learner curriculum and testing requirements.
put their new knowledge and skills to use on the road under the supervision of a HART instructor. This instructed RoadCraft session is a great opportunity to practice and receive feedback on the rider's buffering, anticipation and reaction techniques covered in the earlier sessions.
RoadSafe Northeast, Northwest, Westgate, Melbourne Eastern Ranges and Barwon have combined with HART to promote this rider safety initiative. As well as encouraging new riders to participate in the Learner to Licence program, RoadSafe are also targeting returning and existing riders to refresh their skills by undertaking training.

RoadSafe are offering participants a free pair of Dririder summer riding gloves after completing the Learner to Licence, Refresher or Intermediate courses until the end of January.

HART are also discounting theses courses by $25 during this time to encourage rider to participate.

This is the ninth consecutive year that RoadSafe and HART have combined forces to improve rider safety in Victoria. Over this period thousands of riders have benefitted from this association through subsidised rider training courses, discounted safety gear, maintenance and road safety education.

For more information about the HART Learner to Licence course visit:


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