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Honda SH 150i

Motor Journalist Pits Honda Scooter Against V8.

Honda Australia

Motor journalist David Dowsey recently exchanged his V8 car for a Honda SH150i scooter for a one month commuting trial around the streets of Melbourne, and found it difficult to switch back.

As the editor of 'Australian Automotive Workshop' magazine, published by the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC), David is passionate about cars.

"I'm a big fan of V8 performance cars and never gave scooters much thought," said Mr Dowsey.

That was until he got his learner permit from Honda Australia Rider Training (HART), and found himself considering two wheels over four.

"What amazed me about the HART experience was how confidently and quickly my group of fellow learners were up and riding. Almost none of us had any two-wheel experience and yet we were changing gears, indicating and emergency-stopping within no time."

"The instructors were first class. I wanted people who were encouraging, but honest with me; the crew gave me what I was expecting and more."

"The open road is an intimidating place for a beginning rider to develop their skills, so I really appreciated the safe and non-threatening environment of HART."

After a month of commuting on the Honda SH150i, David was a convert.

"I live in the city so driving a big car through peak hour traffic just doesn't make sense. Riding a scooter to work cut my commute in half. And need I mention the money I saved on petrol!"

"After the HART rider training and spending some time on a scooter I'm going to find it hard to justify my former ways."

"Not only would I now recommend scooters to my friends, I am going to put my money where my mouth is and am going to go and buy one for myself."

David Dowsey is editor of VACC's Australian Automotive Workshop and is a regular contributor to Unique Cars and Australian Classic Car magazines.

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