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How low can you go? Hold tight! It's Bryan Adams' extreme scooter ride

How low can you go? Hold tight! It's Bryan Adams' extreme scooter ride

We're more used to seeing our rock stars being ferried about town in blacked out limousines so it comes as quite a surprise when we discover an A-lister hiding under a helmet.

Earlier in the week it was Brad Pitt we spotted leathered up and roaring around New Orleans on his new motorbike.

This week though, it was the turn of Canadian rock legend Bryan Adams to turn to two wheels.

His choice of transport - a 125cc Piaggio Fly - was slightly less hell-raising than Pitt's custom-built Swift machine - but just as nippy about town.

The hit singer hopped onto his trusty £1,860 Piaggio scooter to speed around the streets of London this week.

Born to ride: Out this week in London, Bryan Adams takes a corner at an extreme angle on his Piaggo Fly scooter

And while it might not have the bhp of Brad's machine, any scooter devotee will tell you that a scooter will take you across town in a fraction of the time of a burly bike.

Judging by the knee-grazing angle he took the corner, Adams is an experienced rider, despite that fact that he has a colourful scooting history.

Back in 2002 the crooner was papped whizzing about town on his Piaggio with Gwyneth Paltrow sitting on the back, clinging on for dear life.

Bryan Adams ferries Gwyenth Paltrow around on his Piaggio Zip, and right, illegally parks his scooter on the pavement outside a London restaurant

Naughty! Bryan Adams' scooter parked on the pavement in Mayfair last year

Then, in 2007, photographers nabbed Adams illegally parking his Piaggio Zip on the pavement outside Cipriani restaurant in Mayfair, London.

This time round though, despite the extreme lean, Bryan appeared to be sticking to the rules of the road.

Adams is not the first multi-millionaire star to swop the comfort of a car for a more robust ride.

Other scooter fans include the Gallagher brothers, Chris Evans, and, most shockingly of all, Jeremy Clarkson, who despite having called scooter riders all the names under the sun, recently managed to cram his pudgy head into a helmet and beat traffic on a Vespa GTV.

Two wheels bad! Scooter-hater Jeremy Clarkson dons his helmet - and eats his hat - to take to beat traffic on a scooter


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