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NSW RTA Parking Law change 1st of December 2008

Changes to parking laws effective 1 December 2008

From 1 December 2008 all ‘No Standing’ zones will become ‘No Stopping’ zones

NSW parking laws are changing from 1 December 2008. To bring our system into line with the Australian Road Rules, all ‘No Standing’ zones are being removed. ‘No Standing’ zones will become ‘No Stopping’ zones.

This means that even in instances where the sign has not yet been changed, the rules for ‘No Stopping’ apply and a $189 fine will be incurred for any violation. If, however, you stop in a 'No Stopping' zone that is in an operating school zone the fine is $243 and 2 demerit points.

‘No Parking’ and ‘Loading Zone’ rules remain unchanged.

'No Stopping' = You may not stop your vehicle for any reason.

'No Parking' = You may not stop for longer than 2 minutes and only to drop off or pick up passengers or goods (i.e. you must remain within 3 metres of your vehicle).



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