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  • Honda Offering Ride Away Deals - Forza $7990 RA

    Honda is offering hard to beat, all inclusive deals aimed at giving customers a break on their next set of wheels.

    "All You Pay, Ride Away" prices are available now while stocks last on Honda's VT750C2 cruiser, space aged DN-01, muscular CB1300S and super economical NSS250 Forza scooter.

    Ride Away prices include all on road costs such as GST and Dealer Delivery, and offer substantial savings off the recommended retail price.

    The VT750C2 "Shadow Spirit" is available for only $11,990; DN-01 for $15,990; Forza for $7,990 and CB1300S for $13,990.

    The Shadow Spirit's low centre of gravity, raised handlebars and comfortably positioned controls provide light, responsive operation for smooth and easy handling, whist the fuel-injected, liquid-cooled V-twin engine churns out a stirring surge of power.

    For those looking for something truly different, the DN-01 offers radical styling that grabs attention from every angle. With its astounding concept bike looks, long-and-low proportions, high-styled 17" wheels and powerful V-twin engine, the DN-01 also sports the most advanced fully automatic transmission ever developed for any two-wheeled vehicle.

    With pure, naked muscle, and a stunning DOHC inline-4 power plant, the monstrous CB1300 is truly deserving of its moniker: 'King of the CBs'. The CB's traditional form and beautifully formed aluminium and chrome pay homage to classic motorcycles whilst offering the latest in performance and handling.

    The Forza is quietly powered by a liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 250cc single-cylinder engine, and offers the lowest emissions in its small size scooter class. Carrying capacity is also top-drawer, with comfortably contoured dual stepped seats concealing a carry space that can hold two full-faced helmets and much more.

    View "Dealers Rideaway Deals" poster PDF.

    Ride Away priced models are available now from participating Dealers.

    Dealer Locator: Ph: 1 300 1 HONDA

    For further information:


  • Tokyo Motorcycle Show Kymco

    Snapshot of Kymco models on display at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show over the weekend.

    Allen Drysdale / Photos by Ken

    We at can bring you the latest from the Tokyo Motorcycle show thanks to our friends in Japan. Held over the past weekend Kymco highlighted three brand new models.

    Firstly the Kymco "Many" which looks to be mainly aimed at the budget classic market and available in the pictured fuel injected 100cc format.  The Many 100 Fi as pictured has a cute round vespa style headlight, squared sides and a piped seat. Very traditional indeed and I am sure we will also see this model in a 50cc 4 stroke as well. Kymco has recently released two other classic models being the smaller "Sento" as well as the larger more premium "Like". 

    Next the Downtown which is highlighted through its strong angular lines around the headlight area. The Downtown from Kymco demonstrates its ability to keep competitive in the commuter market with the 300 Fuel Injected version shown here. The Downtown is pitched at being a premium commuter which in Europe sees this style of scooter being extremely important to all brands. The Kymco Downtown is available in both a 125 and 300, both being fuel injected.

    And last of all the plug-in Sunboy, a scooter which will appeal to not only the environmentally conscious but also to those who want a short run commuter that's extremely economical to run. A great number of cities around the globe are now looking at the adaption of mobile charging units which can see your scooter being fueled up when required.



    The Kymco Many Fi


    The Cute Sunboy Electric


    Super Commuter The "Downtown"

  • Sym shows off new RV range at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show

    Sym shows off new RV range at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show

    Allen Drysdale / Photos by Ken

    SYM Scooters used the Tokyo Motorcycle Show to showcase the newest range of commuters that are coming to market. The SYM RV 125, 200 and 250i.

    The RV range as it's known will compete in the commuter segment that is is critical to a manufacturer being successful especially in markets such as Europe. Large screens, comfortable seats with loads of storage underneath and good ergonomics, that's what ticks the boxes in making a commuter scooter successful.

    The RV range has this in spades and should be quite successful in the campaign to offer a broad range of capacities along with a variance in size to match. The RV 125 and 200 are both fuel injected and are a brand new scooter to market replacing the Joyride or as we know it here in Australia the Le Grande.

    Then on to the RV 250i which we know as the Firenze or again overseas it's known as the Joymax. This scooter has had a front end restyle along with the added advantage of fuel injection as well. 

    Below are some detailed pictures of the RV range as on display.


    RV 200i

    RV 200i

    RV 125i


  • New Kymco Website

    Kymco launches a new Australia / New Zealand website.

    Kymco Australia has launched a new befitting website showcasing a host of new models and ranges.

    Kymco by no means the new kid on the block, has mainly been distributing its scooter product under the banner of Bug Scooters throughout Australia and New Zealand. Popular scooters like the Bug Agility, Bug Vibe or even the larger Xciting 500 are all manufactured by Kymco with "Bug" just being the marketing brand name.

    Known for its reliability and durability around the world, the Kymco brand looks set to increase its market share through a host of new models. Joining Kymco scooters will be a range of motorcycles and ATV's that clearly showcase the manufacturing talent of one of the worlds leading two wheeled brands.

    Why not take a look around the new site and get acquainted with Kymco. So when your thinking Bug Scooters from now on in Australia and New Zealand think Kymco.

    Get to know Kymco at

    Here is what Kymco had to say in a recent press release ..........

    The Kymco name may not be well known in Australia - even though it is the 4th largest scooter supplier here. Internationally however, Kymco produces over 400,000 units per annum to meet world-wide demand and Kymco Scooters are extremely popular throughout Europe and North America.

    By now you should be asking yourself, "How could a company of such magnitude and success not be a household name here?"

    The answer lies in the little known fact that Kymco's Australian success has 'flown under the radar'. It has been largely hidden under the very successful 'Bug' brand over the last 9 years – now expansion is about to get in to overdrive.

    A new and energetic Australasian distributor, 'Kymco Australia' is about to launch the brand transition from Bug to Kymco, while supporting - and expanding - on their already established scooter models; and at the same time widening their market penetration by introducing a range of quality ATVs and Motorcycles.

    Newly appointed parent company (Standard Motor Australia L/ P) C.E.O., Stuart McLean sees a very exciting future and states, "our research shows over 95% of the Australian market for ATVs is 'utility' driven. Therefore, the purchase decision revolves around durability and fit for purpose. Where Kymco has a resounding edge is that it will perform equally well - if not better - in all utility situations, at unparalleled value".

    The Kymco philosophy, “the Better way to go” requires constant and intensive R&D to live up to the needs of their customers. With no effort spared to reach new heights in developing and manufacturing innovative products, Kymco's 'forward thinking' focus is never-ending and their R&D is seen as the company's life blood. They confirm their commitment by dedicating over 700 Engineers/ designers of their workforce to this 'stand-alone' department.

    The energetic team at Kymco Australia has much to achieve. Developing a wider and stronger dealer network is one of their top priorities. Stuart adds; "Because we don't have an established ATV network, here's a unique opportunity to get in - it's a 'blank canvas' and we're looking for dealers who believe they can add value to this exclusive network. What we're looking for are savvy business operators across the rural communities and major cities, who appreciate the importance of professionalism and profitability. Customer service is paramount and 'Attitude Equals Altitude'. ATVs and Scooters offer a different channel to market - perhaps helping to 'drought proof' business in some ways".

    Kymco may not be a household name at present. When you see the innovative, expanded product range and the new distribution company in action, you can be sure it will be - very soon.

    Please direct Kymco dealer enquires to:
    Kymco Australasia (03) 9580 0788

    published 23/03/2009

  • New Piaggio Carnaby 300 / Liberty 50/125/150

    As the weather gets hotter so will the number of scooter releases in Europe. Here are just couple of cracking examples from Piaggio.

    Piaggio Press

    (Overseas Only Models) 

    Piaggio Carnaby Cruiser 300 i.e.

    The Carnaby, the elegant, sporty, functional and safe large wheel scooter from Piaggio, is now more powerful than ever. Piaggio proudly announces the arrival of the Carnaby Cruiser, equipped with a new 300 cc fuel injected engine, the most powerful in the Carnaby family. Restyled with a more ‘motorcycle’ look and packed with chrome finished details, the new Carnaby Cruiser 300 i.e. combines pace-setting performance, comparable to that of superior category scooters, with compact dimensions for superior agility and handling.


    With its unique styling and elegant details, the Carnaby Cruiser 300 i.e. combines the richness of genuine Cruiser equipment with the practicality of a flat platform design.
    The new Carnaby Cruiser is distinguished by its motorcycle-derived, chrome plated central headlight. Mounted on chrome handlebars with, the headlight dominates the front view of the scooter.
    The riding position is worthy of a prestige cruiser, with motorcycle-style switchgear, a dashboard with two round, chrome plated instruments, clearly visible function indicators, chrome plated rear view mirrors and flagship finish.
    The leg shield features a large and imposing grille, with richly finished details in a car-style front, and two practical storage compartments in the back.
    The sides are sleek and sporty, and incorporate fold-away passenger footrests. Towards the rear they blend into a streamlined tail dominated by a compact light cluster and painted luggage rack that also acts as a robust passenger grab handle.

    The seat is designed for maximum comfort, and affords riders of all statures a firm foothold on the ground thanks to intelligent ergonomics and a slender shape that offers plenty of rider leg room. On the Carnaby Cruiser, practicality goes hand in hand with great looks: quality materials and an accurate finish, like double stitched seams, ensure the durability of the seat and underline the model’s elegance and build quality.

    Generous Power
    The Carnaby Cruiser is equipped with the latest 300 cc fuel injected Quasar engine. The displacement of this liquid cooled, electronically fuel injected, four valve single cylinder unit has been expanded to 278 cc by increasing both bore (now 75 mm) and stroke (63 mm).
    Compared to the 250 version, the new 300 engine delivers higher maximum torque (23 Nm compared to 21) at an even lower engine speed (6,000 rpm instead of 6,750). Also maximum power is now available at lower revs (7,250 rpm instead of 8,000 rpm). On the road, these figures make themselves felt in terms of greater flexibility and superb acceleration from low speed. The Carnaby Cruiser 300 i.e. is therefore perfect for use around town, where it knows no rivals in terms of acceleration and agility, and perfect too for out of town touring, when it boasts the performance and autonomy of a genuine cruiser: more than 330 km on a full tank.

    A Chassis Conceived For Agility

    The high strength steel tube frame is damped at the front by a conventional fork with generous 35 mm stanchions, and at the rear by a pair of double acting shock absorbers and coil springs with 4 preload settings. Thanks to this robust structure, large diameter 16” wheels and generous tyres (110/70 at the front and 130/70 at the rear), the Carnaby Cruiser 300 i.e. offers top class riding comfort and road holding, with its limited weight, less than 165 kg dry weight, allowing better agility and handling to be maintained than most other scooters of similar engine size. Active safety is also enhanced by a powerful braking system with two 260 mm discs and two-piston floating calipers.


    You can choose from a vast range of accessories to personalise your Carnaby Cruiser 300 i.e., including:

    - Scooter cover
    - Electronic alarm
    - Top box
    - Medium height windscreen
    - Leg cover

    Colour Range

    Carnaby Cruiser 300 ie is available in 3 metallic colour finishes – Andromeda Light Blue, Cosmos Black and Orion Grey – and the exclusive Moon White, a pastel shade enhancing the black of the wheel rims and rear hand grip

  • More TGB News for 09

    TGB set to return in a big way in 09.

    Mojo Motorcycles

    TGB looks set to return in a blaze of glory as it reintroduces itself into the Australian Market. Plenty of changes are on the cards and here are just a  few sneak peaks of what's happening with the TGB Brand in 2009.


    New Logo - TGB have created a new logo to reinvigorate the brand.


    New Model Names and New RRP - TGB will bring the brand in line with it's overseas counterparts.

    Here is the 2009 Model Line Up.


    2009 TGB Model Line Up


     Hawk 50 (previously 303RS 50)
     Bullet 50 (previously R50X)
     Hawk 125 (previously 303RS 125)
     Bullet 125 (NEW 125)
     Hawk 150 (previously 303RS 150)
     Transcoot 50
     Transcoot 125
    X Motion 250 (NEW)

     New Model - TGB Bullet 125 which will retail around the $3500 mark.



    New Colours - Introducing new colours in the Hawk Range(303 Range)

    Current colour range now available, new colours due Mid Year.



  • TGB Launch new logo

    TGB as a brand has launched a new style logo. Watch TGB over the next year or two launch itself into new models and concepts 

    Watch out for new colour ranges coming through for current models and look out for the new Bullet 125 arriving mid year.  

    Recently in Australia we have seen TGB change hands with the new distributor/Importer being Mojo Motorcycles 



  • Firebrand Sydney Artarmon

    Firebrand Scooters is having a closing down ‘Firesale’.  All accessories are at cost or below.  Following are some brands and discount levels being offered:
    Spidi – 30% Off
    RJays – 40% Off
    Icon – 35% Off
    Nolan – 30% Off
    Aquasar – 40% Off
    Safety Vests – 50% Off
    Motodry – 40% Off
    Bikie Chic – 30% Off
    Everything must go by Saturday 28th, March.

    Many Thanks,
    Brendan Blaiklock
    Firebrand Motorcycles
    51 Whiting St
    Artarmon NSW 2064
    Ph: 02 9906 2905
    Fx: 02 9906 6385

  • Liquidation on unwanted Stoney Creek Stock

    Huge Fixed Price Motorbike Sale Sydney

    Don’t miss out - Huge Fixed Price Sale! 250 Scooters, Road bikes, Quad bikes and more!  Featuring Benelli, Peugeot, Thumpster, Sachs... all with Registration and Statutory Warranty.


    Listing coming soon.


  • TGB finds a new home in Australia



    TGB Announcement

    Mojo Motorcycles, the new official importer of TGB into Australia.

    Mojo Motorcycles

    Mojo Motorcycles and TGB today entered into a new distributorship relationship.

    Under the terms of the new relationship Mojo Motorcycles will be responsible for the Australian distribution, sales and marketing of TGB’s range of scooters.

    Representing a fun, sporty, stylish and practical range, the TGB brand has maintained a strong market position since its introduction to the Australian market in 1999.

    Mojo Motorcycles company director Michael Poynton is keen to build upon that growth, clearly excited for what lies ahead.

    “We are exceptionally excited to be working with TGB’s class-leading products” he said.

    “This new relationship offers an excellent opportunity to extend the position of TGB in the Australian marketplace with the full support of TGB in Taiwan” continued Poynton.

    A number of initiatives to help achieve this are already underway.

    “Our team is currently working on the introduction of a number of new models as well as a much more competitive pricing structure representing exceptional value for money” stated Poynton.

    Mojo Motorcycles are also taking a strong interest in reinvigorating the brands appearance with a clean redesigned logo and fresh website set to be unveiled shortly.

    Today’s announcement also represented positive news for existing TGB customers.

    “We stand by our products and the people who use them” stated Poynton.

    “No-one will be left out in the cold as a result of our new relationship with TGB and we will honor all warranties for products sold under the previous distributor” he confirmed.

    Further information on TGB products can be found by visiting or contacting Mojo Motorcycles on 03 8363 1600.

  • Did you notice the latest car sales results in Australia Feb 2009


    Official VFACTS data released by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) shows that 70,241 passenger cars, SUVs and commercial vehicles were sold in February 2009 - down 21.9 per cent (19,657 vehicles) compared to the same month in 2008.

    "This result is consistent with the trend of recent months and reflects the impact of broader economic conditions on the new vehicle market," FCAI Chief Executive Andrew McKellar said.

    The industry is urging potential car buyers to consider the significant opportunities that exist in the marketplace and to take advantage of recently announced measures to stimulate the economy.

    "The Federal Government has taken action to provide businesses with a considerable tax break when they invest in assets, including new vehicles," Mr McKellar said.

    Many businesses will be able to claim a deduction of up to 30 per cent of the cost of an eligible new vehicle purchased before 30 June 2009.

    "The tax break provides a significant boost to business and will help encourage investment and broader economic activity," he said.

    Toyota was Australia's best-selling brand in February with 14,274 vehicles (20.3 per cent market share) followed by Holden with 9,029 (12.9 per cent of the market) and Ford with 7,396 vehicle sales (10.5 per cent market share).

  • Sachs Za Germans are Back

    Mojo Motorcycles Pty Ltd. today announced a new distributor relationship with German motorcycle and scooter manufacturer Sachs Bikes.

    Under the terms of the relationship, the Melbourne based company will be responsible for the distribution, sales and marketing for the Sachs brand across Australia.

    Best known for its vibrant and stylish range of entry-level motorcycles and scooters, the Sachs brand has an exciting future in Australia, according to Mojo Motorcycles company director Michael Poynton.

    “This new relationship offers a tremendous opportunity for the Sachs brand in Australia” he stated.

    “We are already working to secure and extend the position of Sachs Bikes in the marketplace with a number of different projects already underway”. Poynton was also eager to extend a commitment to all existing Sachs Bikes customers.

    “We are keen to work with all existing dealers and retail customers to assist with any inquiries regarding the Sachs range and our role as the brands new distributor”.

    SFM Bikes, Sachs Bikes parent organization, also expressed their enthusiasm for the new relationship. “We are excited to begin a new distributor relationship in Australia with Mojo Motorcycles”.

    “We look forward to working with and supporting their team to further develop the strength of the Sachs brand in Australia” stated company representative Allen Zhao.Stock of all models and parts has been secured with most products, including the popular Madass 125cc bike, available for immediate delivery.

    In addition, it has been confirmed that the highly anticipated Amici 125cc scooter will be introduced into the Australian marketplace in early May.

    Detailed information regarding warranties for products sold under the previous distributor will be made available shortly via a separate press release.

    Further information on Sachs Bikes products can be found by visiting or contacting Mojo Motorcycles on 03 8363 1600.