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TGB finds a new home in Australia



TGB Announcement

Mojo Motorcycles, the new official importer of TGB into Australia.

Mojo Motorcycles

Mojo Motorcycles and TGB today entered into a new distributorship relationship.

Under the terms of the new relationship Mojo Motorcycles will be responsible for the Australian distribution, sales and marketing of TGB’s range of scooters.

Representing a fun, sporty, stylish and practical range, the TGB brand has maintained a strong market position since its introduction to the Australian market in 1999.

Mojo Motorcycles company director Michael Poynton is keen to build upon that growth, clearly excited for what lies ahead.

“We are exceptionally excited to be working with TGB’s class-leading products” he said.

“This new relationship offers an excellent opportunity to extend the position of TGB in the Australian marketplace with the full support of TGB in Taiwan” continued Poynton.

A number of initiatives to help achieve this are already underway.

“Our team is currently working on the introduction of a number of new models as well as a much more competitive pricing structure representing exceptional value for money” stated Poynton.

Mojo Motorcycles are also taking a strong interest in reinvigorating the brands appearance with a clean redesigned logo and fresh website set to be unveiled shortly.

Today’s announcement also represented positive news for existing TGB customers.

“We stand by our products and the people who use them” stated Poynton.

“No-one will be left out in the cold as a result of our new relationship with TGB and we will honor all warranties for products sold under the previous distributor” he confirmed.

Further information on TGB products can be found by visiting or contacting Mojo Motorcycles on 03 8363 1600.


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