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More TGB News for 09

TGB set to return in a big way in 09.

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TGB looks set to return in a blaze of glory as it reintroduces itself into the Australian Market. Plenty of changes are on the cards and here are just a  few sneak peaks of what's happening with the TGB Brand in 2009.


New Logo - TGB have created a new logo to reinvigorate the brand.


New Model Names and New RRP - TGB will bring the brand in line with it's overseas counterparts.

Here is the 2009 Model Line Up.


2009 TGB Model Line Up


 Hawk 50 (previously 303RS 50)
 Bullet 50 (previously R50X)
 Hawk 125 (previously 303RS 125)
 Bullet 125 (NEW 125)
 Hawk 150 (previously 303RS 150)
 Transcoot 50
 Transcoot 125
X Motion 250 (NEW)

 New Model - TGB Bullet 125 which will retail around the $3500 mark.



New Colours - Introducing new colours in the Hawk Range(303 Range)

Current colour range now available, new colours due Mid Year.



Published Mar 19 2009, 10:54 AM by allen
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K-star said:

Whoooo....Snazzy!!! I'll have a 2. Onea fora my left cheek and onea  fora the right. No seriously,

That bullet looks sweet a good adversary for the Super 8...

March 19, 2009 4:00 PM

silverflyer said:

finally the 125cc version of the r50x

March 20, 2009 9:49 AM