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New Kymco Website

Kymco launches a new Australia / New Zealand website.

Kymco Australia has launched a new befitting website showcasing a host of new models and ranges.

Kymco by no means the new kid on the block, has mainly been distributing its scooter product under the banner of Bug Scooters throughout Australia and New Zealand. Popular scooters like the Bug Agility, Bug Vibe or even the larger Xciting 500 are all manufactured by Kymco with "Bug" just being the marketing brand name.

Known for its reliability and durability around the world, the Kymco brand looks set to increase its market share through a host of new models. Joining Kymco scooters will be a range of motorcycles and ATV's that clearly showcase the manufacturing talent of one of the worlds leading two wheeled brands.

Why not take a look around the new site and get acquainted with Kymco. So when your thinking Bug Scooters from now on in Australia and New Zealand think Kymco.

Get to know Kymco at

Here is what Kymco had to say in a recent press release ..........

The Kymco name may not be well known in Australia - even though it is the 4th largest scooter supplier here. Internationally however, Kymco produces over 400,000 units per annum to meet world-wide demand and Kymco Scooters are extremely popular throughout Europe and North America.

By now you should be asking yourself, "How could a company of such magnitude and success not be a household name here?"

The answer lies in the little known fact that Kymco's Australian success has 'flown under the radar'. It has been largely hidden under the very successful 'Bug' brand over the last 9 years – now expansion is about to get in to overdrive.

A new and energetic Australasian distributor, 'Kymco Australia' is about to launch the brand transition from Bug to Kymco, while supporting - and expanding - on their already established scooter models; and at the same time widening their market penetration by introducing a range of quality ATVs and Motorcycles.

Newly appointed parent company (Standard Motor Australia L/ P) C.E.O., Stuart McLean sees a very exciting future and states, "our research shows over 95% of the Australian market for ATVs is 'utility' driven. Therefore, the purchase decision revolves around durability and fit for purpose. Where Kymco has a resounding edge is that it will perform equally well - if not better - in all utility situations, at unparalleled value".

The Kymco philosophy, “the Better way to go” requires constant and intensive R&D to live up to the needs of their customers. With no effort spared to reach new heights in developing and manufacturing innovative products, Kymco's 'forward thinking' focus is never-ending and their R&D is seen as the company's life blood. They confirm their commitment by dedicating over 700 Engineers/ designers of their workforce to this 'stand-alone' department.

The energetic team at Kymco Australia has much to achieve. Developing a wider and stronger dealer network is one of their top priorities. Stuart adds; "Because we don't have an established ATV network, here's a unique opportunity to get in - it's a 'blank canvas' and we're looking for dealers who believe they can add value to this exclusive network. What we're looking for are savvy business operators across the rural communities and major cities, who appreciate the importance of professionalism and profitability. Customer service is paramount and 'Attitude Equals Altitude'. ATVs and Scooters offer a different channel to market - perhaps helping to 'drought proof' business in some ways".

Kymco may not be a household name at present. When you see the innovative, expanded product range and the new distribution company in action, you can be sure it will be - very soon.

Please direct Kymco dealer enquires to:
Kymco Australasia (03) 9580 0788

published 23/03/2009

Published Mar 23 2009, 11:09 AM by allen
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glenn said:

4 year unlimited k warranty.. go kymco..

March 27, 2009 7:16 PM