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Tokyo Motorcycle Show Kymco

Snapshot of Kymco models on display at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show over the weekend.

Allen Drysdale / Photos by Ken

We at can bring you the latest from the Tokyo Motorcycle show thanks to our friends in Japan. Held over the past weekend Kymco highlighted three brand new models.

Firstly the Kymco "Many" which looks to be mainly aimed at the budget classic market and available in the pictured fuel injected 100cc format.  The Many 100 Fi as pictured has a cute round vespa style headlight, squared sides and a piped seat. Very traditional indeed and I am sure we will also see this model in a 50cc 4 stroke as well. Kymco has recently released two other classic models being the smaller "Sento" as well as the larger more premium "Like". 

Next the Downtown which is highlighted through its strong angular lines around the headlight area. The Downtown from Kymco demonstrates its ability to keep competitive in the commuter market with the 300 Fuel Injected version shown here. The Downtown is pitched at being a premium commuter which in Europe sees this style of scooter being extremely important to all brands. The Kymco Downtown is available in both a 125 and 300, both being fuel injected.

And last of all the plug-in Sunboy, a scooter which will appeal to not only the environmentally conscious but also to those who want a short run commuter that's extremely economical to run. A great number of cities around the globe are now looking at the adaption of mobile charging units which can see your scooter being fueled up when required.



The Kymco Many Fi


The Cute Sunboy Electric


Super Commuter The "Downtown"



glenn said:

downtown from kymco how many cc

April 6, 2009 6:01 PM

K-star said:

Keep reading... "with the 300 Fuel Injected version shown here."... and... "The Kymco Downtown is available in both a 125 and 300, both being fuel injected."

April 6, 2009 8:18 PM