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NSW Rider Licence Changes

Just the following press release at this stage, but changes are certainly on the way .................


New South Wales Premier Nathan Rees visited the Honda Australia Rider Training (HART) facility in St Ives recently to announce a new licensing scheme for motorcycle riders.

The scheme, to be introduced in June, is similar to a motor vehicle licence and is designed to give riders more time to gain confidence and experience on the road.

“We’ve extended the minimum provisional period for motorcycle riders from one to three years, with the same P1 and P2 phases as car drivers,” said Mr Rees.

NSW Roads Minister, Michael Daley, was also in attendance at HART, which was chosen for the launch dues to its international standing as a provider of high quality motorcycle learner and licensing skills programs.

“Riders must now hold a learner licence for a minimum of three months before attending a pre-provisional course. They must then be on a P1 provisional licence for a minimum of 12 months before applying for a full licence,” said Mr Daley.

“The new scheme recognises car driving experience and brings NSW in line with other States.”

Honda is heavily involved in rider training, with four facilities located in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

“Whilst we wholeheartedly support training programs designed to make riders safer, it will be interesting to watch what effect the new licensing scheme has on accident rates and crash data in New South Wales,” said Honda Australia’s Managing Director Stuart Strickland.

“We’re disappointed that there’s no national uniformity, considering the overall size of the motorcycle market compared to the motor vehicle market.”

“We enjoy good relations with the NSW Government and the Road Transport Authority, and remain committed to contributing to road safety.”

“We hope this new scheme produces some measurable outcomes for motorcyclists.”

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Yappa said:

News from the RTA website:

"The provisional P1 phase will be a requirement of all riders, regardless of age but there will be an exemption from the P2 phase for riders over 25 who also hold an unrestricted car driver licence."

April 3, 2009 7:58 AM