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Road Sack Backpack

Innovative material use and backpack design make Road Sack wearing riders stand out in traffic and thus reduce chance being in an accident.

Road Sack

With more and more road users than ever, the roads are becoming a dangerous place especially for two-wheeled vehicle riders (Motorcyclists and Cyclists). It’s not uncommon to see safety conscious riders wearing high-visibility vest to make themselves seen to other road users.

Accidents occur between two road users (exhaustive study in Europe showed 80% of motorcycle accidents involve another vehicle*) when they don’t see each other.

Anything you wear to make yourself stand out by use of colours, shapes, patterns and movement of these objects increase your road presence in traffic, dramatically lowering the likelihood of another road user making a manoeuvre that could result in a collision.
“The idea of Road Sack was born out of a desire to protect riders by preventing accidents from happening in the first place and protecting the rider if an accident occurs.” said Eric Lee, designer of Road Sack.

Most riders invest substantial amount of money on purchasing accessories like a good helmet, gloves and riding boots, with the intention of protecting themselves in case of an accident. They do nothing to preventing the accident in the first place.

It's not just a brightly coloured backpack, it's engineered to

•    Prevent accidents – use of high visibility and reflective fabrics in high contrast patterns.
•    Protect wearer- straps and construction features designed to protect the rider in the event of an accident.
•    Ergonomic comfort and durability - appropriate padding & reinforcements at the right places.
•    Even load distribution - not affect your riding style or abilities. Road and Off-road. Motorcyclist and bicyclists.
•    For complete list of features visit

The Road Sack comes with a 12 months craftsmanship warranty and lifetime accident replacement guarantee.

It is now available at selected retailers in Sydney as well as directly online at www.roadsack.comat $99.95 including free shipping.

About Road Sack

Based in Sydney, Australia. Road Sack is an innovative brand of Tradepedia Pty Ltd. Our products are designed by riders for riders. We’ve just introduced our first product to what will hopefully be a range of life-saving accessories for our two-wheeled customers.

Media Contacts

Eric Lee
Road Sack website:
Phone: +61 (0) 433 110 388



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