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  • Scooter On DVD

    Scooter On Introduction

    "Scooter On" is a DVD developed by the ASF to give all levels of scooter riders a point in the right direction.

    Australian Scooter Federation

    The Australian Scooter Federation have developed the "Scooter On" DVD as an information source for all levels of scooter riders. 

    Scooter On includes : (Click on the Links Below to watch each video)

    1. Introduction by Jeremy Bowdler

    2. Riding Your Scooter   

    3. Safe Riding Tips   

    4. Safety Gear   

    5. Finding The Right Scooter   

    6. Basic Maintenance    


    For more details on the Australian Scooter Federation see



  • Vespa 125 Winter Warmer

    Save on Vespa. Get warmed up this winter with a saving of $300 on the 125 Vespa range

    Vespa's injecting some warmth into your winter via the "Winter Warmer" promotion on both the LX S 125 and the LX 125.

    Normally starting at $5990 + ORC making the most of the warmth this winter means you actually save $300. Get that warm feeling inside by paying just $5690 + ORC** on these two Vespa favourites.

    Both renowned models each have there own personality and style. The LX 125 has a style and elegance which could only be Vespa. Whilst the S 125 harks back to the earlier models of the 70's, clearly embracing its sporting heritage.

    Feel good this winter and take advantage of the Vespa 125 "Winter Warmer" Promotion. Offer Ends 31/08/2009 

    Find your Nearest Vespa Dealer.    


       Vespa S 125 - $5690 + ORC**, Save $300

       LX 125 - $5690 + ORC**, Save $300


     ** The price displayed is the RRP price set by the Australian Distributor and does not contain On Road Costs which differ in each state and or territory.


  • Its Back! Scooteroo Boreen Point Scooter Rally 2009


    It’s back! Scooteroo are proud to present the Boreen Point Scooter Rally for 2009. Promising to be bigger and better than ever, this year’s event will be held over the 7th and 8th November 2009. With major sponsorship from our friends at Vespa Australia and we will once again be providing free rally shirts for all registered attendees to the event and there will be prizes for many categories from low rider scooter through to best classic.

    Last year, Scooteroo held their 2nd Annual Boreen Point Scooter Rally on the 15th and 16th of November, 2008. They saw the numbers rise from 60 people in ’07 to a fantastic 105 people in ’08 and we are expecting the same growth this year from the response we have seen so far. This year we will see people travel from all over Australia to be apart of this wonderful event.

    The rally location is in keeping with Scooteroo tradition being located at the beautiful Boreen Point, approx 20km north of Noosa on the Sunshine Coast. It makes for an easy and interesting ride with any number of coastal and hinterland routes to choose from. The rally is focused around one of Australia’s oldest pubs, the Apollonian Hotel. The Apollonian Hotel is famous for its laidback atmosphere and their wonderful spit roasts, they also love scooters.

    The Scooteroo Boreen Point Rally is a short rally by most standards; being for only 1 night. This format appeals to a larger number of people who can’t take a longer amount of time off work. Also being later in the year, time is tight for a lot of people so close to Christmas. This rally is also open to any form of scooter, from 50cc’s to big capacity modern autos to the restored classics from Vespa and Lambretta. Everyone is welcome and there is always something for everyone.

    We will have a full list of sponsors who have donated their products as prizes for a number of categories shortly.

    For more information or a flyer be sure to email Ben Silver at

    Entry Form Download HERE

    Costs are as follows note all prices include a portion for entertainment as well!

    Drinks not included but are able to be purchased from the bar!

    • Rooms Double for 2 people includes double room, dinner and breakfast for 2 people $156 total - 5 rooms available
    • Rooms Bunks contains for 4 beds per room includes bed, dinner and breakfast per person $68 each - 5 rooms available
    • Camping for 1 person includes 1 x tent site, dinner and breakfast for 1 person $66 each
    • Camping for 2 people includes 1 x tent site, dinner and breakfast for 2 people $114 total
    • Camping for 3 people includes 1 x tent site, dinner and breakfast for 3 people $162 total
    • Own or no accommodation for dinner and breakfast only 1 person $45 each

    We will bring a van that will travel with us for those unable to carry all their camping gear.

  • Scarabeo 50/125/200

    New fuel injected versions of the 125 and 200 plus the addition of the technically advanced 4 valve 50 hit the European Market

    Aprilia Italy

    SCARABEO 125/200 i.e.

    Over the course of the years, Scarabeo has always been capable of proving itself a chameleonic vehicle that evolves in order to adapt to ever-changing market demands. It is a market that is particularly fond of practical vehicles, “small on the outside, big on the inside” that can cope with ever more common traffic congestion.

    This is why the first launched Scarabeo renews its features to become compact without changing its identity. The new Scarabeo features elegance combined with utility, without redundancy. The Scarabeo 125/200 i.e. can meet with all modern mobility demands by giving convenience and performance a touch of fashion.

    Its classical Italian design shows the way for others to follow; constructive refinement grows apart from what is “simply scooter”, its cutting-edge technique makes it unique in the market segment; the compartment under the saddle can house a jet helmet, leaving the competition behind.
    Scarabeo 125/200 is the most compact city model of all scooters of the Scarabeo range, a luxury “entry level” vehicle for its quality to price ratio that perhaps is more than exceptional.


    The new model has firm features combined with regular soft lines that inspire harmony at first sight. Yet again, Scarabeo redefines its city scooter design. In a “disposable” world, Scarabeo’s reassuring model remains a benchmark. Even more unique thanks to its front cowl, Scarabeo lets the rider enjoy the city with the elegance of a decisive style scooter, living up to its reputation of authentic trendsetter.

    Its flat footrest increases load capacity and the windshield fixed to the steering head deflects the airflow away from the rider, guaranteeing a turbulence-free ride. The complete analogical/digital instrument panel provides a true onboard computer that can be controlled directly from the handlebar; amongst the many available features, one that stands out is the outside temperature indicator with “ice warning” signal that alerts possible icy roads. The stand was designed to give a very favourable lever arm that makes parking quite easy.
    The aluminium luggage carrier provides the ideal space for fitting a top box. The wise use of chrome plating and turn signals integrated in the handlebar are just some features that make Scarabeo a unique elegant vehicle.


    Yet again, as it has always been for Scarabeo, the classical model combines with the best possible technology. Scarabeo’s 125/200 ie engine is completely new and has been designed and made especially by Aprilia for this scooter. It is a cutting-edge engine, light, functional and clean; capable of achieving excellent performance and low fuel consumption; a low vibration rate and low emission levels that comply with Scarabeo’s philosophy to strive to make environment friendly vehicles.

    Both engines are equipped with liquid cooling systems and use a four valve timing system with a double overhead camshaft, a refined solution that optimizes the engine performance ever more.

    The new electronic injection system has brought great advantages for the scooter’s performance, improving maximum speed, acceleration and lowering the fuel consumption of this scooter ever more. Moreover, for the first time, a Scarabeo 125/200 i.e. is capable of offering the rider the possibility of choosing between two transmission mapping systems. The rider can use the handlebar to choose between ECO position, which cuts down fuel consumption up to 7%, and SPORT position, that optimises performance.

    The 200 cc engine has an output of 14.3 KW (19.5 cv) at 8000 rpm with an extremely favourable torque of 18.5 Nm at 6750 rpm, which gives Scarabeo excellent acceleration performance, a relaxed driving and safety under any condition.

    The 125 cc engine reaches the maximum power required by law for this engine capacity, which can also be used by holders of type B licences. The available 11 kW (15 cv) offers a quick and safe ride thanks to its particularly reduced weight, which makes Scarabeo one of the most lightweight scooters in its category.


    Scarabeo’s classical outfit as well as its fashion have never set limits to chassis technicians about defining the scooter, in fact since 1993, the preservation of many far-seeing aesthetic and technical values on the entire product line constituted an exceptional starting base for developing this model.

    Scarabeo 125/200 i.e. was created with the purpose of reinforcing all those unique features that made Scarabeo an icon of city mobility, yet without loosing its evolved concepts that are the basis for all Aprilia’s new product: ease at riding, performance and safety. These are conclusive values that are indelibly engraved in the Scarabeo 125/200ie, which prove to be agile, safe in any situation and capable of giving a motorcycle sensation on the road.

    These results are achieved through high torsional rigidity indicators and to the strength of the new chassis, made of high-resistant steel tubes and perfectly tuned by suspension technicians, hence ensuring maximum affinity and optimal shock absorption.

    The telescopic hydraulic fork has 35 mm diameter rods, whereas on the rear, the same engine-transmission group acts as a swingarm, assisted by a secondary aluminium arm: it is a simple light solution and at the same time effective thanks to the possibility of adjusting the spring preload on four positions depending on the weight being transported and on the style in riding the scooter.

    The refined rims are fitted with 16” tubeless tyres and a tall shoulder (100/80 on the front and 120/80 on the back): This is a perfect solution to bypass all traps of the city and help give the vehicle excellent stability and intuitive riding for any experienced or non-experienced rider.

    Scarabeo’s brake technicians also aim for the highest and the 125/200ie version is certainly no different. The scooter is fitted with a 260 mm front disc with triple parallel piston floating calliper and a 220 mm rear disc with calliper and two pistons, combined with a brand new integral braking system, capable of splitting the braking effect between the two wheels and ensuring stopping distance to provide total active safety.


    An unmistakable scooter range like Scarabeo must offer accessories as distinctive as its vehicles. Whether to provide greater protection against bad weather or greater load capacity or even more safety, Scarabeo’s accessories are capable of meeting with any additional demands.

    •    Large windshield with clear hand guards
    •    Side stand (fitted with engine start switch)
    •    24 litre capacity “Ovetto” top box in matching colour
    •    32 litre capacity embossed “New concept” top box
    •    35 litre capacity “City” top box with matching cover
    •    Leg Apron
    •    Tunnel bag


    The new Scarabeo 125-200 IE offers the following colours: Silver Crowd, Flair White, Jasmine Blue, Couture Navy Blue, Aprilia Black






    There is no doubt that the advent of the Scarabeo 50 marked beginning of a new era. Before the Scarabeo, high-wheeled scooters were practically unknown in the cities of the world; afterwards, urban mobility was changed forever, with a perfectly balanced fusion of technology, modernity and vintage cues creating a new trend and setting the benchmark for both style and function.

    Scarabeo became an instant classic, a one of a kind product that has evolved to keep ahead of its rivals while remaining true to itself. Over the years, new technologies have been adopted for its engines, to make them cleaner and more efficient. The Scarabeo 50 family is constantly evolving and making sure that it continues to be the benchmark in its category is a new and highly advanced four stroke, four valve engine representing the cutting edge in small scooter engine technology.

    The new Scarabeo 50 4Valve is aesthetically identical to its forebear, continuing the styling legacy of its predecessor in the same way that it intentions to repeat its commercial success, while adding the numerous advantages of the new engine to the equation. These include unparalleled low running costs, which are finally matched with zesty performance on a par with that of a 2-stroke.


    Scarabeo 50 4Valve maintains the same chassis architecture that has been key to its success over the years. The sturdy reinforced frame in high strength steel tubing offers outstanding agility and stability on poor road surfaces, as well as boasting excellent torsional rigidity, which also benefits the scooter's handling. The 25 mm diameter hydraulic telescopic front fork allows an impressive 78 mm of wheel travel, resulting in excellent bump absorbing capabilities. Comfort and precision on Scarabeo come together are perfectly matched. This is also thanks to the rear suspension, which boasts a sturdy hydraulic shock absorber with 78 mm of wheel travel. The powerful braking system ensures absolute safety in all conditions. At the front is a 220 mm front disc brake stopped by a calliper with 30 mm horizontally opposed dual pistons callipers, while at the rear is a large diameter drum brake measuring 140 mm, for precise, modulable braking in all situations.


    Scarabeo 50 4Valve has an all-new heart that is high-tech, powerful and sophisticated. This tiny engineering gem employs state of the art solutions to deliver class leading power. At 3.2 kW (4.35 bhp), it is the most powerful 50 cc 4 stroke on the market. Four valve timing and the fluid dynamic efficiency of the head have brought incredible benefits in terms of engine speed and performance, which are now on a par with a two stroke engine. At just 43.5 km/litre, this engine matches the already excellent fuel consumption of the 2-valve 4-stroke unit, and uses significantly less fuel than a 2-stroke.


    Scarabeo 50 4Valve offers class leading levels of equipment and does everything possible to facilitate the life of its user, with features such as an extra long and well padded saddle, an automatic starter and a fuel tank with a generous 7 litre capacity which, together with the reduced consumption of the new 4 Valve engine, offers an incredible range. Behind the leg shield is a small compartment for carrying vital necessities. Contributing significantly to safety is the outstanding visibility offered by the high output motorcycle-type polyfocal headlamp with clear lens. The instrument panel features a comprehensive array of instruments and indicators.


    Scarabeo is more than just a scooter, it is a way of life that can be customised by choosing from a comprehensive catalogue of dedicated accessories designed especially for the vehicle. A windscreen, monokey top box (which opens with the ignition key), winter cover and a selection of antitheft devices are just some of the accessories available for enhancing your Scarabeo. And there's more - with a range of dedicated garments and helmets letting you live in Scarabeo style even when you're not in the saddle.



  • Aprilia Scarabeo 300 Special


    Direct from Europe introducing the Aprilia Scarabeo 300 Special

    Aprilia Italy

    Unmistakable style and unparalleled attention to detail have made Scarabeo a genuine icon on two wheels. A unique vehicle, unmatched in elegance and attention to detail. Scarabeo is much more than just a scooter, it is the vehicle that set new standards for riding pleasure and for moving in complete harmony with your surroundings. With powerful, frugal and clean engines, a perfectly balanced chassis architecture and a motorcycle-like riding position, the Scarabeo is today's only true heir to the spirit of the “light motor cycle” of the past.

    Scarabeo 300 Special is the logical addition to complete the Scarabeo range - a distinctly contemporary engine size for a timeless scooter, offering that extra touch of sportiness and performance that today's dynamic user demands. The perfect balance between power, compactness, agility and riding pleasure. The special character of this new model is emphasised by bespoke graphics and a touch of attitude created by the subtle use of black for the rims and a number of other details. A lower windshield, new chrome highlights and new instrument panel surround contribute further to the sporty feel of this truly special version of the Scarabeo.

    With class leading ergonomics and equipment, Scarabeo 300 Special offers a relaxing and safe ride. Plenty of space for both rider and passenger means that even longer journeys can be tackled in total comfort. The low saddle, at just 785 mm from the ground, and the contoured footrest platform, which narrows so as not to obstruct the legs, mean that riders of all statures can easily reach the ground. Created with an almost obsessive attention to detail, the Scarabeo 300 Special offers outstanding value for money.


    The 300 cc engine strikes the perfect balance between performance, lightness and agility. A contemporary engine size for superior torque and acceleration, making this an even more relaxing, quick and safe vehicle to ride.

    The four valve single cylinder electronic fuel injection engine represents the cutting edge in its category. Latest generation fuel injection, an ant-vibration countershaft and an automatic transmission that is perfectly matched to the character of the engine make the Scarabeo 300 Special a responsive machine that is extremely comfortable to ride in all situations.

    With a powerful and yet easily manageable engine, producing 22.3 hp at 7,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 22 Nm available at just 6,500 rpm, Scarabeo 300 Special delivers outstanding performance, yet the precisely calibrated injection system ensures reduced emissions and fuel consumption figures comparable to a smaller engined vehicle which - coupled with the 10 litre fuel tank - offers the range of a grand tourer.


    The primary goal of the chassis engineers at the Noale centre is and has always been to reconcile total comfort with absolute riding pleasure. This incontestable prerequisite dictates their work whether they are designing a motorbike or a scooter. The result of this - in the case of the Scarabeo - is an almost motorcycle-like weight distribution and, as a consequence, class-leading handling and agility.

    The double cradle frame is made from high strength steel tubing and has been designed to ensure excellent torsional rigidity and outstanding strength. This stiff and efficient chassis is what gives the Scarabeo 300 Special its impeccable high speed stability.

    The telescopic hydraulic front fork ensures superb steering precision and, with its generous wheel travel of 104 mm, has an excellent capacity for absorbing bumps.

    The engine-transmission unit also acts as a swingarm and is linked to two dual-action adjustable shock absorbers. The spring preload setting is adjustable to four different positions, for optimum damping in all load and road surface conditions.

    Large diameter wheels (16" at the front and 14" at the rear) and tubeless, motorcycle-sized tyres (110/70 at the front and 140/70 at the rear) offer the peace of mind of utterly dependable roadholding.

    The combined braking system - with the left hand lever braking both wheels simultaneously - ensures powerful, safe and easily modulable braking at all times and in all road conditions. The 260 mm front brake disc is backed up by a 240 mm disc at the rear.


    Loading capacity has always been a deciding characteristic in choosing a scooter, and a lack of storage space under the saddle has always been the Achilles heel of high wheeled scooters. This, however, is not true of the Scarabeo 300 Special. In spite of its compact size, low saddle and high wheels, Scarabeo 300 boasts a helmet compartment large enough to hold a full face helmet and other small objects and even a A3 format briefcase, as no part of the compartment is less than 15 cm wide. There is also a lockable oddments storage compartment behind the leg shield.

    To increase the loading capacity even further, the scooter may be equipped with an optional 47 litre top box, which is easily installed on the standard luggage rack.

    The comprehensive analogue and digital instruments feature all new graphics and a new surround, while the small display also includes a fuel level gauge.

    SCARABEO 300 Special caters for every imaginable mobility need with a wide range of dedicated accessories: a completely adjustable windscreen, the 47 litre 'Street Case' top box, an antitheft system and a tunnel bag are just some of the personal touches available that make the Scarabeo 300 Special an extremely versatile vehicle.


    SCARABEO 300 Special is available in the following colours: Glam White, Competition Black and Cruiser Grey


  • Aprilia Scarabeo History

    Warmer weather has arrived in Europe and so has the release of 4 new Scarabeo models. Lets take a history lesson from the day it all started. Now with Aprilia 09 Scarabeo Video

    Aprilia Italy <p><a href=""></a></p>


    In 1990 the Aprilia design laboratories created a high wheeled scooter which shaped the course of the next decade with its original design and outstanding commercial success.
    Presented to the public for the first time in September 1993 in the 50 cc version, Scarabeo has gradually increased its engine capacity and widened its range to become a highly versatile scooter which has adapted to the mobility requirements of increasingly more complex and sophisticated customers.

    Today, the Scarabeo family is one of the most numerous on the market and able to cater for a wide variety of needs. From 1993 to the present day, a full range has been created which is constantly updated from a design, technical, engine and performance point of view and today consists of a total of 7 different models.

    The idea of a “City Bike“ was conceived in Aprilia in 1990; it is a perception that has been transformed, sketch after sketch, into a vehicle which is completely different from any other with high wheels and unusual bodywork: while everyone else was adopting futuristic, extreme, pointed lines, Aprilia opted for the soft, rounded lines of a classical look.
    The designers were apprehensive about presenting on the market a vehicle with such revolutionary lines, so much so that they decided to give it the name of Scarabeo, which had already brought Aprilia luck at the beginning of 1970s for an original and successful “scrambler/cross” with a small engine capacity.
    Completely unexpectedly, Scarabeo became a trend-setter, an inspiration for everyone and started a real "Scarabeo Mania" that shows no signs of declining over the years with over 750,000 Scarabeo scooters produced to date.

    The key to success is a mixture of elements that make Scarabeo the only one of its kind. Whether the “small” ageless 50 cc or the 500 cc flagship, Scarabeo offers its customers a unique way to get around. In addition to the safety guaranteed by its high wheels and perfect chassis, Scarabeo riders combine the unique opportunity of experiencing urban mobility with timeless style and personality which never goes out of fashion.


    A unique example of Italian style and technology that has been able to win a place in the history of two-wheel mobility in a short space of time.

    The first vehicle called Scarabeo is created in Aprilia in January 1970. It is not the same scooter that we know today but a distant predecessor, a 50 cc motocross bike. The name, taken from the ancient Egyptian culture, lives up to expectations: Scarabeo becomes the lucky forefather of a series of off-road vehicles with a number of different engines that are produced until 1974.

    This is the beginning of a long, tiring design path that leads to the development of the Scarabeo as it is conceived today.
    The title of the research project that created the unique high wheeled scooter is surprisingly simple: “Study for a City Bike”. Scarabeo is therefore the result of development of a project that owes a great deal to the motorcycling culture.
    The first sketch, created on November 5th 1990, clearly shows all the motorcycle features: central tunnel, wide section wheel, and even – in that first study – a single arm front fork.

    Giuseppe Ricciuti, who has designed all the Scarabeos, creates two projects, the first one still inspired by an intermediate version of the original city bike, with traditional suspension, smaller section wheels and a central tunnel. The second one, more compact, does away with the tunnel and includes wheels with a smaller section and larger diameter. Two more versions are created from this base, one inspired by an elegant but slightly retro style, the other more contemporary. The first predominates and on May 18 1992, a maquette is presented, from which an unrivalled commercial success will start.
    At this point, an engineering project begins, that will keep the technical team busy for roughly one year. Scarabeo is the first Aprilia vehicle on which computer is used extensively in its technical development.

    In September, the first Scarabeo produced in Noale is unveiled at the International Cycling and Motorcycling Exhibition.
    Scarabeo immediately becomes a best seller, a fashion statement across all ages thanks to its amazingly efficient technical features: Scarabeo is a light, easy to handle, safe, high wheeled scooter (a real innovation at the time), with ridiculously low fuel consumption that is perfect for city riding.

    1994 - 1998
    In this period the Scarabeo project dominates the market. In addition to the wide range of new colours, there are also new technical developments including above all disc brake on the rear end. Scarabeo becomes one of the first high wheeled scooters to fit disc brakes, a sure sign that one of the most classical scooters also focuses on safety and technology.


    Following on from the 50 cc., the 125 and 150 cc models are developed at the end of the 1990s.
    Scarabeo moves with the times. It is a response to the growing need for space and the need to share rediscovered freedom with a passenger on a vehicle that can replace cars even over medium-range distances as well as Aprilia's answer to constant growth in the market of vehicles with over 50 cc engines. Since it was presented in Lisbon, with its distinctive personality, the “Scarabeone” also immediately makes its mark.

    New models and technologies are added to the Scarabeo family: the new 4-stroke engines, the 100 and 200 cc. versions, the revolutionary DITECH engine with very low emission rates and the 4-stroke 50. The pursuit of elegant and environmentally-friendly urban mobility has now become a distinctive feature of the Scarabeo.

    The GT version of the Scarabeo 125/200 is created: medium windshield, built-in hand guards, new concept front cowls, two-tone colour combinations.

    10 years have passed since the Scarabeo was created and in these ten years, the Scarabeo has continued to be an icon of its time.
    The demand for mobility has evolved.
    The scooter has gone from being a simple commuting tool to playing a major part in the organisation of free time.
    New lines and new concepts are developed by the Aprilia design laboratory. The Scarabeo 500 comes to light and truly represents the touring class. From the city centre to the outskirts, from home to the open road for a trip out of town, from the road to the motorway for a proper journey: flexibility is an intrinsic part of the Scarabeo 500 and in 2004 the ABS version is also produced.
    Compared with its 1993 forerunner the engine capacity has increased considerably, the engine has gone from 2 to 4-stroke and the line is much more distinctive and inspired by models that have made the history of two wheels like the Moto Guzzi Galletto. With its excellent engine and chassis performance, high wheels and bags, the Scarabeo 500 is the most “grand touring” scooter that has ever come out of Noale.

    In 2004 a move from the Rotax 200 cc engine to the Piaggio 250 cc engine confirms the full technical maturity of the Scarabeo. The arrival of the new engine led to upgrading of the entire vehicle as can be seen in the new design that made it so different from the 200 version.
    Scarabeo establishes itself as a flexible scooter, agile for about-town use and practical for touring or transport needs. It skilfully plays the role of those products that in accordance with classic stylistic features, are a benchmark for whoever is seeking a sober, contemporary style.

    Scarabeo, which is by now a historic Aprilia vehicle, a product that has reached the threshold of 70,000 units per year and boasts at least a dozen attempts to copy it, celebrates a total of 250,000 units (over 50 cc) sold world-wide. A new, original 50 cc graphic version is also created called “Graphic”.

    A very important year for the Scarabeo in which major work is carried out on the whole range. This is the year in which the "small" versions of the Scarabeo, the originals that started Scarabeo Mania, are restyled. New restyled elements and modifications in every division renew its appearance without modifying its image. The “Street” versions of the scooter are created with 125 and 200 cc engines and the new 500 arrives, more compact and slender for better around-town riding. The “flagship” version receives a new 400 cc engine with lower insurance costs that can be driven by young people with an A2 licence(For Europe Only).

    The 250 ie version is created featuring the same elegance as its 500 cc older brother and the new Scarabeo 125/200s arrive: their simplicity and compact size mean a return to the origins. Once again, a uniquely styled product with a variety of standard equipment.

    Two new models are added to the Scarabeo range: the Scarabeo 50 4VALVE and the Scarabeo 300 Special.

    The Scarabeo 50 4VALVE is completely new: high-tech, powerful and sophisticated. A small masterpiece of engineering that with its state-of-the-art solutions offers power which is at the top of its field. The four-valve distribution and fluid dynamic efficiency of the cylinder head have brought benefits to the engine speed and performance which are comparable with those of a two-stroke engine.

    The Scarabeo 300 Special is the natural completion of the Scarabeo range, a totally modern engine capacity for a timeless scooter which in this configuration offers that extra touch of sportiness and dynamism that is much appreciated by the more dynamic rider. The optimum compromise between engine performance, compactness, agility and riding pleasure. All this is highlighted, as always, by carefully designed graphics.