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Vespa GTS 250 i.e.

Vespa GTS 250 i.e to remain in production for 2010. The legend continues.....

Vespa Australia

A success story continues…..Vespa GTS 250

Piaggio announced today the iconic GTS 250 will continue into 2010. The thrifty 250 has become renowned for its flexibility as a fuel efficient commuter while retaining its image credibility with the Sunday morning breakfast set.

First introduced in 2005, GTS 250 has been an instant hit creating a frenzy of interest in the scooter world, while recently eclipsing the highly popular GT 200 in total sales. 

Piaggios continuation of GTS 250 will come as good news, and no surprise, to owners of the ultra reliable quarter litre model, a large number of which are now heading to the 30,000 klm zone. The all steel body Vespa strides ahead of competitors and underscores the value of initial purchase. The heritage of this longevity is proven by the number of vintage Vespa models dating back to the original 46’, which are still on the road today.

The heart of the GTS, the ultra reliable water cooled, fuel injected 250cc Quasar engine, widely acknowledged as the best 250 class motor in the scooter market today, has propelled the classic Vespa design into the modern era and beyond. The excellent fuel economy of the 250 in particular and the ability to comfortably travel at freeway speeds has enamoured the GTS 250 to commuters. The extra carrying capacity of the standard rear rack also highlights the model as an excellent all rounder.

The GTS 250 is currently available in Cortina (silver) Rosso Dragon (red) Giallo Lime ( yellow) Midnight Blue (dark blue) and a new metallic black for 2010 (Nero volcano)

Buyers can currently save $500 of the normal MLP $8490 price.

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Where it all started in 1946                                            Continues in 2010.....


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