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2009 Aprilia Scooter Price Update

Aprilia Australia have revised pricing down across a range of key scooter models. Below is an updated price listing of the entire Aprilia Scooter Range.

The sleeper in the pack would have to be the Sportcity 300 Cube, an amazing scooter for just $6,990 + ORC.

Pricing changes have also taken place on Sportcity One, Mojito 125 , Scarabeo 50 through to 250. For more go to



   Scarabeo 250 i.e. now $7490 + ORC                                      Scarabeo 50 now $3490 + ORC


Scarabeo 125/200 i.e. now $4290/$4990 + ORC                             Mojito 125 now $5,490 + ORC

Sportcity 50/125 now $2690/$3490 + ORC                                     Sportcity 300 now $6990 + ORC



jimscoot said:

Just noticed Scarabeo 200ie.

Are they fuel injected now?..nice looking scoot.

October 21, 2009 5:00 PM

miketl said:

With so many positive and praising reviews, raved about spec sheets and marveled at performances, why no more Scarabeo 500ie?  

Will we still be able to get parts for these to keep them in the condition we expect and love?  

Should we hang onto them and jealously guard them as "collector's items" or are they to be flung onto the refuse heap?


October 22, 2009 5:26 PM

ColdCola said:


There are so many scooters & motorcycles that have been discontinued over the years. If people are able to keep those on the road years later, hopefully it will be the same with the Scarabeo 500ie.

I thought about your words as I rode mine tonight. It was exhilarating & sad at the same time to be able to fly so fast on such a scooter, knowing it is one of the last of its kind. It was a little like being a pilot on one of the last flights of the Concorde!


October 27, 2009 9:40 PM