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VACC Safe Routes Rally

‘Demand Safer Roads’: That is the message hundreds of scooter riders will be calling for at the VACC ‘Safe Routes’ Scooter Rally 2009.

The 4th annual event will be on Sunday November 8th 2009. Around 400 scooters are expected to take part in the ride from Luna Park to Argyle Square on Lygon Street.

The VACC Scooter Rally is the only one of its kind in Australia and entry to this unique event is free.

It is always a great spectacle and the VACC ‘Safe Routes’ Scooter Rally is regarded as one of the most colourful events on Melbourne calendar.

Well known makes such as Vespa, Lambretta, Burgman and Bolwell will be taking part, many proudly displaying trademark accessories such as multiple mirrors, lights and badges. Moped owners are also invited to ride in this year’s Rally.

The riders too like to put on a show. The dress code can range from fish-tail parkers, Fred Perry polos, stove-pipe pants, Doc Marten’s and historic riding gear.   

One of the most anticipated moments of the day is the now infamous ‘Rally Raffle’ which this year includes a variety of prizes including vouchers, clothing and equipment.

“While scooters have a reputation for being fun and trendy, we should not forget they are an important mode of transport. The global economic slowdown has caused some motorists, commuters in particular, to take up scootering because they are cheap to purchase and run, ease congestion, easy to park and good for the environment,” VACC Executive Director, David Purchase, said.

“The Victorian Government recently recognised the importance of scooters in ‘Victoria’s Road Safety and Transport Strategic Action Plan for Powered Two Wheelers’. However, VACC, once again, calls on the Government for the implementation of designated and signed ‘Safe Routes’, access by low-powered scooters to use certain designated bicycle lanes, filtering in stationery or slow moving traffic; allowing boxed turns at certain busy intersections; six monthly registrations and dedicated scooter training courses.

“VACC also calls for a separate licence for scooter riders. Requiring a full motorcycle licence to ride a scooter is disproportionate and a barrier to entry. VACC puts forward a proposal that there should be a separate licence for scooters under 50cc,” said Mr Purchase.

“Additionally, as part of our ongoing Vehicle Safety campaign, VACC urges all scooterists to take Vehicle Safety seriously by ensuring their scooter is regularly serviced and well maintained,” Mr Purchase said.   

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