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Scooter riders sign up for Safe Routes


Scooter riders sign up for Safe Routes

Scooter riders in Victoria have backed VACC’s call for scooter safe routes.

Scooter riders turned out in force to participate in the recent 4th annual VACC ‘Safe Routes’ Scooter Rally, from Luna Park to Lygon Street.

As well as a chance for scooterists and club members to socialise as riders, the Rally has become a rallying call to politicians.

“Scooters are cheap, economical, environmentally friendly and easy to park. They ease congestion and are a practical alternative mode of transport. Yet, riders are made to feel like second class citizens,” VACC Executive Director, David Purchase, said.

“In Victoria, scooterists and motorcyclists pay an additional Motorcycle Safety Levy of $60.50, on top of normal road charges. They attend rider training courses; are licensed road users and their scooters are registered. Most are also experienced road users who drive other vehicles.

“However, policy makers continue to overlook scooters and transport planners do not make adequate provision for them.

“Riders at VACC’s ‘Safe Routes’ Scooter Rally signed a petition calling for the implementation of designated and signed ‘Safe Routes’; access by low-powered scooters to use designated bicycle, transit and bus lanes; filtering in stationary or slow moving traffic; allowing boxed turns at certain busy intersections; six monthly registration; dedicated scooter training courses and a separate licence for scooter riders.

“Plans are already underway for next year’s VACC ‘Safe Routes’ Scooter Rally. And while no doubt it will be another fun and eye-catching occasion, the question to be asked is what, if anything, will have changed for scooter riders in the next twelve months.

“Sadly, we expect the answer will be ‘not much’ because Government seems reluctant to take scooter riders seriously. But that will not stop VACC from continuing to lobby for better awareness and greater protection for scooterists,” Mr Purchase said.


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