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  • Vespa GTV 250 i.e.


    It really is back to the future with the GTV 250 i.e. We take a quick blast on the past.

    Allen Drysdale

    Knock Knock at the front door ..... You waiting on a GTV 250 from Melbourne - You bet I said to the delivery guy, I was really anticipating this delivery. The GTV/GTS has always been a favourite of mine, it just screams modern day Vespa classic. Watching it roll off the back of the delivery truck for the first time that feeling of nostalgia come over me again - I'm about to really enjoy this.

    Not much gets written about the poor GTV 250 these days. Since the introduction, it has mainly taken a passive back seat to the hard charging GTS 250 and 300 models.  But it shouldn't be discounted as this "60 year old Vespa" is as much about the show as it is about the go.

    60 years old you ask? Yep the GTV 250 came about as the everyday model that was the GT 60. A limited edition Vespa made to replicate and celebrate the brands 60 year history. The headlight on the front guard, the exposed handlebar set up and the 2 piece split seat are all key features giving the GTV a truly unique appearance. These features make the GTV a true modern classic in every sense, one that everyday takes you back to the glory days of scootering, the days where it all began.

    And that's the beauty of the GTV 250 (which could be said for any Vespa model really), whilst its stationary and hasn't even turned a wheel, you instantly have a rich sense of history come over you that only the Vespa brand can muster.

    Flick the starter and the history lesson becomes a little foggy. As my favourite quasar fuel injected engine sparks to life, its clearly back to the future as I twist the throttle and get propelled forward in a way that leaves the past behind. Power is fluid, meaty and consistent, and for around town there is no better, maybe the new 278 cc version, but seriously this engine family is better then anything else on the market.


    The riding position is upright, very upright. The one piece leather saddle cradles the rider in position and makes everything within easy reach, your arms fall naturally to the bars. Look down and those chrome exposed bars lead there way to a central dash that contains a mixture of digital and analogue displays. Easy to read and truly classic in appearance the dash supplies the rider with all the vital information he or she will ever need to know.

    The riding position may not be open to all though as people with longer legs may find the fit a little tight (and if you do the GTS 250/300 is for you). The rear passenger gets a separate saddle and their own footpegs, and if your wondering why the cost of a GTV is a little higher then other vespa models then just look at that hand stitched leather two piece seat. Try and buy it separately and suddenly the GTV looks like good value.

    Storage under the "remote opened" seat is regular GTS territory and there is ample room for the majority of situations, yet like all GT's its just lacking a little in depth. The chrome rack at the rear can be folded down and used to strap anything extra to it, or if this isn't enough then a colour matched top box option is available. Bag hooks, helmet hooks and glovebox all give you additional storage options if required.

    Handling on the road is sharp yet compliant and the GTV does well to balance the relatively small wheels with the substantial power of the 250 cc engine. Couple this with the upright riding position and you sure do have a superior feel on the road, you certainly wont lack confidence. The small screen at the front does little to deflect wind off the rider and if high speed riding is the norm then go a larger optional screen.

    So the GTV 250 really is the best of both worlds. A direct descendant of yesteryear with the performance you'd expect from the present day. Wether its a fast blast or a Sunday cruise the GTV 250 has it all covered. It even has the whole park and "look at me" thing down to a fine art.

    It really is back to the future for this Vespa.



  • Yamaha Scooter promo

    Customers of selected Yamahas are set to score big thanks to a number of promotions
    on motorcycles, ATVs and scooters.

    For example, scooter purchasers will receive a FREE fuel card that will enable them to travel up to 3000kms PLUS they will also receive $200 worth of riding gear if they finance the deal with Yamaha Motor Finance.

  • Kymco Motorcycle Price Update

    Courtesy of the stronger Australian dollar and exceptional support from the Kymco factory in Taiwan, Kymco Australia & New Zealand today announced a massive price reduction on their motorcycle range.

    While the acceptance of the Kymco motorcycle product in the market has been exceptional since its launch in September, Kymco has decided to pass on the benefit of the stronger exchange rate directly to its customers by slashing the price on its three entry-level, LAMS approved motorcycles by up to $1,000.

    The Venox 250 cruiser will now carry an RRP of $5,490 (a reduction of $1,000), while the Quannon 125 will now retail for $3,590 (a reduction of $900) and the CK 125 commuter for $1,990 (a reduction of $1,000).

    “The acceptance of Kymco motorcycles has been outstanding and industry data shows that Kymco is already grabbing a decent share of the below 250cc market,” said Kymco Australia & New Zealand Marketing Manager, Alan Collins.

    “The motorcycle market has not yet fully recovered from a challenging year, and we’re trying to offer more value than ever for our customers.

    “This is not a pricing strategy we’ve been forced to take – it’s one we’ve quite willingly chosen to take. A lot more things are working in our favour now than a few months ago, and we want to ensure Kymco offers not only the legendary quality, but also unbeatable value.

    “At the end of the day, we want to see more Kymco motorcycles on the road. The more that are on the road, the more people we have understanding that Kymco are the real deal when it comes to motorcycles.”

    This news follows the recent announcement that Kymco has recently taken the mantle as the number one scooter brand in Italy, along with number one scooter brand in Asia and number one ATV brand in France.

    For genuine sports appeal in a smaller bike, nothing beats the big ‘sports bike’ look of the Quannon 125. The full fairing aerodynamic design adds to the performance its powerful 4-stroke engine puts out. Electric starting gets riders going instantly, while the twin spar frame is both stylish and strong. With wide tyres on 17” wheels, the Quannon 125 boast amazing grip and agile and responsive steering. Disc brakes on the front and rear, digital instrumentation and twin halogen headlights cap off this impressive package.

    The CK 125 is undoubtedly the commuter’s choice – a value-for-money machine with a smart commuter look, boasting bikini fairing, alloy wheels, front disc brake, twin shocks and luggage rack as standard. The smooth 125cc, 4-stroke engine provides plenty of grunt, while the spacious riding position offers an incredible level of comfort.

    For those looking for the classic ‘big cruiser’ styling in a smaller machine, then the Venox 250 is for you. The gleaming paintwork and chrome highlighting easily catch the eye, while the machine itself has everything a new rider seriously wants in a motorcycle – minus the inflated price tag. From its V-Twin, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled engine to the 17” front and 15” rear wheels, Venox is a genuine cruiser. This machine also has a tank-mounted speedometer, electric start,
    twin-piston brake caliper, right hand exit exhausts and twin shocks with adjustable pre-load to set a new class-leading standard.

    For the past nine years, Kymco has been successfully marketing its range of scooters to become the fourth largest scooter manufacturer in Australia. And now the company has this year launched a tough and reliable range of All Terrain Vehicles (ATV’s) tailored for Australian conditions, along with a range of entry-level motorcycles.

    Established in 1963, Kymco is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of power driven products, and has long been a dominant player in the Australian scooter market. The company manufactured over 570,000 vehicles last year, which means that every 55 seconds, someone somewhere in the world was purchasing a Kymco vehicle. In fact, Kymco has produced over 4.5 million scooters, ATVs and motorcycles in the past decade alone, increasing volume by 36 per cent since 1999.

    “All prices are exclusive of on road costs.  Please contact your local dealer for ride away pricing”

  • Derbi Boulevard 125


    Can this Derbi Boulevard tame the city streets. We find out..

    Allen Drysdale


    Choosing a scooter these days can represent quite a conundrum. What capacity do I need ? What Brand do I choose ? How much should I spend? and not to mention what colour. Lets face it, there is a mountain of choice on the market today.

    Derbi may not be the best known brand in Australia but span across the ocean to the homeland of Spain and Derbi takes on the role of hero status - being a brand that most experience at some point in there lives. And believe me, after just returning from the vibrant city of Barcelona, two wheels are very much a natural every day way of life.

    Celebrating its 85th birthday in 2007 Derbi continues to introduce a bunch of unique models and designs to market. And being apart of the Piaggio stable Derbi has been able to also cross share a bunch of models to create a broad range for the local Spanish market. And that is where we introduce the Derbi Boulevard 125.

    The Derbi design team have performed a pretty good job on this one to differentiate the Boulevard from its Piaggio cousin. Black wheels, vented grill treatment and a small see through lip on the headlight all help make the Boulevard seem like the sports variant of this Piaggio platformed machine. Though you could say that these subtle styling extras are typical of the individuality that Derbi places into each of its models. A little bit of spaniola in every model you could say!   

    So my mission and I did choose to accept it, was to jump on a Boulevard 125 and do a days riding around the inner streets of Sydney. Easy.

    Throwing a leg over the Boulevard isn't hard. The scooter certainly isn't as big as some but its still pretty substantial in its size due to the wide broad seat that is as comfortable as it looks. Its an easy reach to the bars from the seat and the comfort factor is enhanced through a floor area that is as wide as it is flat - But more on that later.

    Thumb the starter on the Boulevard and you do get a relaxed sense of nature from the leader engine. It immediately jumps into a smooth idle and little changes as you twist the throttle. Smooth and gradual is the best way to describe the flow of power from the 7.8 Kilowatts on offer, as speed builds in quite a fluid manner and can catch up on you if your not watching the speedo.

    In the cut and thrust of city traffic the Boulevard handles itself with ease and is never embarrassed by its capacity. The engine provides more then enough substance across all speeds, the Boulevard is as happy at 20 km/h as it is at 95. Commuting lets just say is the forte of the Boulevard and the city streets are certainly well and truly apart of its domain. Heading through the hilly areas of Glebe or across the bridge and onto the Cahill Expressway the Derbi didn't flinch, easily catering to the needs of surrounding traffic.


    The dashboard is standard affair having a large speedometer and fuel gauge as the main point of focus. You have a bank of warning lights to remind you of things like low oil, engaging high beam or that you have turned on a blinker and this is nothing new but it is well laid out, easily visible and worth a mention. Nice feature as always is the digital clock, I like it.

    Braking is standard affair offering good feel on both the front 200 mm disc and the 140mm rear drum. Of course you tend to favour the front disc when your needing to pull up quick but the rear drum works well for steadying yourself in corners or just holding yourself at a standstill when stopped at a set of lights.

    The Derbi also holds its head up high in the handling department with a compliant ride all round that will suit most styles of riding. Not too sporty, not too soft, the Derbi provides the best of both worlds making it one of the more relaxing scooters on the market to ride. Again this adds value to its capability of being a very handy all round commuter and although we only see one shock absorber on the rear this doesn't impact the handling at all.

    One of the big considerations when purchasing a scooter is storage and the Derbi doesn't disappoint in this department either. Heaps of storage under the seat combined with a bag hook and the afore mentioned flat floor. All these combined mean that 99% of trips are catered for easily. Sure you can opt for the optional rack and box but standard the Boulevard has got you covered. If you need to lock your helmet outside the scooter to cater for some extra load on board then no problem the Derbi caters for that also with the obligatory helmet hook.

    I didnt get a chance to test the overall fuel efficiency of the Boulevard 125 but if going off other leader engine products I have ridden the 8 litre tank should take you some fair distances. Filling up the Derbi with fuel is a simple under the seat affair, no fuss, just flip open the seat after unlocking it with the key and open the filler cap - simple.

    Lastly the fit and finish on the Derbi Boulevard, which I must confess to being exceptional for a scooter in this price range. The plastics look and feel right, and all the panel gaps line up the way you would expect, nice and evenly. The scooter feels solid with no creeks or groans and items like the pillion grab handle for example not only look the business they also do the job as intended.

    The Derbi Boulevard has more then enough going for it. If scooter riding for you needs to be hassle free with the sole purpose of getting you from A to B then put the Boulevard 125 on your shopping list. It just so happens that the Boulevard is also comfortable, competent, with a hint of that spanish frivolity Derbi are renowned for.

    So in a world that has us spoilt for choice you could do far worse then making the Boulevard the main meal on the Tapes menu. Enjoy!

  • Derbi 2010 model range


    Derbi Australia releases its 2010 model range. From 50 to 250 cc , Derbi adds a touch of Spain in every model.

    A couple of years ago, 2007 to be exact, Derbi of Spain turned an amazing 85 years old. Steeped with heritage and selling to a nation of hungry and energetic two wheeled users, Derbi continues to produce exciting models across its broad range.

    Derbi Australia is here for the long run as well, having recently just announced the 2010 Derbi model line up. Something for everyone here from 50 and 125 cc commuters to some very competent 250 cc machines. Derbi is famous for its GP1 250 variant and this remains unique in Australia being the only dedicated sports machine of its kind. The GP1 250 inherits motorcycle racing technology with twist and go convenience.

    Here we take a snapshot of each model that Derbi Australia will be selling in 2010.

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    Derbi Boulevard 50 2t

    Features : 

    • 50 cc 2 Stroke Engine
    • Renowned build quality
    • Full size model
    • Full helmet storage
    • Sporty styling 
    • Flat floor
    • Front glove compartment


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    Derbi Boulevard 125 4t

    Features : 

    • Bullet-proof 4 Stroke 125 cc Engine
    • Renowned build quality
    • Comfortable seating position
    • Full helmet storage
    • Black painted wheels
    • Full dash including clock 
    • Flat floor
    • Front glove compartment 



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    Derbi Rambla 250 i.e.  RRP $6990 + ORC

    Features : 

    • 15 Inch wheels front and rear
    • 250 cc Fuel Injected Motor
    • Twin Disc Brakes
    • Red stitched seat
    • Flat Floor
    • Highway performance 




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    Derbi GP1 250 i.e. RRP $7990 + ORC

    Features : 

    • Benchmark Piaggio 250cc Engine
    • Fuel Injected, Liquid Cooled
    • Motorcycle Chassis
    • 14 Inch Front Wheel
    • Digital Multi Function Dash
    • Amazing sports handling 
    • Twin rear shocks

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    Derbi is proudly imported and distributed by Sportswise Management;

  • PGO Scooters 2010


    Back in Australia! PGO set to make a return by the end of the first quarter 2010.

    Motorsport Importers

    PGO Scooters will make a return to Australian shores next March, returning with four new models.

    PGO from Taiwan have always had a renowned reputation for performance and reliability and these new models will be no exception.

    The four new models for 2010 will be :

    • Ligero 50  RRP $1990 + ORC
    • PMX 50  RRP $2390 + ORC
    • Ligero 150  RRP $3290 + ORC
    • X-Hot 150 i.e.  RRP $3990 + ORC

    Ligero is, and has always been a PGO classic. Not only in styling, but also a package that performs as well as it looks. The new Ligero 150 will bear all the fruit including white wall tyres, traditional colours and larger US spec front headlamp. The 50 cc Ligero will be powered by a 50 cc 2 stroke engine and at under $2000 will offer quality above par for this catagory. Initial rides suggest above average performance out of both models, with the 150cc Ligero easily hitting the magic ton.

    The PMX 50 has always been a 50cc with plenty of ticker. Exposed wide bars, digital speedometer, performance suspension and wavey front disc brakes, for a 50 the PMX naked packs plenty of punch. At only $2390 + ORC its actually pretty close to being the bang for buck pick.

    The new X-Hot is one to set the heart pumping. Dynamic looks set this scooter apart from almost everything else on the Australian scooter market. The 150 cc engine easily propels the X-Hot forward at a rapid rate and the ride is sports firm, all as you would expect from PGO. Braking feel is exceptional through the alloy levers and the multi function dash has plenty of information being pumped back to the rider. I applaud the PGO X-Hot for being different yet at $3990 + ORC, the X-Hot has plenty of features to warrant the dollars spent. Look around the X-Hot and you will continue to find features not normally expected at this price point.

    PGO Scooters are proudly imported by Motorsport Importers.


    Ligero 50 2 stroke $1990 + ORC


    Ligero 150 4 Stroke  $3290 + ORC



    PMX 50 Naked $2390 + ORC




    PGO X-Hot 150 i.e. $3990 + ORC