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2010 Aprilia Scarabeo 200 i.e.


Now here in Australia the all new fuel injected Scarabeo 200 @ just $4990 + ORC.

Aprilia Australia

Throughout its history the Scarabeo has always proven to be a unique vehicle, always capable of evolving to adapt to the changing market needs. A market that today prefers practical “small on the outside and big on the inside” vehicles that can better tackle the snares of increasingly congested traffic.

The Scarabeo 200 i.e. is the most compact and city-perfect model of the Scarabeo scooter range. This luxury “entry level” vehicle boasts a quality to price ratio that is nothing short of exceptional to say the least.

The refined wheel rims are fitted with 16 inch high-profile tubeless tyres, they are a perfect solution for getting round all the traps of the city and contribute to giving the vehicle excellent stability and intuitive riding, within reach of any user, whatever experience you may have.

The Scarabeo has never come up short when it comes to brakes, and this new 200 i.e. version is certainly no different. The 260 mm front disc, with triple parallel piston floating calliper, and the 220 mm rear disc with dual piston calliper are matched with an unprecedented integrated braking system able to distribute the braking force between the two wheels and ensure shorter, and safer, stopping distances 

The arrival of electronic fuel injection has brought with it enormous benefits in terms of both performance - further improved in maximum speed, pick-up and acceleration - and consumption by further lowering the fuel demands of this already parsimonious scooter. Additionally, and for the first time ever on a scooter, the Scarabeo 200 i.e. also allows the user to choose between two different engine maps. The user can now select between ECO mode, which reduces fuel consumption by up to 7% and SPORT mode, which optimises performance, directly from the handlebar.

The 200cc engine delivers an impressive 14.3 kW (19.5 HP) at 8,000 rpm, together with extremely generous torque (18.5 Nm at 6,750 rpm), meaning that the Scarabeo can accelerate enthusiastically but is also relaxing and safe to ride in all conditions.

The floor is flat so the load capacity is increased. The windshield is fastened to the steering head and deflects the air flow beyond the rider, guaranteeing turbulence-free travel.

The totally complete analogue-digital instrument panel offers an actual on-board computer that can be controlled directly from the handlebar. Standing out amongst the many available options is the outside temperature reading. The stand is designed to provide a very favourable leverage arm, so parking the Scarabeo is child's play.

Sharp features combined with soft lines create a continuity that suggests harmony at first glance. Once again the Scarabeo is redefining city scooter design. In a world that today is full of “disposable” products, the reassuring line of the Scarabeo is a fixed point.

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camle666 said:

$5,000. Bargain!

February 16, 2010 8:29 AM