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2010 VACC ‘Safe Routes’ Scooter Rally launch.

VACC, the peak Automotive Industry body in Victoria, has announced the date of the 2010 ‘Safe Routes’ Scooter Rally.
The 5th annual event will be held on Sunday October 10.
Riders will meet at Luna Park, St Kilda and at 10.30am begin the ride to Argyle Square, Lygon Street, Carlton.
Hundreds of scooter riders took part in the 2009 Rally and VACC is planning a bigger and better event for October.
“We are pleased to confirm this year’s VACC ‘Safe Routes’ Scooter Rally will be on October 10. The event has become a fixture for clubs and riders and we look forward to seeing our ‘regulars’ again. But this year, we are expanding the day to include a number of exciting activities in a festival atmosphere which will appeal to non-riders and families,” VACC Executive Director, David Purchase, said.
“The ‘Safe Routes’ Scooter Rally is certainly a fun occasion, but there is also a serious side. 2010 is a State and Federal election year and VACC, and scooter riders, will continue to voice concerns to Governments. We are calling for scooterists to be recognised by transport and road safety planners and for them to acknowledge the contribution scooters make to reducing traffic congestion, cutting vehicle emissions and easing competition for parking.
“That is why we want safe routes. We do not think scooter riders, who should have equal rights as all other road users, are being treated fairly. They are vulnerable and they need more protection on our roads, through clearly identified ‘safe routes’. This would encourage more people to adopt this environmentally friendly and socially beneficial mode of transport.
“VACC, once again, calls on the Victorian Government for the implementation of designated and signed ‘safe routes’, access by low-powered scooters to use certain designated bicycle lanes, filtering in stationery or slow moving traffic; allowing boxed turns at certain busy intersections; six monthly registrations and dedicated scooter training courses. VACC also calls for car licence holders to be permitted to ride 50cc scooters, provided training is undertaken.
“But the first thing we want is for scooter riders to put October 10 in their diary and we invite scooter owners of all makes and models to come and join us on our ‘safe routes’ rally. It is going to be a great day out,” Mr Purchase said.
For more information about VACC’s ‘Safe Routes’ Scooter Rally, go to



Speedfight2 said:

very progressive state.

February 18, 2010 11:28 PM