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The Honda VFR1200

Arrival Of Honda’s Ultimate All Rounder – The VFR1200

15 February 2010 - The Honda VFR1200FA has hit Australian shores, and whilst its V4 heritage may be patently obvious, the reality is that this machine far surpasses anything that has gone before.

And knowing that it's a Honda , with all the standard-setting quality and reliability for which the manufacturer is world renowned means this model is sure to set the new benchmark for its class.

The VFR1200FA adapts and builds upon the latest race-track bred technologies to create a machine that is many things to many riders.

With the key design criteria being mass centralisation, consummate rider control and aerodynamic efficiency, Honda has created a motorcycle true to their reputation, delivering once again on innovation and performance.

The harmonic growl of the flexible and responsive V4 motor may rekindle the emotions inspired by previous iconic VFRs, but its unique 'heartbeat' engine feel and an unrivalled level of manageability sets the new VFR apart, not only from its predecessors but also from every bike currently available.

The VFR1200FA engine has been designed to provide its rider with high speed, quick acceleration and a strong, engaging feeling. Its linear torque curve is focused in the low and mid range, making it possible for the rider to simply roll on and off the throttle while powering through bends. This effortless control makes for a sports bike with real-world usable power.

To allow full enjoyment of the engine's power while still providing a high level of comfort, vibration needed to be carefully managed. A unique cylinder layout was developed for this purpose resulting in a slim, compact 'waist' that effectively lowers the seat height thus making it easier for the rider to place both feet flat on the ground at rest. This gives the rider the feeling of being 'in' the bike rather than perched on top - crucial for feedback and control.

The VFR1200FA utilises the UNICAM single overhead camshaft cylinder head design from the world-class CRF motocrossers. Also borrowed from the CRF range and the RC211V is the sealed crankcase system that reduces the pumping loss created through piston movement and air density. This system has never been used on a road machine before but the gains for the rider are identical - electrifying throttle response and improved fuel consumption.

To aid control under intense deceleration a slipper clutch is fitted, similar to the system on the CBR1000RR Fireblade. Even under the most excessive downshifting the clutch is designed to slip, thus preventing the rear wheel from inadvertently locking up, allowing the rider to stay firmly in control.

The exhaust layout was made as compact as possible, and has been engineered to provide excellent cornering clearance and minimal intrusion to the rider's and pillion's feet.

The high-volume, twin outlet high chrome muffler produces an unobtrusive but fantastically stirring note that is authentic Honda V4 and distinguishes this from any other motorcycle.

The VFR1200FA is a looker too. The patented layered fairing design is a perfect match of form and function offering a uniquely beautiful shape and, at the same time, optimal air flow and heat management.

By effectively increasing the speed of the air by channelling it through smaller apertures before it reaches the radiators, engine cooling is optimised and the hot, exhausted air is channelled away from the rider and passenger for a cooler, more comfortable ride.

The front of the motorcycle has been given a light, open look while also creating a profile that slices through the wind with the least possible resistance. The cowl and body are fused together, creating one smooth, unified, aerodynamic surface. The rear design is compact and tapers upwards, emphasising the bike's lightness and dynamic shape.

The VFR1200FA frame, suspension and drive components are brought together in a unique
configuration that facilitates both sports bike power and smooth stability. Its strong aluminium twin-spar diamond configuration frame is both lightweight and rigid, whilst the long swingarm contributes to balanced, confident manoeuvring and exceptional high-speed stability.

A compliant Pro-Link rear shock absorber with adjustable rebound damping at the back, and sturdy 43mm telescopic forks with adjustable preload at the front provide smooth and assured control.

The VFR1200FA is also equipped with the most highly developed brake technology for all-round sports bike use. Powerful new six-piston callipers for the front and two piston callipers for the rear act on large discs, and a Combined Braking System creates the optimal balance of front and rear braking forces. The addition of a standard-fit compact and lightweight ABS supports both the motorcycle's sports riding potential and its touring proficiency.

The VFR1200FA is also the first motorcycle to feature state-of the- art ergonomic revisions to the handlebar and switch layout resulting in reversed horn and indicator controls. The indicator switch shape is designed around natural thumb movement for effortless operation.

A wide range of optional equipment has been developed by Honda Genuine Accessories specifically for this motorcycle. They include 29-litre pannier kit, sleekly designed 31-litre top box, sporty 3-position adjustable screen that integrates perfectly with the standard windscreen to extend wind protection for taller riders, and 12 DVC Plug.

The VFR1200FA is available in Candy Prominence Red and Seal Silver Metallic and is available from Dealers nationally at an MSRP of $24990.

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