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  • The Kymco Adventure

    From Melbourne to Darwin… And back!

    Andrew Dronia

    We have seen plenty of committed Kymco fans in the past, but none more so than Andrew Dronia, who recently completed a return trip to Darwin from Melbourne on a Kymco Xciting 500 scooter. This Kymco Adventure shows Andrew’s love for the Australian countryside, his passion for adventure, and his immense confidence in the Kymco brand.


    So, what would possess a person to do a round trip from Melbourne to Darwin on a Scooter? The short answer is- we are blessed with an amazing and diverse country and I wanted to see it. My mates thought I was crackers and that I wouldn’t make it to the border, but I knew better having done day rides out of Melbourne to the border and down the Great Ocean Road.

    My choice of weapon for this adventure was a KYMCO Xciting 500 Sports Maxi Scooter. My decision to purchase this scooter was easy after testing the market place; it was the best overall package in price, performance and warranty. As an inner city dweller, I needed a traffic easy, manoeuvrable machine, with the versatility to also comfortably take me 300km to my holiday house and for day rides with my mates on sport bikes.

    The route for the trip was planned, 7 days up and back from Melbourne to Darwin, Darwin to Melbourne at around 570km a day.

    From Melbourne I travelled to Renmark, Port Augusta, Cadney Park, Alice Springs, Tennant Creek, Mataranka and Darwin. My original plan had me camping all the way however, due to the extreme temperatures, motels were a must!

    Unfortunately, a heat wave coincided with the beginning of my trip. Through the first two days of riding, I battled against 40-50 Kph head winds at 40+ degrees and also suffered a puncture, due to a poorly repaired rear tyre.

    Day 3, travelling to Cadney Park saw a cool West South Westerly change, and by the time I was at Woomera, I needed to put on full winter gear for the cold.

    Day 4 had me riding into Alice with increasing temperatures and rougher road surfaces, my behind started to feel the vibrations.

    Day 5
    to Tennant Creek was very hot, but the road surface did improve once I got past the Tropic of Capricorn. The scenery was hazed with smoke fires to the North East.

    On Day 6 travelling to Mataranka the weather was sizzling, but the smoke took the ferocity out of the sun. On reaching the highway roadhouse at Daly Waters, the High Octane pump wasn’t working and I was told 80km away at Larrimah I would be able to get fuel. To my dismay on arrival at Larrimah I discovered the service station had burnt down years earlier. Luckily, I carried spare fuel to take me up to 200km.

    Mataranka Homestead and Springs was a refreshing stop in the heat.

    Day 7
    - destination Darwin; saw me take my first stop in Katherine after dodging wallabies all morning with a hope of a refreshing swim in the famous gorge, however with the town at rest I decided to push on. I reached Darwin with 4003km on the trip gauge from Melbourne.

    The trip home was even better! The scenery was incredible, mainly due to the formation of the land in waves. When riding south to north you see the back of the wave and north to south the fronts, so all the rock escarpments were just spectacular. The ever changing landscape on a trip like this is amazing and is etched into my memory forever.

    My trusty Kymco Xciting 500 stead didn’t miss a beat on this trip, and if it wasn’t for the tyre repair in Renmark and its replacement on my return, things ran with mechanical perfection. 8000km's in 14 days, 9000km total trip distance, not bad on a scooter!!!!

    Next, maybe a lap around Oz?



    The Police of Caboolture are set to introduce two bright new Kymco scooters to their patrol team.

    Kymco Australia

    Thanks to a fundraiser organised by local radio station 101.5 FM, in collaboration with other local community groups enough money was raised for Crime Stoppers Caboolture to purchase two Kymco Super 9 scooters for the Caboolture Police. The purpose for the scooter purchase is help police complete proactive policing around the Caboolture region.

    The bright features, reliability, efficiency, value and high-performance of the Super 9 Scooter attracted the Caboolture Police to Kymco. The scooters is an innovative approach taken by the Cabollture Police to give high visibility to patrols and it is an improved alternative to bicycle and foot patrols. The primary objective of the scooters is high visibility and mobility in areas where normal patrolling is restricted or difficult. The zippy 50cc scooters have never been utilised by the Queensland Police Service before for patrols.

    ‘The Kymco scooters will have a positive impact in helping to combat anti- social behaviour, loitering and property offences within the district,’ Sergeant Bicanic says. ‘We decided on the Kymco Super 9 scooters for their yellow and blue colour scheme which provides high visibility and a sporty look which I believe is the right image for the Caboolture Police.’

    The Kymco Super 9 scooters will easily be identified as a police vehicle with red and blue flashing lights and Queensland Police Service badging being fixed to the frame. The officers riding the scooters will be able to carry their normal accoutrements, as well as traffic infringement notices and Notices to Appear, allowing them the ability to take enforcement action when required.

    ‘The scooters can also be utilised at events held in and around Caboolture during the year, such as Farm Fantastic, the Caboolture Show, the Dreaming Festival and the Woodford Folk Festival,’ says Sergeant Bicanic.

    ‘The Kymco name stands for innovation, quality and superior performance and we are excited that the Emergency Services are recognising the high-quality and performance of our products,’ says Kymco CEO, Stuart McLean. ‘

    Kymco is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of power-driven products and is the fourth largest scooter manufacturer in Australia. Kymco also manufactures a tough range of All Terrain Vehicles and motorcycles. While still in its relatively early stages in Australia, Kymco is a global phenomenon, holding the statistic that every 55 seconds someone, somewhere in the world purchasing a Kymco vehicle.

    The impressive Kymco scooters were officially launched on Monday 29 March 2010 at the Caboolture Police Station by Inspector Michael Brady, Caboolture District Officer.

    This project has been able to proceed due to the generosity of the Caboolture Community Radio 101.5FM, the Crime Stoppers Caboolture area committee, the Rotary Club of Caboolture, the Apex Club of Caboolture, the Lions Club of Caboolture, the Caboolture Herald, the Victory Press at Bribie Island and to the Caboolture Indoor Sports Centre.

    For more information on Kymco, please call (03) 9580 0788 or visit

  • SYM Orbit $1690 Ride Away

    Why buy a No-Name?

    With a market littered with no name Chinese built scooters which have little or no warranty, there is now a real option! Here is a scooter with a full 2 year warranty and the renowned back up from a brand that provides reliability and quality you deserve. The SYM Orbit is a great 4 stroke 50cc that will help reduce green house emissions and also help reduce the burden to your hip pocket.

    We have the Sym Orbit 50cc (20 only) in a variety of colours available but they will go quick, so don’t hesitate!

    • Normally: $2595 ride away
    • NOW: $1699 ride away *
    • Save $896!!!

    (That will look great in your back pocket)

    SYM Orbit 50

    Available in Red, Black, White, Blue and Silver
    *Ride away pricing includes 6mths Single Seat Registration.

    PH: (07) 3252 5333
    438 Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley, Qld, 4006
    Qld’s No.1 Scooter Dealer


  • Aprilia Scarabeo 200 i.e. Review

    Aprilia Scarabeo 200 i.e.

    Just when you thought enough was enough, Aprilia go and make a good thing even better. The new injected Scarabeo 200.

    Allen Drysdale



    We first came across the Scarabeo 200 when first launched back in 2008. Dynamically sound with an impressive turn of speed the Scarabeo held its head high when it came to all-round ability, impressing on a number of playing fields. A fun, fully featured package a bit of a "jack of all trades", you could even find yourself touring if required.

    The Scarabeo 200 along with the smaller capacity 125 was a high class effort straight up for aprilia. So how does the newer fuel injected variant stack up in 2010?

    We take a closer look.....


    Initially if you were digging deep you could nitpick a couple of issues on Aprilia's first attempt at the all new mid sized Scarabeo. One being a slight lag on take off, the second being the annoying issue of the ignition key.

    The key you ask? Yes the key. On every review the ignition key stands front and centre of being a total pain in the pocket. Star shaped, it had a way of being hard to turn also. It could find a way of sticking into the softest parts of your body when placed in your pocket. So enough said, I'm glad to announce for 2010 this has been fixed. Waste of a paragraph really!

    The lag on take-off was noticeable if you had a passenger on the back or you were making a standing start from an uphill position. The Scarabeo's engine will always need a few revs to get off the mark, that's just the nature of a liquid cooled 4 valve engine. The injected Scarabeo 200 will now accelerate away briskly and pull like a train till your reaching stupendous speeds. Not that it didn't do this all before, it's now just smoother and instantaneous.

    The engine is a gem and really does get the Scarabeo moving along briskly, its even quicker then some of the larger 250 cc scooters available on the market today. The Scarabeo on paper does produce an amazing 14.3 Kw of power.

    The major change to the engine is a fuel injection system which pumps fuel into the cylinder via a double angled spray injector. The ECU has two modes, switchable via the handlebars, select from both SPORT and ECO modes. ECO is claimed to reduce fuel consumption by 7% if selected. Using both modes regularly I was hard pressed to tell the difference, both seemed quick to me with little or no loss in power when I flicked the switch.

    The rest of the of the Scarabeo package remains unchanged and for us scooter lovers, this is a good thing.

    The larger wheels on the Scarabeo 200 remain 16 inch front and rear. A flat floor is accompanied with an under-seat storage area that is fair for the wheel size, but its also helped out by a glove box / bag hook combination. A 12 volt charging outlet lives under the seat. A  heavy duty top box ready rack is available if large amounts of lockable storage is a must.

    The multi function dash is still a winner. It might take you a few goes on how to scroll through various functions but once educated its comprehensive and one of the best in its class.

    Brakes are linked with a massive 260 mm disc up front accompanied with a 220 mm disc on the rear. Braking is certainly a strong point on the Scarabeo 200. Linked braking systems go somewhat to offering the best of both worlds in terms of safety and usability. For a scooter this fast you need good brakes, no problems here. Multi adjustable twin shocks take up suspension duties on the rear, the front is a normal telescopic set up.

    Styling changes on the new model are limited to a revision of the front grill, now honeycomb. I must admit to liking the previous models mesh grill but really it looks good regardless. Typically Scarabeo.  

    On the road

    It needs to said that the Scarabeo 200 remains one of the best bang for buck scooters on the market today. Only limited by storage capacity (this can be fixed with a top box) the Scarabeo could be used Monday to Friday for commuting duties and then turned into a weekend weapon, ready to ride to your destination of choice.

    Aprilia have really done their homework on the Scarabeo 200. The transmission and engine combination works exceptionally well together. The Scarabeo's ability to maintain speed and lots of it, belies both its capacity and retail price.

    The suspension of the Scarabeo remains firm, maybe a little too firm especially when traversing over rough surfaces. The seating position is high but you remain upright and in a very dominant visual position.

    In short, the Scarabeo feels firm, short and sharp. Its typical Aprilia really, and for those who have spent time on Aprilia's before, the Scarabeo 200 is common territory.

    The 16 inch wheels provide a raised level of confidence. I would like to change the OEM rubber to maybe something a little softer though.

    The screen at speed performs reasonably well. Its not huge but at higher speeds its welcome. The passenger has not been forgotten also. A raised section of seat allows for ample room and its comfortable. Even high speed two up work isn't out of the question on the Scarabeo.



    The Scarabeo 200 is first class. A well thought out platform with plenty of usable features. Aprilia has clearly drawn on its experience from building some of the best scooters and motorcycles in the world.

    The transmission and engine combination is right up there when it comes to performance. Now with the addition of fuel injection its just that much smoother and crisper everywhere across the rev range, especially down low.

    So this is all just a matter of progression for Scarabeo and Aprilia. The 200 is an exceptional bang for your buck scooter, with so much all-round usability.

    Aprilia Australia also remain fairly aggressive on pricing, just $4990 + ORC is all you will pay for the new model. Quite amazing given the upgrade.

  • PGO Ligero 150

    Ready to marry somebody honest, reliable and oh so cute? The PGO Ligero 150 is not only waiting but is also very willing.

    Allen Drysdale



    As most major brands turn to manufacturing scooters on the Chinese mainland to reduce costs, PGO prides itself on sticking true to its roots in Taiwan. Wearing the "Made in Taiwan" badge proudly, all PGO scooters share that same sense of quality. PGO has always been renowned for building honest reliable scooters for the real world.

    With this in mind we now see a rejuvenated model range being imported and distributed under a new entity in Australia. Motorsport Importers has been handed the batten and believes strongly that PGO has got what it takes to become one of the more prominent brands being sold on the Australian market today.

    History lesson over we recently spent time with each of the new scooters being introduced in the PGO range. First up we take a look at the PGO Ligero 150.



    PGO has always been a proven package, massaged over time they get it right. That pretty much sums up the Ligero. Sold in different markets around the world under different names and different configurations (Bu Bu), our Ligero 150 shares specifications with its American cousin the Buddy. White wall tyres and larger then normal headlamp are two features specific to our Australian model.

    The Ligero 150 looks classic. Even though this is a long standing model, with the classic look you can get away with being timeless. Our Ligero 150 with its white colour scheme really did look fresh and appealing on the eye. The 10 inch white walls also play a part  and it helps that the Ligero has plenty shapes and curves in all the right places. That headlamp is the stand-out feature for me, it sure does look the goods.

    The dash on the Ligero 150 follows on from the headlight, shaped nicely with a large fuel and Speedo gauge taking centre stage. Whilst up front a very handy open glove box allows you to carry smaller items without the need for opening any doors. You probably wont see the significance of this till you marry the Ligero but believe me its a nice feature. The key operated under seat storage will fit the largest of helmets regardless of size or style. And under the seat you will also find two handy helmet hooks, sometimes a forgotten feature but a must in any scooterists language. A bag hook and flat floor finish off a scooter with a host of handy storage options. A rear rack remains optional if required.

    Small in stature the Ligero 150 weighs in at only 107 kg and has a seat height of just 750 mm . This needs to be highlighted as a separate feature all-together. For many riders a smaller more manageable option is sometimes not always available and PGO sure does fill the void of being a large capacity, low seat height option for the masses. Normally a lower seat height option means stepping down to a lower capacity. With the Ligero 150 you get over 10 hp in an easy to manage package regardless of your length.

    The motor on the Ligero 150 is another strong feature. Even though compliant for Euro 4 the Ligero remains capable of 100 km/h plus. The single cylinder 4 stroke engine has been a long standing unit that remains highly acclaimed, ultra reliable with plenty on tap. The Ligero 150 also runs an oil filter for improved engine life.

    Braking is taken care of by a disc up front and complimented with a rear drum. The centre stand is also complimented with a side stand that works. An adjustable single shock on the rear takes care of the handling nicely. 

    If you circle the Ligero looking at various parts and the way its all put together it sure is impressive. Yes it may be basic like the steel wheels for example might suggest, but it sure is put together well.


    On the Road

    On the road the Ligero 150 feels compact, sharp and very easy to manage. If your a bit taller then the long flat seat will allow you to stretch out. Really the Ligero will fit a large cross section of shapes and sizes and thus remains comfortable no matter who is on board.

    You immediately feel the effect of the 10 inch wheels as you only need to think about cornering and the Ligero darts off in a new direction. This combined with plenty of power means that the Ligero 150 punches well above its weight. Take the Ligero 150 on face value and you will be poorer for it, this is one highly competent scooter for the open road. A competent commuter it truly is.

    Most bumps on the road are taken care of by a chassis that has been slowly honed over the years to provide an all round suitable compliance. The Ligero will remain smooth and steady, the single shock on the rear does its part, its a great match. Sure at higher speeds the 10 inch wheels will make you feel your doing twice the speed but the Ligero 150 remains stable and is never flustered.

    Acceleration is brisk and maintaining the speed is no problem at all but when its comes time to whack on the brakes, hauling the Ligero 150 up is an easy process. You see this package is all about the weight. Moving the scooter around or placing the Ligero on the centre stand is an easy process due to its sheer lack of size. Parking in a tight spot or fitting through a narrow gap, just another benefit. Its just with the Ligero you get a scooter also capable of doing over the magic ton. Nice......

    Two up will be dependent on the size of the occupants and everything is in place to carry a second person if required. Remember its a 150 and you have the power to do so.


    The PGO Ligero 150 is a very welcome addition to a growing number of scooters already available on the Australian market. What sets the Ligero 150 apart I hear you ask?

    Firstly its cute and classic. The white wall tyres and huge US-Spec headlight make for a neat classic appearance. Its easy to manage and handle, the Ligero can cater for a huge cross section of shapes and sizes. The Ligero has plenty of storage and dynamically over the years PGO have gotten this one right. Power is plentiful making it a true no compromise package regardless of its size.

    So plenty going for it? You bet it has, the Ligero 150 deserves to do well. Priced at $3290 + ORC the Ligero ticks allot of boxes. A tried and true package with plenty of peace of mind. That's scootering the PGO way.


  • The ALL NEW TGB Tapo 50

    SEE THE VIDEO!v=2i5o1JU8FZs

    TGB Tapo 50

    The all new TGB Tapo 50 now available in Australia. The TGB Tapo 50, simply amazing at only $1990 + ORC.

    Available in Blue, White or Grey the TGB Tapo 50 raises the bar when it comes to the "standard features" available on a scooter at this price point. 

    Features include :

    • Standard 12 Volt Charger
    • Zippy 2 Stroke Engine
    • Top Box Ready Rack
    • Fresh Euro Styling
    • New Dash Layout / Design
    • 12 Inch Alloy Wheels
    • Front Wave Disc Rotor
    • Wrap Around Pipe
    • Large Helmet Storage Area
    • TGB Quality
    Key Specifications
    • Single Cylinder 49 cc 2 Stroke
    • Tyres / Wheels - 120/70 - 12 Font and Back
    • Start - Electric and Kick
    • Fuel Tank - 6.8 Litres 
    • Weight - 79 KG
    • L X B X H - 1780 x 650 x 1137 mm

    Watch the video, see for yourself, book a test ride at your nearest TGB Dealer.

    For your local dealer go to


  • Aprilia Scarabeo 200 Sale Brisbane

    APRIL FOOL’S HAS COME EARLY! (this is no joke but you would be a fool to miss out)

    Scooters Scooters, Qld’s Number 1 Aprilia Dealer, has reduced the price on the Aprilia Scarabeo 200ie for a limited time. This is a great time to pick up one of Aprilia most popular models at crazy prices.


    Normally: $5775 ride away

    Now: $5150 ride away! (save $625!!)

    (2010 model is available in black and silver only)


    We won’t be beaten on price, so get your best price and come and see why we are Number 1!

  • Free Top Box on Aprilia Sportcity One 50 125

    Aprilia Sportcity One 50 / 125

    Free Top Box and Rack now on offer for Aprilia Sportcity One 50 and 125.

    Aprilia Australia

    "Top up your Aprilia SportCity One"

    John Sample Automotive, importers of Aprilia Scooters and Motorcycles, is pleased to announce the “Top Up Your SportCity One” promotion on both the popular SportCity One 50cc and SportCity One 125cc models.

    The SportCity One 50 & 125cc models are Aprilia’s biggest sellers and to celebrate this Aprilia are offering, for a limited time a free Rear Rack and Top Box on all new SportCity One models.

    The Aprilia SportCity One allows you to benefit from superb Italian design, practicality, comfort and Aprilia technology at a budget price. The Aprilia SportCity One stands out from other scooters for its unique style and its ability to offer safety, fun and economy.

    Available with both 50 and 125cc engines now you can grab your Aprilia SportCity One today and get a free Rear Rack and Top Box. Be quick as this offer is only available for a limited time or while stocks last.

    Boost your fun and storage and Top Up your Aprilia SportCity One scooter today.

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  • PGO Scooters Now Here

    PGO Scooters have landed. New models, revised lower pricing and a free offer for the first 10 purchases of any PGO Scooter.

    PGO Scooters are here and now.

    With four models ranging from 50 through to 150 cc, PGO adds a point of difference to the Australian Scooter Market. PGO a Taiwanese company was founded in 1964, and since then it has focused on building and developing scooters that the public can use with confidence. Three things always come to mind when talking PGO, phenomenal build quality, bullet-proof reliability and exceptional performance.

    To celebrate the launch of PGO in Australia , the importer (Motorsport Importers) are giving a free RIVET Cameo Jacket valued at $259 to the first 10 members of the public that purchase a PGO Scooter nationally across Australia.(See your dealer for more details)

    Introducing the new PGO Scooter Range :

    • PGO X-HOT 150 FI
    • PGO PMX Naked 50
    • PGO Ligero 50
    • PGO Ligero 150

    PGO X-HOT 150 FI  - $3990 + ORC

    A different looking scooter to say the least. Futuristic styling joins with PGO's renowned quality, reliability and performance. Feature packed the PGO X-HOT 150 will be for those stepping out of the normal everyday and into a world that PGO creates. A true sports scooter for those that are young at heart.

    Just look at some the features :

    • High Performance - Motorway Capable 150 cc Motor
    • Fuel Injected 
    • Disc Brake Front and Rear 
    • Alloy levers 
    • Digital Multi Function Dash with large analogue tachometer (SEE VIDEO)
    • Exposed motor-cross style handlebars 
    • Flat Floor with cargo net provided 
    • Expansive under seat storage
    • Front Open Glove Box 
    • Dual Rear Shock Absorbers 
    • Security Ignition
    • Gold Forks

    Available Colours : Grey/Black , White

    PGO Ligero 50/150

    A cute retro that has enjoyed success in all parts of the world including the USA where we know this scooter as the Buddy. The Ligero is available in both 50 and 150 cc versions.

    Both Ligero models are smaller in stature and offer those vertically challenged a unique low and manageable riding proposition with no reduction in performance. The Ligero due to its well padded flat seat caters for all shapes and sizes. Both scooters are priced extremely competitively given the level of quality, performance and features.

    PGO Ligero 50 - $1990 + ORC

    • 50 cc 2 Stroke Performance
    • Surprisingly Fast  Commuter
    • Retro Styling 
    • Low and Manageable
    • Huge Under-seat Storage Bucket
    • Front Open Glove Box 
    • 10 Inch Wheels 
    • Disc Front 
    • Flat Floor 
    • Bullet-proof Proven Reputation 
    • Comfortable for all sizes

    Available Colours : Black/Silver, White 

    PGO Ligero 150 - $3290 + ORC

    • High Performance - Motorway Capable150 cc Motor
    • USA Spec Headlight - Large 
    • White Wall Tyres
    • Retro Styling 
    • Low and Manageable
    • Huge Under-seat Storage Bucket
    • Front Open Glove Box 
    • 10 Inch Wheels 
    • Disc Front 
    • Flat Floor
    • Bullet-proof Proven Reputation
    • Comfortable for all sizes    

    Available Colours : Black/Silver, White 

    PGO PMX NAKED 50 - $2390 + ORC

    You may remember the PGO PMX 50 as a model previously sold in Australia. Very much the same scooter The PMX NAKED is home to a host of premium features, and it wont break the bank at just $2390 + ORC. Sharing the same high performance 50 cc engine as the Ligero the PMX Naked looks every bit the boy-racer.

    Features on the PMX Naked 50 include :

    • 50 cc 2 Stroke Engine
    • Multi Function Digital Dash 
    • 12 Inch Wheels 
    • Wave Front Disc 
    • Alloy Levers 
    • Large Under-seat Storage 
    • Front Open Glove Box 
    • Rear Racing Shock Absorber

    Available Colours : White


    PGO X-HOT 150



    PGO Ligero 50




    PGO Ligero 150







    Mens Above > Ladies Below


    Jacket Features :

    • 600D Heavy Duty polyester outer shell construction
    • 100% Waterproof & Breathable Reissa Membrane
    • Detachable quilted nylon taffeta 
    • Thermal lining
    • Air mesh main summer lining
    • CE approved elbow/shoulder armour
    • High density removable moulded back protector
    • Adjustable waist belt plus zip expansion gusset on hips
    • 3M reflective piping and Rivet badging 
    • Soft micro-fibre collar lining and rubber press studs 
    • Zip connect feature to other RIVET pants

    COLOURS: Black-Pink Camo, Black-Grey Camo

    SIZES: 10—20 (6 sizes)


  • Quick Ride : SYM VS 150

    Is this the ultimate all-rounder. We find out what makes the SYM VS 150 tick all the boxes.

    Allen Drysdale

    When Australia's Select Scoota released the SYM VS 125 onto the Australian market they knew they were on a winner. Ticking all the boxes for why we love scooters in the first place, it didn't take long before the VS 125 become Australia's number one selling scooter. Now with the release of the VS 150 is it just same same or are we getting a bigger bang for our buck?


    If I was to ask a number of people what they are looking for in a scooter I bet it would be something like this. " I want a scooter that has a nice powerful motor, stops well, has heaps of storage under the seat and is comfortable all at the same time". "Oh and by the way, can I also have one that looks OK and is cheap to run"?

    With all that in mind lets enter the realm of the VS range from SYM. The VS simply "is what it is" and "does what it does", and ticking the majority of boxes is the reason why this scooter has been so popular.

    The key feature of the new VS 150 is the motor. A 4 stroke, 4 valve unit that pumps out 9 KW of power at a relatively high 8000 rpm. It also pumps out a nice and meaty 12.16 Nm at just 6500 rpm. Nice figures that certainly go a long way to differentiating this model from the 125 it replaces.

    The other key feature on the VS has always been the storage factor. Open the seat (manually via the key) and a whole new world appears in front of your eyes. In its category the VS is certainly the leader in storage. Add the flat floor and two bag hooks and you've got yourself one handy commuter. For so many people carrying capacity is one of the major buying features and the VS 150 has got this area sown up.

    Brakes are another strong point. A massive 273 mm disc up front is just about large enough to slow down the family sedan. Rear braking is taken care of by the older drum type, though the front disc is more then enough to pull the scooter up in a hurry.

    Lighting on the front is taken care of by two large halogen headlights which lay claim to a subjective frontal style. These are in-turn complemented at the rear by a huge LED tail-light. These both help in making the VS nice and visible on the road, especially at night.

    The dash is fairly basic with the main omission being a clock. But the main objective is to tell how fast your going and when your going to run out of fuel, the dash does give you both of these in a large analogue format.

    A nice 5-in-1 ignition system operates the fuel release which is located at the front of the scooter. Again one of those nice features that you wont realise until you fill up for the first time. Not only is fuel stored down low in the middle of the scooter for better balance but you also don't have to open the seat to fill up. Nice Touch.

    Other features include twin adjustable shocks on the rear, with the storage capacity so large two shocks are always better then one especially if you include a pillion in the equation. A centre stand is also complemented by a very usable side-stand.

    Switchgear is typically Taiwanese in quality and feel, everything just works.



    On the Road

    This is where same same now becomes different. Make Sense?

    The VS 150 has one major change over the scooter it replaces, increased power and torque. The numbers say it for themselves but "seat of the pants" always helps explain the difference in a more easy to understand language.

    Acceleration is plentiful on the VS 150 and its this area that sets it apart from the 125. No slowing down for hills and no hiding from cars at the traffic lights, this scooter will in-still the confidence back in the right hand. The 4 valve motor is a gem which seems to have that nice balance, being able to rev but still pull like a train. Extra capacity should do this every time, but its nice to see that its translated here on our road ride. Top speed would be an easy 110 km/h, but its under this that counts and the VS scores well.

    The 12 inch alloy wheels made for a compliant ride across any of the city streets I travelled. The VS is sharp enough to feel alive yet the suspension and wheel combination are supple enough to remain comfortable. In the true GT sense its really just the best of both worlds. On a scooter like this you don't want to be crashing over bumps, what your looking for is compliance and the VS has it in spades.

    The seating position is extremely comfortable on the VS 150 and the reach to the bars is relaxed. If the trip calls for a pillion then the VS is large enough to accommodate this with ease. The extra power of the 150 cc motor, twin shocks and flip out foot pegs help cater for the request.


    In Summary

    The SYM VS 150 is very much the same same as the VS 125 it replaces. The difference being that it ups the anti in the power stakes.

    But why would you be looking for change here? The VS 150 is what you would call a box ticker. Euro styling, great power, heaps of storage with a ride quality that makes commuting comfortable and compliant.  

    The VS is fuss free scootering that wont ask the world but will certainly try and provide it in return. Add to this a 4 year Select Scoota warranty and the bullet proof reputation that SYM brings to the table. You actually wonder why we all haven't got a VS in the garage.

    Using a cricket analogy the VS is your ultimate all-rounder and at only $3500 + ORC it might just hit you for a six. I think though it might just do it with a gloriously balanced cover drive rather then some erratic hook shot.

  • Aprilia Sportcity 125

    Hi Sports Fans, the Aprilia Sportcity One 125 is ready and waiting. Do you have what it takes to place it on the shopping list?

    Allen Drysdale

    Aprilia have a proud heritage when it comes to motorcycle racing. World Championships don't come easy and Aprilia have been able to swag a heap of these trophies through building dynamic handling motorcycles across a number of categories. Handling, performance and technology have always been at the forefront of the Aprilia brand. I'm guessing the fact that most models are drop dead sexy just helps.
    The Sportcity range, from 50 through to 300, is an emulation of the success that Aprilia has achieved on the racing scene. But tipping into the budget market for the Aprilia brand is a first and certainly uncharted territory. Can Aprilia convert the success on track into a low priced budget scooter package?  We find out.....


    The Sportcity range combines the best ingredients, a number of ideas developed over the years that make this a wonderfully enjoyable dynamic family of scooters.  

    First off the wheels. Its the first thing you may notice, the Sportcity One has a set of snazzy 14" alloy wheels that reflect that of the Aprilia RSVR motorcycle range. They look fantastic and really set this scooter apart from its budget counterparts.

    Just as striking is the dual halogen headlights at the front that give this scooter a "I really do mean business" look. The ONE sure does state its sporting heritage and intentions very early in the piece. Setting off the look at the front are the huge mirrors borrowed from the motorcycle range. The mirrors not only form a significant feature but they also look the goods. It even helps that they work a treat.

    The dash on the Sportcity ONE is basic and gives you the bare minimum. Fuel and speed are the sole targets and if you wish to tell the time whilst riding then you may need to refer to your watch rather then the dash. A push-in-the-key glove compartment opens to hold small items like keys and phone, nothing more but handy just the same.

    The seating position is A1 comfortable. The bars are close, just right (for me anyway). The seat is shaped and padded, a lengthy stint in the saddle wont see you get off moaning. Under the seat surprisingly we still have room for a full faced helmet even though the Sportcity has the larger 14" wheels. The flat floor and bag hook help out on the storage front so in standard trim we certainly have enough room to do the daily shopping trip. Our Sportcity ONE had an optional top box and rack combination allowing for further storage at the rear. Lockable and removable this accessory is a must for those wanting to cart a laptop or the like in relative safety. You will also find the fuel filler under the seat which opens via a key on the seat itself.

    The pillion is taken care of via a raised section in the seat and the ONE sports sturdy built in footrests, no complaints in the pillion department. The rear end is held up via a single rear adjustable shock absorber, whilst the forks on the front end compliment the package, they look sweet. The rear tail light matches the rest of the styling, angular and sporty.

    The engine is a gem. Using a version of the shared Piaggio Leader motor the ONE again shows why its the combination of parts that makes this such a package. Lively with 7 kw's of power on tap, the engine powering the Sportcity will rev freely to get the ONE moving along nicely. And when it comes to pulling up or slowing down the large front disc is more then sufficient.

    On the road

    We are now entering the domain of the Sportcity ONE 125 , if not the entire Sportcity family. Its just the classic combination of all the right ingredients that make the ONE 125 so good on the road.

    The wheel package is amazing and I mean just that, amazing. For a budget scooter its surprisingly agile and dynamic. Cornering becomes natural and mid corner bumps are just ironed out. For a budget scooter the ONE is at the top of the class when it comes to chassis dynamics. And all this with just a single rear shock, very impressive.

    Single shock scooters can sometimes feel under-sprung but not this little sports racer. The suspension has been tuned with the wheel package to provide you the rider with a firm yet compliant ride.  

    The Sportcity's engine likes to get to where the action is quickly and with a twist of the throttle it answers the need for revs and speed simultaneously. I picked up the scooter from Aprilia headquarters (in Sydney's West), turned onto M5 motorway to find myself keeping with a flow of quick moving 110 km/h traffic. Now I wouldn't be using the ONE everyday for freeway applications but the Sportcity is one of a handful of budget scooters that can get over the magic ton and remain there. At no time did I feel threatened and when it comes time to perform in its natural environment, the suburbs, the Sportcity One 125 is just sensational. Thin, agile and quick off the mark the ONE will commute the city streets with ease, thanks to a willing engine and finely tuned suspension and wheel combination.

    Now our test machine did have over 1300 km's on the odometer so it was certainly in the zone when it came to performance. But somehow you feel it could do this all day long, weather at the top or lower end of its speed range. When asked to perform the ONE is forever obedient to its master.


    The Aprilia Sportcity One 125 sets the benchmark for handling in the 125 - 150 budget scooter sector. Its no surprise though given the rich history of Aprilia in developing the very best motorcycles for road and track. With 33 World Championships and over 300 race wins all that technology and experience has to go somewhere. Its like lotus building great handling sports cars, Aprilia just builds dynamic scooters and motorcycles.

    Looking at the Sportcity One 125 on face value would be selling this scooter massively short. In some areas it looks basic, a little plastic even, for example the dash and around the front headlights. But given half a chance in turning a wheel this budget wonder will go straight to the top of the pops. Its just that good.   

    The Sportcity One 125 is a scooter that you can recommend, safe in the knowledge that when it comes to producing the results, its all covered. And it only gets better with some kilometres under the belt as our test example showed it pulled like a bullet train.

    I cant say enough about the choice we Australians have when it comes to budget scooters. To put that budget list in some type of order would be difficult as emotional feelings do play a part. Things like style and colour do have some kind of bearing on the decision making process.

    Do yourself a favour if your in the market, or even if your ready for an upgrade, don't look past the Sportcity ONE 125. Place it high up on the list and give it a chance. You wont be disappointed.

    Did I mention that the ONE is only $2990 + ORC. See more @



  • KYMCO LIKE 50cc/ 125cc SCOOTER

    Kymco’s highly anticipated and sought after Like 50 and Like 125 scooters will be released to the Australian market in early April 2010.

    The wait is almost over for one of the most eagerly-anticipated releases in the history of the Australian scooter industry – and rest assured, the classic styling, modern technology and reliability of the Kymco Like 50 and Like 125 scooters is not something you are going to like, but indeed something you will love!

    The Kymco Like range features the classic styling of a traditional 50’s era scooter, while possessing the exceptional performance quality of a frontrunner in the modern scooter industry.

    The Like is available in both 4-stroke 50cc and 125cc engines, with a 200cc fuel injected model to be released in Australia later this year. The superb Kymco engine quality is complementedby CVT ‘Twist & Go’ automatic transmission.

    The Like 50 and 125 boast front and rear disc brakes, a glove box and 12 inch alloy wheels. The headlights are chrome-plated and positioned on the handlebar to enrich the aesthetics of
    the retro design.

    The front indicators have also been integrated into the scooter body to enhance the classical design, while the rear indicators are separated from the tail lamp to enhance rear view safety. Kymco’s front fender cover completes a stable suspension system for the Like scooter and ensures it is the safest option for any scooter traveler.

    However, while image is everything, the Like scooter it is not only about style! Kymco has designed the Like range to ensure great comfort for its passengers with a comfortable seat design with a rear grip, flat floor design and flip out passenger foot pegs. A large colour coded top box and plenty of under seat storage has also been included to the Like range to meet the needs and convenience of any demanding lifestyle.

    The elegant body design and high-class features of the Like scooters are sure to attract many admirers.

    For more information on Kymco, please call (03) 9580 0788 or visit

  • TGB Bullet 125 Long Term Update

    Long Term Update on the sporty and sophisticated Bullet 125. Now only $2990 + ORC


    The TGB Bullet 125 continues to be the surprise packet of the 125 class. The quality that the Taiwanese firm TGB continues to showcase is impressive to say the least.

    We rode the Bullet when it first arrived in Australia. Fresh off the boat pimples and all, the TGB was tight but gave us an incite in what to expect in the near future. Well the time has arrived and with a few kilometres on the clock life just keeps getting better on a TGB Bullet 125.


    Firstly the colour scheme shouts boy racer. Not everyone's taste but one that readily suits the shapes and curves that make up the Bullet 125. Matching pin striped alloy wheels and bold stickers really do set the TGB apart from the rest of the 125 class.

    The front forks tie in nicely with the front disc brake and red painted calliper. As we cast an eye over the front of the scooter its hard not to like the front headlamp arrangement, it really is progressive yet timeless. If looks do count then the TGB Bullet 125 is more then ready for action.

    A digital dash arrangement with central analogue tachometer looks very neat and tidy. A dash doesn't need to be large and the Bullet's is compact yet informative with a clock as standard. Rear-view mirrors are carbon "look" and suit the racy appearance, they are certainly small and compact but they work.

    Plenty of room under the seat for a helmet and surprisingly for a scooter in this class you will also find a 12 volt charger for your phone or MP3 player. The fuel filler is found under the seat also and as the seat is operated off the ignition this means that its just a turn of the key away.  The rear wing could be at home on any Porsche yet its practical being used to haul the Bullet on and off the centre stand, its rock solid. Fold out footpegs are easy to use and the passenger seat is wide and comfortable.

    At the rear of the scooter we find braking performed by disc and this complements the front brake well. A single shock only resides on the rear but the spring rate feels pretty high and at no time did the scooter feel under sprung. And lastly at the rear the tail-light not only acts as an added in-your-face safety feature but its also why this scooter looks the goods from any angle.

    The battery is found down low between the riders feet and whilst down at this level we also have the aluminium footboards looking too enhance the already sporty theme; Nice touch. The centre stand is complimented with a spring loaded side stand and this should probably be labelled "use at your own risk".


    On the road

    The Bullet comes with a solid "heavy" feel. Its hard to describe as a feature but it sure is reassuring. Products of European decent have always had this feeling standard but scooters manufactured in Taiwan are certainly catching up. Drop the TGB Bullet 125 off the centre stand, ride it down the road and you have that reassuring element of compliance that you feel immediately.

    The seating position is high, comfortable and its an easy compact reach to the bars. You feel paper thin on this scooter and combined with the seat height this sure does give the feeling you could fit and negotiate your way through the narrowest of gaps. Commuting in and out of tight heavy traffic is the Bullet's forte. Cornering is also a breeze as the Bullet taunts you to get further over on the edges of the 12 inch rubber. Not before long your dialled in and hammering the Bullet 125 through corners quicker then you ever have. Its just that kind of scooter.

    Power is sufficient for a scooter of this capacity and as the kilometres build on the odometer then so does the spirit of the engine. It sounds feisty also with an engine note that's been tuned to match the looks. Brakes are some of the best going around with a good feel from both the front and the rear being communicated back through the levers. 


    The TGB Bullet was always going to score well on the road and in the feature stakes. The R50X or the Bullet 50 is such as competent scooter. The 125 cc Bullet with the same chassis is more of the same with some extra capacity for those extended higher speed commutes.

    Short, sharp and compact you will always feel like you can get more out of the Bullet as the chassis is just so compliant, this analogy has always been used for the 50 cc version.

    Hard to fault in any department you now cant even complain about the price as the Australian Importer has just revised it down to under $3000, $2990 + ORC to be exact. A ton of scooter in any language and now for under $3000. I keep saying we are spoilt!

    If the Bullet is left wanting anywhere then its the self retractable side-stand, small yes but you've got to pick on something, right?

    So really its just going to come down to that old styling debate, Is the TGB Bullet 125 my cup of tea? If you like your scooters to stand out in a crowd, look the goods with quality to match then it sure is a resounding yes.

  • Piaggio Fly 150


    Introducing the Fly 150. An extra 25cc for not a cent more. The Piaggio Fly 150 just $2990 + ORC.

    Piaggio Australia


    Australia's No.1 selling scooter manufacturer, Piaggio (FCAI figures 2009/2010) whose brands include Vespa and Gilera, this month releases the bigger capacity 'Fly 150' with an MLP of $2990 + orc, into the Australian scooter market.

    A 150cc scooter release may not normally attract huge fanfare but scratch the surface a little deeper and some interesting facts emerge.

    The 'Fly 125' variant has been a sales success in Australia for a number of years. It topped 2009 as Piaggio's best selling model in Australia and finished in the top three best sellers for all brands. It continued this success into 2010 opening as the No.1 seller for all brands.

    The 125cc-150cc entry level scooter segment is targeted at the price conscious commuter and one of the most competitive and fastest growing categories of the scooter market. Maintaining a dominant position is a nod to the value and reliability of the bike.

    While the increased capacity to 150cc ups the performance stakes, the big kicker is no increase in price from the 125cc variant at an MLP of $2990 + ORC, which represents even better value for money and retains the features and practicality that have driven the success on the dealer floors. The 125cc variant will still be available, as some states have lower rego costs for this capacity.

    The 'Fly' is available now in four colours Silver, Black, Dark blue and White.

    For more info and dealer information visit


  • Honda 3RC Concept


    The revolutionary Honda 3R-C concept will make its world debut in Geneva, alongside the EV-N concept which makes its European debut at the show.

    Honda World

    Both the three-wheeled 3R-C concept, which envisions a single occupant vehicle for zero emission commuting, and the EV-N urban concept, draw on Honda's vast working knowledge of vehicles utilizing electric motors.

    This revolutionary three wheeled battery electric vehicle concept shows what a future minimal urban transport vehicle for one person might look like. The battery electric drivetrain is mounted low in the three wheeled chassis, therefore keeping the centre of gravity low and thus improving stability.

    The 3R-C has a clear canopy that covers the driver's seat while it is parked and not in use. When 3R-C vehicle is in motion, the canopy becomes an enveloping wind-shield that provides the pilot, who sits low in the vehicle, with significant protection from the bodywork and doors.

    The high sides of the safety shell seat give greater safety to the occupant, reducing the threat from side impacts and improving weather protection. In front of the driver is a lockable boot area, which gives significant secure storage for luggage or other items. The 3R-C's designers created a flexible cover that surrounds the upper torso to reduce exposure to bad weather and improving comfort.

    The 3R-C study was created by European designers working at Honda's Research and Design facility in Milan.


    The EV-N concept, which has only previously been shown at the Tokyo Motor Show will make its European debut in Geneva.

    The EV-N is a battery electric vehicle study, which evokes the spirit of the diminutive 1967 N360 city car. Honda designers have incorporated Honda's own solar panels in to the roof of the concept, to charge the car while it is parked. Two of Honda's U3-X, electric personal mobility devices are attached to the inside of each door. The two-door EV-N concept is envisioned with a Lithium ion battery pack, and small electric motor for predominantly urban use.

    FCX Clarity

    The two concept vehicles will be displayed alongside Honda's production fuel cell electric vehicle, the FCX Clarity. The World Green Car winner is being leased by customers in Japan and the US, who are experiencing the range, performance and practicality of this unique zero-emission vehicle. Two of the bespoke hydrogen fuelled vehicles are now permanently stationed in Europe for long-term research purposes. Alongside research work, the pair of FCX Claritys are being demonstrated at events like the COP 15 climate summit in Copenhagen, and the Berlin Climate Conference. The FCX Clarity shows Honda's continuing commitment to fuel cell electric vehicles as the ultimate zero harmful emission mobility technology.


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